Black Gram 6 Intresting Health Benefits & Nutritional Value

Black Gram 6 Intresting Health Benefits & Nutritional Value

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Black gram is a nutritious pulse which is commonly known as urad bean. It has a short period of pulse crop and is self-pollinated. The harvest is low in comparison to other grain legumes. Black gram has essential amino acids which play a vital role in diets. It is widely known for making dal. Black gram is an important part of exotic cuisines such as stews, soups, curries, bread, and side dishes. 

Seeds of a black gram have a high content of carbohydrates, protein, minerals, fat, vitamins, potassium, niacin, calcium, iron, riboflavin, thiamine, and amino acids. 

Black gram has a surprising number of health benefits, like the ability to boost energy, protect cardiovascular health, reduce pain and inflammation, improve immunity, aid in maintaining skin health, prevent diabetes, build strong bones, strengthen the nervous system and optimize digestion. 

Botanical Name: Vigna mungo

India is its primary origin and is also primarily grown in Asian countries which includes Pakistan, Myanmar, and parts of southern Asia. About 70% of the world’s black gram production from India. 

Black gram has been cultivation from ancient times and is one of the most highly prized pulses of India and Pakistan. It is very widely used in Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. 

Black gram varieties available in the market like Type 27, Type 56, Pusa 1, Pant 430, K, hargone 3, ADT 1 to 3, HPU 6, T 65, LBG 402, LBG 22 and LBG 20. 

Nutritional Profile

Black Gram Nutritional Value & Health Benefits - Drlogy

Health Benefits

Deal with proper digestion

Black gram has plenty of fiber and it helps with digestion and soaking up excess fluids from the intestine and the stomach. So it decreases the occurrence of diarrhea and loose motion and provides normal bowel movement. 

If someone is suffering from GERD(gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) for that black gram is very good health benefits and gives relief in acid reflux after a meal. Taken black gram in the morning on empty stomach can help to decrease the risk of GERD. 

Constipation can be caused because of a lack of fiber in the diet, lack of water intake, lack of minerals and also due to an unhealthy lifestyle, stress and many other reasons. Constipation also happens when the intestines and the stomach lining just above the duodenum are not in a position to expand and contract normally for the waste matter to get released.

MAIN THING: Black gram is rich in dietary fiber and also help in the absorption of water which help to reduce risk of digestive diseases.

Healthy heart

Black gram is a great source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B-6 content and these all are supporting to the heart health. Fiber, which helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the blood or decrease the level of bad cholesterol, thereby decreasing the risk of heart disease. 

Potassium is nutrient which is present in black gram. potassium works as a vasodilator and prevent the constriction of arteries and vein and keep circulation healthy and prevent heart disease like atherosclerosis, plaque etc.

Black gram has omega-3 fatty acids, which are the beneficial polyunsaturated fats that help protect the heart and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

MAIN THING: Black gram in the diet, lowers the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol, in the blood which help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Anti-inflammatory effect

The combination of minerals and vitamins in black gram is boosting the metabolism and cutting down oxidative stress.

Copper is work as an anti-inflammatory nutrient. Black gram is a vital source of copper and it has a number of valuable functions, including the reduction of inflammation in joints, bones, and muscles and also contributing to reducing the associated pain of arthritis. It reduces the swelling of joints and strengthens the bones and blood vessels.

A review concluded that an adequate amount of copper content in the body increases circulation and ensures that the organ systems of the entire body receive enough oxygen to function properly.

MAIN THING: Black gram is rich in anti-inflammatory nutrient which decreases the pain, swelling and inflammation.

Skin care  

Black gram is helpful in caring for the health of the skin because it is a precious source of vitamins and minerals. black gram is helpful in soothing inflammation, removing beauty marks by stimulating skin healing and exfoliation and boosting the oxygenated blood flow to the skin surface. 

It also relieves the pain of sunburns, decreases the tanned skin and reduces the risks of acne, which makes the skin look young and soft.

MAIN THING: Regular intake of black gram has significant good effect on your skin and prevent skin related problems.

Control blood sugar level  

Black gram has some beneficial nutrients like fiber, protein minerals, and vitamins. 

Dietary fiber is rich in black gram. Dietary fiber help in controlling blood sugar levels. Dietary fiber also slows down the rate of absorption of sugar from the food by the blood and maintains the sugar level constantly. The fiber in black gram which is not digested and hence does not cause sudden spikes in blood glucose levels. 

The consumption of foods which has a low glycemic index it can help in diabetic person to reduces blood sugar level.

MAIN THING: Black gram has a low glycemic index, so it is good for diabetic patients.

Good for Bone mineral density

Black gram has calcium, phosphorus and manganese. Calcium and phosphorus which is an important mineral to maintain the strength and structure of bones.

Manganese work as a constructor of bones by regulating the enzymes and hormones which are involved in the process of bone metabolism. Phosphorus assists in the mineral density of bones. So for healthy bones, it is a must to balance the calcium and phosphorus and manganese level. 

Presence of vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, copper and boron in black gram help to the person who has the risk of osteoporosis.

MAIN THING: Minerals and vitamins in black gram has capacity to reduce the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis and other joint problems.

Safety Profiles 

Gas and flatulence: The excessive use of black gram produces gas and flatulence. 

Rheumatic disease: Due to the presence of oxalic acid in high proportion in black Gram should not be consumed by those who are easily susceptible to rheumatic diseases. 

Selection and Storage


The black gram beans can be readily available in the stores. Buy well formed bold-black dry seeds in bins and packets. Ready-to-use, split, hulled and cleaned beans are also sold in the shops. 


At home, store dry beans in air-sealed plastic or metallic bin and keep in a cool, dry place away from high temperatures and humidity.
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