Pigeon peas 8 Majestic Health Benefits & Strong reasons to Eat

Pigeon peas 8 Majestic Health Benefits & Strong reasons to Eat

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Pigeon pea is greenish or yellowish coloured lentil that is flat on one side, oblong in shape, used widely in Indian cooking. Pigeon pea is commonly known as arhar dal or tuvar dal. It is both a food crop and a cover crop. It tastes mild and nutty flavor. 

Pigeon peas are one of the very important food legume crops which grow in the tropical and subtropical climates. 

Health benefits of pigeon peas is ability to stimulate growth, manage blood pressure, prevent anemia, and boost heart health, weight loss, improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, increases energy, and eliminates inflammation. 

Botanical Name: Cajanus cajan 

It was domesticated in India 3,500 years ago. The seeds are used as grains in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It was grown for thousands of years in India. Around 2,000 BC, pigeon pea was developed in East Africa which was then brought to America. Pigeon pea is grown universalay throughout the world in tropical and subtropical regions. 

In india , pigeon pea grow in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

The pigeon peas known as Angola Pea, Gungo Pea, Congo-Pea, No Eye Pea, Red Gram and Yellow Dhal. Four varieties of pigeon peas are: tree types, tall varieties, dwarf varieties and smaller bushes.

Nutritional Profile

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Health Benefits

Help in Hypertension

Pigeon peas is good for those who suffer from hypertension. So add pigeon peas to the daily diet because they are highly preventive for cardiovascular disease.  

Pigeon peas contain dietary fiber, low cholesterol and potassium which helps to maintain the healthy heart. Potassium lowers the load on the heart by reducing the blood pressure. Dietary fiber maintains cholesterol balance and prevents atherosclerosis. 

Pigeon peas are also low on cholesterol making it an excellent choice to maintain or improve heart health. High cholesterol levels are linked to major heart conditions including heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

MAIN THING: Potassium is the main mineral which is found in pigeon peas that acts as a vasodilator, reduces the blood vessels constriction and also reduces blood pressure.

Strengthen Immune System

Pigeon peas help to enhance the immune system. Vitamin C in pigeon peas promotes the white blood cells production and acts as an antioxidant that promotes overall wellness and strong immunity. 

Vitamin C improves immune system by stimulating the production of white cells and acts as an antioxidant.

MAIN THING: Incorporation of the legume like pigeon peas in diet can help improve overall wellness and immunity.

Reduce Inflammation

The organic compounds found in the seeds, leaves and peas of pigeon peas used to treat inflammation.

One study suggested that the organic compounds found in pigeon peas can quickly reduce swelling and inflammation throughout the body.

MAIN THING: Regular intake of pigeon pea has anti-inflammatory properties may help to reduce inflammation.

Boost Digestive Health
Pigeon peas are rich in dietary fiber which is essential for maintaining the digestive health. Fibers in pigeon peas gives bulk to the stool and enhances the bowel movements by reducing the strain as well as inflammation. It reduces constipation, cramping, bloating and diarrhea, stomach cramps. Fiber enhances the efficiency of nutrient absorption.

A popular traditional medicine from pigeon pea, make a paste from mashed pigeon peas which treat the hemorrhoids.

MAIN THING: Pigeon peas has capacity to boost your gut health, it has low calorie and high fibers load.

Provide Body Growth

Protein is essential for normal growth and development of body, as it is the building block of everything from cells and tissues to muscles and bones. Pigeon peas have become such an irreplaceable part of the diet in parts of the world is their densely packed protein content. Protein is also important for healing and regeneration of cells throughout the body. 

The extremely high levels of folate found in pigeon peas play a dual role within the body. First of all, folate deficiency is closely linked to anemia and certain neural tube defects in unborn children. 

Anemia is a very common affliction in tropical and developing countries, which makes pigeon peas all the more important.

MAIN THING: Pigeon peas are loaded with high protein content which is essential for the formation of cells, tissues, muscles and bones and provides fast growth and development.

Energy Booster

Vitamin B complex is present in pigeon peas. Especially Riboflavin and Niacin increase the carbohydrate metabolism, prevent fat storage and boost energy levels. It is suitable for the people living in labourer work and physical work that reduces the energy quickly. Vitamin B is boosting overall energy levels without packing on any pounds.

MAIN THING: Without any gain in your weight, pigeon peas improve your energy levels due to presence of vitamin B complex.

Prevent Anemia

Anaemia happens to your body when there is a deficiency of folate content in your body.

The high levels of folate found in pigeon peas play a double role within the body. First of all, folate deficiency is closely linked to anemia and certain neural tube defects in unborn children.

MAIN THING: Folate is found in adequate amount in pigeon peas which helps to prevent anemia and neural tube defects in unborn child.

Control Obesity
Pigeon peas has low amount of calories, cholesterol and saturated fats which makes you healthy. The presence of dietary fiber keeps full for a long period of time, increase metabolism rate and reduces the possibility of weight gain. The nutrients found in pigeon peas converts into usable energy than to store as fat. 

MAIN THING: The most significant benefit of pigeon peas is its low-calorie amount and saturated fats and cholesterol. The nutrient, as well as the dietary fibre content in the legume, contribute towards a better functioning of metabolism and curbs unnecessary weight gain. 

Safety Profiles

Allergies: pigeon peas is gluten free so no any side effect but if any person who has an allergy to the pigeon peas do not consume it or do not take without the permission of doctor. 

Gas and Flatulence: Pigeon peas causes gas and flatulence if taken in excessive so better to take in normal amount. 

Selection and Storage 


Raw, mature but green seeds of pigeon pea can be used as vegetables. Choose dry, clean, whole or split peas packed in bins or bags in the grocery stores and wholesale markets. Avoid insect damaged, broken and mold-inflicted seeds. 


Storage of pigeon peas as a whole dry beans in plastic/steel containers away from moisture and heat. Whole seeds can keep good for several months if preserved in air-tight bins. 

Fresh , green pigeon peas can be kept in the home refrigerator for 2-3 days and shelled peas used like vegetables. Do not deep-freeze the whole pods as they sustain chilling injury.
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