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Doctors Most Trusted Hospital Software that allows managing entire operational challenges and activities performed in Hospital.

Our cloud-based Healthcare software With modern technologies and innovation helps even the busiest hospitals run more efficiently by automating & digitizing every task.


Key Features of Hospital Management Software (HMS)

Patient Management

Seamlessly Patients EMR

Doctors & Staff

Assigning Role-Based Access

Appointment Management

Online Book Appointment & Calender

OPD Management

Templates based Patients EHR

IPD Management

Quick Admission, Consent & Discharge

ICU Management

Realtime Monitoring of Patients

OT Management

Pre, Intra & Post Operative Manage

Lab & Diagnostic

Integrated with Departments

Bed Management

Bed & Ward Management

Pharmacy Management

Integrated Prescriptions with Departments

Inventory Management

PR, PO, GR, PUR & Departments

Store Management

Track Each & Every Inventory

Patient Education

Continue Patient Caring

Patient Feedback

Improve your quality Healthcare


Paperless Expenses management

MRD Management

ICD 10 & ICD 11 Management

MIS Report

Business Analytics & 1000+ MIS


Cashless Invoice, Payment & Refund

Patient Communication

SMS, WhatsApp, Email & Notification

Practice Profile & FAQs

Increase Online Presence

Hiring & Recruitment

Hire Staff & Professionals

Bio-Medical Waste

Track Daily Waste Disposal

Machines & Equipments

Maintenance Activities & Status

Ambulance & Vehicle

Vehicle, Fuel & Driver Log


Telehealth Text Consultations

Hospital Mobile App

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient App

Mobile Apps for Patients

Drlogy creates a single healthcare platform for patients, professionals, and practices to access anytime, anywhere, and anyway.

Drlogy providing Healthcare SAAS as a software solution to Hospitals, Clinics, Pathology labs, Diagnostic centres & Pharmacy across India.

We help hospital & clinic practices improve the depth of their relationships with patients and improve practice efficiency.

Our core is in helping hospital & clinic practices through tools like online appointment booking and complete 360-degree hospital management, but we’re always building new innovative products and services.

Hospital Management System Common FAQs

What Is Hospital Management Software or Hospital Management System?

Hospital management software, also known as the hospital management system (HMS) or hospital information management system (HIMS) is an automated tool that assists hospitals in managing their workflow efficiently and helps to manage healthcare facilities.

It empowers healthcare organizations like Hospitals and clinics to function in an organized manner and to build capacities that boost patient engagement and satisfaction.

The main purpose of hospital management software is to make hospital operations entirely paperless.

The hospital software can easily manage all core operations of hospital management such as Patients, OPD management, IPD management, OT management, insurance claim management, pharmacy, labs, store, inventory, reception, etc.

Which Hospital Software is Best?

Best Hospital management software has the below features

  1. Patient Online Appointment Booking facility
  2. Quick Patient Registration & Appointment
  3. Paperless Patient EMR Management
  4. OPD Management
  5. IPD Management
  6. ICU Management
  7. OT Management
  8. Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Management
  9. Pharmacy Management
  10. Store & Inventory Management
  11. Insurance or TPA management
  12. Digital Patient Consent & Signature
  13. Reference & Sharing Management
  14. Ambulance & Vehicle Management
  15. MRD with the latest ICD-10 & ICD-11
  16. Telemedicine Platform
  17. Real-time continue Patient Education
  18. Real-time Communication via SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Notification
  19. Integrated Billing with all departmentsthe  & Cashless Payments collection
  20. Patient Feedback Collection
  21. Daily Expense & Medical Waste Management
  22. Machines & Equipment Management
  23. Advance MIS Reports & Business Analytics
  24. Hiring & Recruitment
  25. Web & Mobile App Access from anywhere
  26. Increase online visibility of hospital & Doctor

What software is used in hospitals?

The two most common Hospital/EHR software are the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The EPR software help to store all patient data by hospitals/clinics. The EMR software helps to keep patients' recovery records in specific hospital/clinics unit.

What are the different types of Hospital Management Software Solution?

Hospital management systems are of different types. There are two main categories


1. Based on connectivity 
Here are some common types of hospital management software Solutions you can find


a. Desktop-based/On-Premise: These types of hospital management software are licensed, and hospitals can install them within their IT infrastructure mostly offline or interconnected Locally. On-Premise hospital management software is highly customizable in nature. Hospitals required to store their data on their own servers can opt for on-premise hospital information management systems.


b. Web-based: Mainly Third-party hospital management solution providers offer online hospital management software. It must require Online connectivity. Web-based online hospital management solutions can be accessed from anywhere with internet availability. Hospital admins, doctors, nurses, patients, staff, and management members can access the secure portal with their login IDs and password. Hospital admins can grant and control access to which part of the portal users can access.


c. Cloud-based: Nowadays cloud-based hospital management software is so routine in large hospitals that require extreme flexibility, a high-speed interface, and massive data storage capabilities. It is Hosted through third-party cloud service providers, it is also called SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution.


d. Open Source: The open-source hospital management software is free to available and allows users to customize programming codes, and integrate external plugins to enhance the core working functionalities, modify default settings, and utility of the system. Generally, Hospitals requiring customized solutions can opt for open source hospital management software or system.


2. Based on Utility
Some are independent solutions designed to execute specific tasks. On the other hand, some Software or systems are complete and include all healthcare management solutions.

Here are some common types of hospital management software.


a. EHR Software: An Electronic Health Records (EHR) system facilitated you to securely store patient information and related medical records. It's a solution to the digital replacement of a patient register. Il also helps you to store and organize patient data digitally. These systems come with robust security features that help you secure confidential patient information and medical records.


b. Practice Management Software (PMS): A Practice Management System is ideal for solo doctors and clinicians. practice management system or software offers a combination of basic hospital management system features, like appointment management, EHR, billing, and more.  In the Market, so many healthcare vendors also offer specialized solutions for dentists, psychiatrists, and other specialty clinics.


c. Lab Information Management System (LIMS): These systems are ideal for pathology laboratories. There some common functionality of a LIMS include inventory management, sample collection,solutions and accounting functions. It also offers various automation features that ensure a smooth workflow in your lab.


d. Hospital Management: If you're looking for a system that includes the capabilities of all the systems mentioned before, a hospital management system would be an ideal choice. It's a comprehensive solution that features a wide range of healthcare management modules, including EHR, practice management, patient management, billing, and more.

Why Drlogy Hospital Management solution?



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How It Works?

Fully Secure - Drlogy

Fully Secure

Easy to use - Drlogy

Easy To Use

Start in Second - Drlogy

Start in Second

Universal App - Drlogy

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Regular Updates - Drlogy

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24*7 Support - Drlogy

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I am using Drlogy Hospital Management Software for the last two years. It is very flexible and easy to use, it manages all hospital operative activities and also helps in Patient Education & online promotional activities.

Dr. Priya, Gynecologist

Drlogy Hospital SAAS is a User-Friendly hospital management information Software. It's a Complete Healthcare Software to keep my practice up to date. The quality of support provided by Drlogy is Excellent.

Dr. Vimal, Cardiologist

We have implemented, Drlogy Hospital SAAS since 3 years for our OPD, IPD, ICU, OT, Pharmacy, Lab, Admin & other management. All these have been fully integrated seamlessly by this unparalleled excellent hospital management software services.

Dr. Hemant, Consulting Physician

One-Stop All in One Solution to Manage your Medical Management System

Hospital Software helps to manage all hospital predefine activities. Hospital SAAS is a complete Integrated Hospital Management System (HMS) with an information system design to manage the clinical, administrative & financial aspects of a hospital.

The hospital information management system (HIMS) encompasses paper-based information processing as well as the data processing system. Managing patient flow effectively is a real-time requirement. We have made this tricky process simple.

Hospital management system modules include Calendar, Patients, OPD, IPD, ICU, OT, Lab, Pharmacy, Inventory, Store, Doctor & Staff Management, Referral & Sharing Module, Patient Education, Communication & Promotion, Bio-medical waste management, Machine & Equipment Management, Medical Record Department (MRD), Expenses, etc.

An All-in-one hospital management system that comes with integrated modules such as medical appointment scheduler, Smart Billing, Referral & Sharing management, and Communication & Promotion management are some major key benefits of choosing Hospital SAAS HMS.

Drlogy is also integrated with Speciality based modules like Dental and Ophthalmology software module.

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