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Lab SAAS is Complete Diagnostic & Laboratory Management system, with an integrated information system design to manage the Medical Imaging Centres, Medical Laboratories & Pathology Centres.

Lab SAAS - Diagnostic/pathology Lab Software - Drlogy
Appointment Booking - Drlogy

Decentralize your Appointment Booking

QR Code based appointment booking for tests to Manage your Diagnostic/Lab. It reduces waiting time, improve efficiency and deliver quality care with Good Return on Investment with more tests intake.

Easy to make Reports

Completely customize your report formats as per your needs. Provides Dynamic Reference Ranges to Configure reference ranges based on gender and age group at one click. Customize and Set age ranges using days, weeks, months & years. Improved efficiency and reduced costs via time savings for many tasks.

Easy to make Reports - Drlogy
Billing & Payment - Drlogy

Hassle-free Billing & Payment

Fast Invoicing service to make more easy to capture on all devices. Just click to track all billing services like invoice, payment, outstanding and advance With payment gateway integrations and collect payments from patients online. Drlogy also provide meaningful insights helps to drive your Diagnosic/Lab Services.

Keep in touch with patient

To send vauable health content and alerts to loyal patients which help to improve patinet experience. Build patients trust by improving your services.
Satisfy your patients through timely sent appropriate articles/information/reminders.

Keep in touch with patient - Drlogy
Smart Notification - Drlogy

Smart Notification

Automated Communications (SMS/ Emails/ WhatsApp/ App Notification) sent to Patients from Booking to notifying them and about reports status and delivery. Customized templates for Communication as Per Preferences for Instant and secure delivery of Massages.

Advance Feedback

Advance Feedback collection system developed under consider all parameters which can improve your quality care. Easily monitored all and new intoducing lab services provided by you. Assess patients reactions and analyze the feedback.

Advance Feedback - Drlogy
Lab Expenses Management Software - Drlogy

Easy to Manage Your Expenses

At One Click to add expense with file/image upload facility to improve workflow. To Reduce paperwork & time to Speeding up Processing & Reducing Administrative Costs. Access & Tracking of Daily Accounts which Help in Claiming Tax Return.

MIS & Analytics

Comprehensive MIS - All reports are pre-configured and available out of the box. Analytics gives information about the utilization manpower and access to data and the ability to derive real intelligence from the data collected.

Lab MIS & Analytics Software - Drlogy
Medical Diagnostic & pathology Lab mobile Software - Drlogy

Manage Diagnostic/Lab on Your Palm

Through smart phones, computers & tablets manage your whole Diagnostic/Lab activities anytime from anywhere. Role based Access to staff will help to Boost operational efficiency & decreasing risk of breaches to provide quality care to patients.

We provide platform to reach Beyond patient's Expectation

Built SEO - Drlogy

Manage SEO

SEO Brings boost your online Visibility which will Results into more business that means more traffic at your Diagnostic/Lab with Enhancement of patient satisfaction.

Practice Profile - Drlogy

Practice Profile

Now a days public are more using their smartphone for shopping, services and much more. So You should make listings in online directories were You can show your Diagnostic Timing, Location, Tests offered, fee and much more. Anytime you can update your online Profile.

Loop & Articles - Drlogy

Loop & Articles

Keep updated with latest techniques/knowledge/research to build a professional network where you can share and discussed on trending topic. To solve patient’s health concerns, health article/tips is best option to engage and attract more patients.

Why Lab SAAS?

Fully Secure - Drlogy

Fully Secure

Easy to use - Drlogy

Easy To Use

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Start in Second

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Universal App

Regular Updates - Drlogy

Regular Updates

24*7 Support - Drlogy

24*7 Support

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It's a total laboratory solution. It helped me to become more organized. Great team work and lots of understanding into the operations of the laboratory. It is very simple and can able to use easily. Minimum Subscription charges for a lab and is highly scalable. Will recommend it everyday at the least opportunity.

Dr. Prakash, Pathologist

The Lab SAAS system is affordable and the customer service is great. I'm feels familiar and personal beacuse Lab SAAS provides all solution with simple data feeding with comprehensive billing information. It is easy to use and meets all of my needs. Lab SAAS is definitely worth the price.

Dr. Shreya, Radiologist

After switching over to Lab SAAS, our team is now relieved from monthly physical data backups and other tasks. I am extremely satisfied with the Lab SAAS. We can now focus on our core laboratory operations. Lab SAAS give me immense pleasure to see my patients give us great feedback because of timely digital reports

Dr. Sachin, Microbiologist

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  • Universal Profile Listing
  • Help to Build SEO
  • Publish Health Articles & Tips
  • Medical News Update
  • Case Discussion with Professionals
  • Insights of your profile Visits & Health Network
  • Daily Health Post

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  • QR Code Based Quick Appointment & Patient Registration
  • Test, Panal & Package Management
  • Completely Customize Lab Reports
  • Share Lab Results via WhatsApp & Mail
  • Keep in Touch with Patients
  • Cashless Payment & Billing
  • 4 Ways Real Time Communication
    (SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Notification)
  • Patient Feedback Collection
  • Expense Management
  • Advance Reports - MIS
  • Web & Mobile App Access

    Helps To Boost Digital Presence

  • Top Leads in Drlogy Listing
  • Build SEO on Google

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