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Medical Dictionary - Drlogy

Medical Dictionary

Know medical Terminology or Meaning for better understanding to Health.

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Medical Abbreviations - Drlogy

Medical Abbreviations

You can Easily Decode the medical Abbreviations/Acronyms.

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Medical Abbreviations - Drlogy

Dental Dictionary

Know Dental Terminology or Meaning for better understanding to Dental Health.

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A Step Towards Better Healthcare - Drlogy

Health & Fitness - Drlogy App

A Step Towards Better Healthcare

  • Find Doctors & Clinics/Hospital Near by You
  • Fitness & Home Workouts
  • Fitflo
  • Store Medical Records
  • Medicines Reminder
  • Health Tracker
  • Health & Fitness Calculator
  • Medical Abbreviations & Dictionary
  • Health Articles & Food Facts

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Drlogy creates a single healthcare platform for patients, professionals, and practices to access anytime, anywhere, and anyway.

Drlogy provides one-touch healthcare solutions to empower the user quick and easy store health records, track fitness activities, access to Doctors and practices, health information and many more surprising things.

We help practices improve the depth of their relationships with patients and improve practice efficiency. Our core is in helping practices through tools like online appointments and practice management, but we’re always building new products and services.

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