How much protein in an egg?

Protein contains in one egg is 6 -7 grams on an average size egg.

How much protein is in an egg depends on the size or weight of the egg.

How much protein in a hard boiled egg?

Hard-boiled eggs contain 6.3 grams of protein which is equal to raw egg protein contain. 

How much protein in egg yolk?

There are 2.7 grams of protein in egg yolk.

How many calories in a hard boiled egg?

One hard-boiled egg contains 72 calories, similar to a raw egg and a boiled egg. 

How much Cholesterol in an Egg?

One large size egg (50gm) has about 186 mg of cholesterol.

This 186 mg cholesterol is found in the egg yolk. 

How much Cholesterol in Egg White?

There is 0 mg or no cholesterol in the egg white part.

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