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India's First 4.9 Star Google rating AI based Smart Report Providing Pathology Lab Software Trusted By 20,000+ Labs, Hospitals & Doctors.

Drlogy Pathology Software is an all-in-one AI & cloud-based Complete Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Management system, with an integrated information system design to empower & manage the Medical Imaging Centers, Medical Laboratories & Pathology Centers.

Our cloud-based pathology lab management software with modern AI technologies and innovation helps even the busiest pathology labs run more efficiently by automating & digitizing every task to grow more.

pathology Lab Software - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Powerful Pathology Labs Report Customization & Send Report Online

Generate customized Lab Reports in seconds with auto calculation of test results in CBC, KFT, LFT, etc. Medical Laboratory maintains its own Tests & Patients database which can be extended to any number.

After review and quality check share lab reports with Patients and reference Doctors via email, SMS, WhatsApp, App & Portal apart from printing.


Lab Software Handle report format for all Departments

Serology & ImmunologyClinical Pathology
Radiology & ImagingMolecular Genetics

QR Coded Lab Reports

Lab QR Code report - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Now patients or reference doctors can easily access lab reports by scanning QR codes printed on the lab reports. A PDFs lab report can be easily shared with doctors or anyone else for a second opinion etc.

Patient Portal for Booking Test & Lab Reports

Patient Portal for lab reports - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Patients can access 24 X 7 Lab Reports & Book online Tests from the mobile App & Web by login their mobile.

Reference Doctor Portal for Lab Reports & more

Reference Doctor Lab reports Portal - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
India's first Graphical & Tabular Analysis of test reports.
Reference doctors can easily create test prescriptions, track lab report status & View sharing.

Phlebo Collection & Sharing Management

Phlebo Collection & Sharing Management - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Track timing & a number of samples collected by Phlebotomist.
Phlebo Sharing & incentive management.
Fully Customization in Lab Report
Pathology Lab report Customization - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Test Progress Tracking & Report Result
Pathology Lab report Tracking - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Pathology Lab Report Format
Pathology Lab report Format - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Diagnostic or Radiology Report Format
Diagnostic Sample Report Format - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Lab Smart Report Format
Lab Smart Report Format - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

20000+Labs & Hospitals
726578+Test Booked
1254726+Lab Repors

Key Features of Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Lab Test Booking - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Decentralize your Tests Booking

QR Code-based appointment booking for tests to Manage your Pathology Lab & Diagnostic. The lab management system reduces waiting time, improves efficiency, and delivers quality care with Good Return on Investment with more test intake.

Pathology reporting software makes reports easy

Pathology lab management customizes your report formats as per your needs. Provides Dynamic Reference Ranges to Configure reference ranges based on gender and age group at one click. Customize and Set age ranges using days, weeks, months & years. Improved efficiency and reduced costs via time savings for many tasks.

Easy to make Reports - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Billing & Payment - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Hassle-free Billing & Payment

Fast Invoicing service to make it easier to capture on all devices. Just click to track all billing services like invoice, payment, outstanding, and advance With payment gateway integrations and collect payments from patients online. Drlogy also provides meaningful insights that help to drive your Diagnostic/Lab Services.

Keep in touch with the patient

To send valuable health content and alerts to loyal patients which helps to improve the patient experience. Build patient's trust by improving your services.
Satisfy your patients through timely sending appropriate articles/information/reminders.

Keep in touch with patient - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Smart Notification - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Smart Notification

Automated Communications (SMS/ Emails/ WhatsApp/ App Notification) sent to Patients from Booking to notify them about reports status and delivery. Customized templates for Communication as Per Preferences for Instant and secure delivery of Messages.

Advance Feedback

Advance Feedback collection system developed under considering all parameters which can improve your quality care. Easily monitored all new introducing lab services provided by you. Assess the patient's reactions and analyze the feedback.

Advance Feedback - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Lab Expenses Management Software - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Easy to Manage Your Expenses

At One Click to add expense with file/image upload facility to improve workflow. To Reduce paperwork & time to Speed up Processing & Reducing Administrative Costs. Access & Tracking of Daily Accounts which Help in Claiming Tax Return.

Biomedical Waste Management

Complete track of collection and disposal of products related to bio-medical waste. You can easily manage time frames to Keep the complete schedule and track of staff persons who are responsible for Biomedical waste disposal.

Lab Biomedical Waste Management Software - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Lab Machines & Equipments Management Software - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Machines & Equipments Management

Get a bird’s eye view of your day-to-day Machine & Equipment maintenance activities, status, and asset budgets.

Hiring & Recruitment

Make hiring & Recruitment of the right talent for your lab now easy. Combine tracking and automation for interviews so your potential hires move effortlessly through the funnel, freeing you to juggle roles and applicants.

Lab Hiring & Recruitment Software - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software
Lab MIS & Analytics Management Software - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

MIS & Analytics

Comprehensive MIS - All reports are pre-configured and available out of the box. Analytics gives information about the utilization of manpower and access to data and the ability to derive real intelligence from the data collected.

Manage Diagnostic/Lab on Your Palm

Through smartphones, computers & tablets manage your whole Diagnostic/Lab activities anytime from anywhere. Role-based Access to staff will help to Boost operational efficiency & decreasing the risk of breaches to provide quality care to patients.

Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Management app - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

  • Drlogy pathology lab software is a Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Management System that helps create customized lab reports within seconds.
  • Drlogy enables auto-calculates test results in LFT, KFT, CBC, etc.
  • Drlogy pathology software also includes report formats for all departments including Biochemistry, Cytology, Microbiology, Hematology & more.
  • Drlogy Lab SaaS is India’s first AI-based reporting digital platform. It offers features like QR code-based lab reports, a reference doctor portal, and a patient portal, which make it easy for patients or reference doctors to access lab reports 24x7.
  • Drlogy Pathology Software helps your patients to book online tests from Drlogy mobile app and web.
  • Also its numerous benefits have helped drive its rapid expansion, which is predicted to continue momentum over the coming years in the medical world.
  • Drlogy Pathology lab software advantages of improving analysis, cutting costs, patient feedback outcomes, and productivity of your lab, pathology image analysis, and reducing errors in reports.
  • Drlogy pathology software helps to enhance imaging and innovation is likely to continue to propel its widespread adoption in the upcoming time.

Drlogy Pathology Lab Reporting Software Benefits

Here are 10 benefits of having Drlogy Pathology Lab Reporting Software in your lab.

1. Referral or Reference Doctor Portal

  • Smart Pathology lab management software can develop a referring doctor portal.
  • This will allow referring doctors to communicate or be in touch with your practice in real-time.
  • Its primary project types have revolved around co-management between doctors.
  • It can help medical practices to develop tool-driven systems that provide an easy-to-use system for any referring doctors.

2. Digital Pathology AI-Based Smart Report

  • Smart Reporting is a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence-based pathology report format that is scientifically recognized and secured through patient feedback and daily workflow improvement.
  • You can add perceptions related to their diet, body weight, and what they should eat according to their weight, body type, and body mass.
  • These will help in providing smart solutions to patients' health and going beyond the area of healthcare.

3. Machines & Equipment Management

  • You can get daily track updates of your day-to-day machine & equipment maintenance activities, status, and asset budgets.
  • Also, you can have a detailed report of functioning and keeping track of your machine or system data.

4. Increased Data Protection

  • Another significant advantage of pathology software for your lab is to improve data protection.
  • Since every operation is done through an authenticated and secure system, only authorized individuals have access to the specific data collection of your information.
  • Furthermore, in a cloud-based pathology lab software, everything is interconnected, ensuring that there are no risks of data loss and that the patient's medical history or condition information remains completely protected.

5. Cashless Payment & Advanced Billing

  • An Integrated and comprehensive Billing Management System easy to capture on all devices.
  • A billing module contains many advanced features in addition to usual medical billing including invoice, payment, outstanding, and advance with online payment gateway integration.
  • A meaningful insight helps to drive your practice and also helps in further planning.

6. Biomedical Waste Management

  • You can have a complete track of the collection and disposal of products related to bio-medical waste.
  • You can easily manage or control time frames to keep the complete schedule and tracking data of staff persons who are responsible for biomedical waste disposal management.

7. Growth and Revenue

  • If you want to keep a pathology lab running smoothly or to handle a number of functions and activities manually, you’ll certainly need hundreds of trained personnel.
  • However, if you have more human resources it means more expenses in the long run for your lab.
  • But, with the help of a smart pathology software system, you can significantly reduce workforce strength.
  • Since the pathology software will handle every operation, you will not need the same number of employees as manual management.

8. Real-time Data Access

  • Since pathology software is a centralized pathology clinic system doctors, administrative personnel, and other employees can access data in real-time, enabling them to make the best decisions possible.

9. Consent & Form F

  • You can add a consent form or Form F in your reports which gives written permission to another party or patient to perform an activity or host an event and indicates the signatory understands the terms of the event or activity.
  • Patients can understand the terms of an event or activity that will be performed during the test.

10. Reduce Unnecessary Expenses

  • It can help to improve pathology lab & Diagnostic center reporting workflow and keep everything in one place.
  • It will help save time, reduce unnecessary paperwork also speed up processing & reducing administrative costs.
  • Pathology software provides Digitally Submit Expenses & Time Access and Tracking of Daily Accounts.

Drlogy Pathology Lab Software Common FAQs

How does Drlogy Pathology Lab management software work?

  • Drlogy Pathology Lab management software helps with lab reporting and online test booking.
  • It even provides access to the patient portal and QR-coded lab reports.
  • Also Manage Reference Doctor Sharing, test outsourcing, and reference doctor portal to access lab reports and sharing calculations.

How can you download Drlogy Pathology Lab management software?

  • Drlogy Pathology Lab management software has no installation is required, as it is cloud-based.
  • Just open the official website www.drlogy.com, go to the login button then enter your user id and password, and get started in a few seconds.
  • However, if you want to download the Android mobile app, visit Google Play Store.

How can I buy Drlogy Pathology Lab Software?

To buy Drlogy Pathology Software, you can directly contact us through email or telephone. Our representatives will reach back to you, so you can also contact us on our website information page.

How can I Get a Free Demo Trial For Drlogy Pathology Software?

To Get a Free Demo Trial For Drlogy Pathology Software, you can directly contact us through email or telephone. Our representatives will reach back to you.

What is the deployment type of Drlogy Pathology Lab Software?

Drlogy Pathology Lab Software is deployed on both web and cloud-based platforms.

Is Drlogy Pathology Software offline or online?

Drlogy Pathology Software runs completely online. We are a cloud-based online platform with AI-Integrated technologies for every lab.

What happens to my data, if I plan to discontinue?

Drlogy team will ensure you have access to your data. You just have to mail us on our official mail id. Either we will provide software access or downloadable files in CSV format.

Do Drlogy offer distribution or reselling programs?

Please drop us an email at hello@drlogy.com with your interest, so that we can get back to you when we launch any such programs.

Will I get Support and Updates for Drlogy Pathology Software?

Yes. We provide free support and updates to all our customers. New features, Corrections, and enhancements will be supplied to you as and when we upgrade our software.

Which operating system does Drlogy Pathology management software support?

Drlogy Pathology Lab management software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems.

What is a SMART report in Drlogy Pathology Lab Software?

SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Technology) Report is an artificial intelligence (AI) based solution to your patient's important vital parameters like body weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse to give accurate solutions like BMI, Body Fat, and BMR.

Pathology Lab Reporting Software

  • Digital Pathology Lab reporting Software has become firmly established and more popular in all labs all around the world.
  • Pathology software is a type of computer program that is used to manage and analyze the data and results generated by a pathology laboratory.

Best Pathology Lab Software Features

Some common features of Best Pathology Lab Software include

Features Description
Patient Portal Feature allows patients to access their test reports, communicate with their healthcare providers, and perform other tasks online.
Phlebo Collection & Sharing Track timing & number of samples collected by Phlebotomist.
Reference Doctor Portal Referring doctors to communicate or be in touch with your lab in real-time.
Customizable Report Formats Drlogy provides you to customize your lab reports as per your own desirable format to graphically enhanced om your pathology lab growth.
Cloud-Based & AI-Based TeleHealth Software It provides AWS-backed cloud-based software integration and AI-based report format to a pathology lab management system.
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Allow patients' to view test booking status, lab reports, radiology images, and test results.
Laboratory Integration Enables healthcare lab providers to order and track lab tests, and view results electronically.
Dedicated Mobile Apps for Android & Apple IOS Many pathology software systems offer mobile access, allowing healthcare providers to access patient information and perform other tasks using an android smartphone, Apple IOS, or tablet.
Billing & Financial Management This feature helps pathology labs manage patient billing and insurance claims and track revenue and expenses.

Functionalities of Pathology Lab Management Software

Some common functionalities of Pathology Lab Management Software include:

Test ordering and result reporting: Pathology software can help automate the process of ordering and tracking tests, as well as generating and distributing results to patients and healthcare providers.

Data management: Pathology software can help laboratories store, organize, and analyze large amounts of data, including test results, patient records, and other relevant information.

Real-time Patient & Staff Communication: Customized templates available for real-time communication with patients via SMS, WhatsApp, Email & Notification.

Smart Feedback Collection System: Analyze patients’ feedback and reactions to your report and service.

Biomedical Waste Management: Maintain and keep track of the collection and disposal of products related to biomedical.

Hiring & Recruitment: This feature helps clinic professionals in hiring the right staff through automated resume parsing and tracking.

Quality control: Many pathology software systems include tools for monitoring and improving the quality of test results, such as by tracking the performance of individual analysts or instruments.

Compliance: Pathology software can help laboratories meet regulatory requirements by tracking and documenting key processes and procedures.

Collaboration: Some pathology software systems include features for sharing and collaborating on data and results with other laboratories or healthcare providers.

Reporting and visualization: Pathology software may include tools for generating reports and visualizations of data and results, such as graphs and charts.

Additional Factors To Choose Modern Pathology Software

The Main Factors to take into consideration when picking the best Pathology Software or Pathology Lab Software in India for your medical practice include

Cloud-based software vs on-premise software

  • The majority of Pathology Management Software sold today is provided through cloud storage including Drlogy Pathology Lab Software, meaning that you receive access to your software over the internet, and you won't need to purchase or install any hardware.
  • It will save time and money, especially up front, because you won't need to invest in IT resources to install, implement and maintain any hardware.
  • Although, for extremely large pathology labs—such as those that are part of larger pathology labs or hospital networks—there may be some value to on-premise software, which is actually housed at the pathology lab and maintained by an IT department.
  • An on-premise pathology lab software solution requires storage space for hardware with a database, but can be slightly faster and doesn't necessarily rely on an outside internet connection in times of crisis or emergency.

Integration With Systems

  • A large number of Pathology Lab Software providers are primarily providers of practice management software, EMR software, or both of them together.
  • If you are purchasing two separate systems for these two functions, even from the same vendor, you want to be absolutely certain that the two suites are able to integrate with one another.
  • Your Pathology Lab Management process will be much smoother if you are able to easily pass patient records between your doctors and your billing department, for example.
  • If you end up purchasing practice management software and EMR software from two different vendors, then it is vitally important to double-check with both that the two systems will be able to integrate.

Cyber Security

  • Modern pathology software should have advanced cyber security-based protection so their patient data should be safe, as medical information is very valuable for any patient.
  • Try to be cautious while choosing security-based software which can secure your as well as your patient's data as these can be a very important part of any patient's privacy.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

  • Between your options for individual lab software and pathology lab management software systems, there are several hundred options to choose from for your pathology management needs.
  • Some of these are general management suites for any type of lab or diagnostic center, while others are highly specialized for particular medical lab.
  • With so many options catering to so many specialties, you might be overwhelmed by choices when looking for the right pathology lab management software.
  • You can narrow down the field by understanding what type of buyer you are, based on the common categories of pathology lab types:

Midsize to large Pathology Lab or Diagnostic Center

  • Midsize to large pathology labs have anywhere from 100 to 10000 lab reports and have larger practice management requirements than small lab.
  • Eliminating paperwork and improving efficiency with quality will be a high priority for this kind of labs.
  • They will also need to integrate with other healthcare networks' systems, track information across several physical locales and ensure consistency of care across multiple providers within the lab.

Private Pathology Labs or Diagnostic Centers

  • These pathology labs are private practices that provide internal lab tests, family lab tests, and many tests related to different facilities.
  • Their needs will by and large be met by broad management systems and specialty-specific EMR templates.

Specialists Pathology Labs

  • These types of labs include many advanced levels of pathology tests and many also have different functionality as per their needs.
  • Mainly their needs are similarly rather straightforward, but they may require more specialized lab software systems for their specific medical field.

Need For Lab Pathology Software

Lab Pathology software is a type of computer program that is designed to help doctors manage their daily tasks and responsibilities more efficiently. Some of the key reasons of using Pathology software include:

  • With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence & Information Technology use in the last few years in different labs, there has been a revolutionary change in pathology lab systems and automation.
  • Other than handling advanced operational stuff with lab automation modules, the software can offer intelligent management and information systems as well.
  • Currently error-free and well-organized modules are the need of the moment in the lab management and healthcare industry.
  • Pathology labs manage portals capable of providing a more-concerted environment between lab doctors, staff, patients, groups, and managing workflows.
  • The Portal can also have solutions, even have the ability to unify legacy applications, and objects from other portals and handle multitudes of user requests resulting in an uninhibited flow of information between staff, doctors, and patients in the current existing lab management system.

Pathology Lab Software Advantages

Pathology lab software can provide a number of growth opportunities to pathology laboratories, including

1. Improved efficiency

  • Pathology lab software can streamline and automate many of the tasks involved in managing a pathology lab, such as ordering supplies, scheduling tests, and tracking results.
  • It will help to reduce the amount of time and effort required to run the lab, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks along with the anatomic pathology laboratory.

2. Enhanced accuracy

  • Pathology lab software can help to reduce the risk of errors in the laboratory by automating tasks and providing tools for verifying and double-checking results.
  • It will help to improve the accuracy and reliability of test results.

3. Greater transparency

  • Pathology software can provide an electronic record of all tests and results, making it easier to track and review data over time.
  • It will help to improve transparency and accountability in the laboratory.

4. Enhanced Patient Care

  • By providing more accurate and timely test results, pathology lab software can help to improve patient care and outcomes.
  • It will also help to streamline the process of communicating results to patients and their healthcare providers.

5. Cost Saving

  • By automating tasks and reducing the risk of errors, pathology lab software can help to reduce the overall cost of running a laboratory.
  • It will be especially important for smaller labs that may not have the resources to invest in additional staff or equipment.

Drlogy - Providing Next Gen Healthcare Solution

Drlogy is the leading digital healthcare solution-based health tech company, and we are providing a SaaS-based integrated solution that helps healthcare providers around the globe to grow and expand their healthcare facilities.

Drlogy is passionate about giving Healthcare solutions and we are passionate about giving in IT Solution form.

Drlogy creates a single healthcare platform for patients, professionals, and practices to access anytime, anywhere and anyway.

Drlogy provides Healthcare SAAS as a software solution to Hospitals, Clinics, Pathology labs, Diagnostic centers & pharmacies across India.

Drlogy is having a collective experience of more than 6+ years in Healthcare, Healthcare Technology, Marketing, Customer Service, and Information Management.

Team Drlogy has the experience and is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the challenges that are inherent in the Healthcare sector and expand them.

Drlogy Vision

Drlogy’s Vision is to be a modern healthcare platform by giving modern IT Based solutions and the general public to manage their medical records and access them anywhere anytime on any device.

We help hospital & clinic practices improve the depth of their relationships with patients and improve practice efficiency.

Our core is in helping hospital & clinic practices through tools like online appointment booking and complete 360-degree hospital management, but we’re always building new innovative products and services.

Drlogy Commitment

Service and support are at the heart of what we do and we have a dedicated team who are helping more than 20,000+ clients all over India.

As a true subscription-based healthcare provider, we know the importance of keeping our customers happy.

Frequently Asked Common Questions & Answers (FAQs)

What is Pathology Software?

Pathology software or Pathology lab software is a laboratory information system (LIS) that helps automate the medical lab daily process workflow and it is perfectly designed for pathology and clinical labs. This LIS's advanced features enable the lab management staff to streamline the complete medical lab management process and manage patient records, bills, and other important data with accuracy.

Why do you need Pathology Software?

The pathology software helps in significant technical achievement that has enabled facilities to properly handle samples and maintain relevant data, resulting in appropriate interaction between users such as patients, reference doctors, and laboratories. It assists laboratories in automating data entry operations, managing daily operations, streamlining procedures, ensuring quality, saving time spent searching for specimens and data entry, creating reports, saving expenses, increased profitability, and Accuracy.

Why Cloud-online based Pathology Lab Software better than free offline?

Here are 10 Key Benefits of Online Software over offline lab Software. 

  1. Do not require installation
  2. Work from anywhere & any time
  3. Fully automatic & regular data backup so Never Loss Data
  4. Free regular auto-updates
  5. Unlimited Scalability & wide accessibility
  6. Free & instant customer service
  7. Real-time Patient & Doctors Communication vis SMS, Email & Whatsapp
  8. Pay-as-you-go so save money
  9. Mobile Access
  10. More customization than offline

What is LIMS Software?

LIMS is known as a laboratory information management system which helps in sample tracking, patient records, invoices, billing and reports management. LIMS is also known as LMS - laboratory management software and LIS - laboratory information system.

Which software is used in laboratory?

Software used in the laboratory which provides each & every solution for lab routine operational & quality service to patients & physician to enhance lab business. The best lab management system or lab management software will be one that is flexible enough to adapt to your future requirement and changing needs.

What is the best lab management software?

Best Lab Management Software has below key features

  1. Online Tests Booking facility
  2. Test, Panel & Package Management
  3. Completely Customize Lab Reports with Letterhead
  4. Test Print, Share, Result & Quality Checks Status
  5. Test Price Discrimination
  6. Insurance or TPA management
  7. Share Lab Reports via SMS, Email, WhatsApp & App
  8. QR Code Based Lab Reports authentication Access
  9. Tests Outsourcing Management
  10. Smart Report generate
  11. Patients & Doctors Digital Signature facility
  12. Cashless Payment & Billing
  13. Real-Time Communication via SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Notification
  14. Patient Feedback Collection
  15. Expense Management
  16. Reference Doctor & Patient Portal
  17. Reference & Sharing Management
  18. Patient Consent & Form F
  19. Medical Waste Management
  20. Machines & Equipment Management
  21. Advance MIS & Business Analytics
  22. Web & Mobile App Access
  23. Increase online visibility

What is digital pathology?

  • Digital pathology is a sub-field of pathology that focuses on data management-based information generated from patient samples.
  • The main use of digital pathology is to encompass the sharing and management of digital images taken from microscope slides.

What is lab software?

  • Lab software is a type of software that helps in sample tracking, patient records, invoices, billing, and reports management.
  • Lab software is used in pathology labs to manage customer details, track samples, generate test reports, and share with customers via text, email, or SMS.
  • It helps to streamline the entire pathology lab workflow and management.

What are the advantages of pathology lab software?

Top 10 advantages of pathology lab software.

  1. Online Tests Booking facility
  2. Completely Customize Lab Reports with Letterhead
  3. Reference Doctor & Patient Portal
  4. Advanced MIS & Business Analytics
  5. Machines & Equipment Management
  6. Patient Consent & Form F
  7. Web & Mobile App Access
  8. AI-Based Smart Report generates
  9. Medical Waste Management
  10. Real-Time Communication via SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Notification

Why Drlogy Pathology Lab Management Software?



Speed Up Your Growth



Good Return on Investment



Surplus Profit Achieve



Speed up your Operations



Reduce Daily Expenses



Staff Work Efficiency

Why Drlogy Lab SAAS?

Fully Secure - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Fully Secure

Easy to use - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Easy To Use

Start in Second - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Start in Second

Universal App - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Universal App

Regular Updates - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Regular Updates

24*7 Support - Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

24*7 Support

India's Fast-Growing Healthcare Platform

Professional Review

It's a total laboratory solution. It helped me to become more organized. Great teamwork and lots of understanding of the operations of the laboratory. It is very simple and can able to use easily. Minimum Subscription charges for a lab and is highly scalable. Will recommend it every day at the least opportunity.

Dr. Prakash, Pathologist

The Lab SAAS system is affordable and the customer service is great. I feel familiar and personal because Lab SAAS provides all solutions with simple data feeding with comprehensive billing information. It is easy to use and meets all of my needs. Lab SAAS is definitely worth the price.

Dr. Shreya, Radiologist

After switching over to Lab SAAS, our team is now relieved from monthly physical data backups and other tasks. I am extremely satisfied with the Lab SAAS. We can now focus on our core laboratory operations. Lab SAAS gives me immense pleasure to see my patients give us great feedback because of timely digital reports.

Dr. Sachin, Microbiologist

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  • Universal Profile Listing
  • Help to Build SEO
  • Publish Health Articles & Tips
  • Medical News Update
  • Case Discussion with Professionals
  • Insights of your profile Visits & Health Network
  • Daily Health Post

Drlogy Lab SAAS

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  • QR Code Based Quick Patient Registration
  • Online Tests Booking & Appointments
  • Test, Panel & Package Management
  • Completely Customize Lab Reports
  • Lab Report on your Letterhead
  • Test Result & Quality Checks Status
  • Test Reports Print & Share Status
  • Share Lab Reports via WhatsApp & Mail
  • QR Code Based Lab Reports Access
  • Tests Outsourcing Management
  • Insurance & TPA Management
  • Patient Consent & Form F
  • Graphical Analysis of Tests Result
  • 5+ Doctors Digital Signature in Report
  • Cashless Payment & Billing
  • 4 Ways Real-Time Communication
    (SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Notification)
  • Patient Feedback Collection
  • Expense Management
  • Reference Doctors Portal
  • Patients Portal
  • Reference & Sharing Management
  • Medical Waste Management
  • Machines & Equipments Management
  • Hiring & Recruitment
  • 1000+ Advanced Reports - MIS
  • Business Analytics
  • Web & Mobile App Access
  • Mobile App for Patients

    Helps To Boost Digital Presence

  • Online Tests Booking
  • Top Leads in Drlogy Listing
  • Build SEO on Google

Best Pathology Lab Software ideal Features

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