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Pharmacies most trusted Drlogy Pharmacy Software allows managing entire operational challenges and activities performed in Pharmacy management solution & VIP pharmacy management.

Our cloud-based Pharmacy Management Software with modern pharmacy billing software technologies and pharmacy management innovation helps even the busiest pharmacies run more efficiently by automating & digitizing every task.

Pharmacy software - Drlogy

Key Features of Drlogy Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Easy Billing Software - Drlogy

Easy Billing

Easy and Fast Billing with Multiple Invoices, Return & OTC Sale options.
Auto set Medicine Reminder on Patient's device to provide reach experience to your patients.
Patient get Invoice via WhatsApp, E-mail and also on their Drlogy Account.
Save Time to Receive Prescriptions from Doctors.
QR Code based Patient Registration.

Product Management

Pharmacy-SAAS reduces the workload of the pharmacists as it executes the tasks of counting, filling, Physical stock verification & adjustment so pharmacists can communicate on a one-to-one basis with patients enabling better patient care and healthcare outcomes.
Provides Safety – to reduces the probability of clinical errors and drug contamination. This plays a major role in improving patient safety and lessening the liability of the pharmacies.

Pharmacy Product Management - Drlogy
Pharmacy Purchase Management Software - Drlogy

Purchase Management

Higher Profitability with help of Pharmacy-SAAS to Coordination of previous purchase and present purchase price.
Easy to Generate Purchase Order and send to Supplier/Distributor/Stockist and Goods received, This saves a lot of time and is particularly beneficial to pharmacies that are crowded.

Patient Records

Remarkably reduced Waiting times of patients by the usage of Pharmacy SAAS.
Enhanced Patient Satisfaction by Regular Reminder or Alerts to Chronic Patients to Refill Medicine.
Set Medicine Reminder to Remember the timely Medicine Take.
Store and Track the Patients records to Communicate them for Promotion.

Pharmacy Patient Records Management - Drlogy
Vendor Management Management Software - Drlogy

Vendor Management

At One click get the Vendor details like Name, Address, Contact Number, E-mail and other Necessary Financial Information.
Setting Vendor wise Time and Credit Limit well as Dead lines as per Requirements.
Pharmacy SAAS play a vital role between you and your vendor to boost your business

Patient Care

To improve communication between you and patients allowing receiving information in a timely manner has potential for improving the care of individual patients.
It help to better Post sales experience with timely follow-up of refill and Enhanced Patient Satisfaction.

Pharmacy Patient Care - Drlogy
Pharmacy Communication & Promotion Software - Drlogy

Communication & Promotion

Drlogy allows you to contact your Patients and Vendors through WhatsApp, Email, SMS & Notification for Reminder, Invitation, Promotion, Payment reminder & Notices- that can all Real Time reach to your Patient, Vendor & Staff Instantly.
Whenever you need to target certain groups of Patients and Vendors, you can use these tools to send personalized messages to all of them with Customized templates Facility and Highlight upcoming New product Provided by you.

Monitor your Pharmacy through Feedback

Implementing Feedback collection to monitor the quality of services being delivered to Patients, Vendors and much more.
Drlogy Feedback analysis helps to determine Patient and Vendor preferences for the Products & Services provided by you.

Pharmacy Feedback - Drlogy
Pharmacy Expanse Management - Drlogy

Expanse Management

Speeding up processing & Reducing Administrative Cost.
Every expense adds and show at one place were expense type-wise shorting with image and PDF storage facility.
Drlogy provides you Ease of access with minimal manual Intervention and Reduced time and faster. Also ‍Eco-friendly‍ & Higher cost saving.
Help in Claiming the Tax Return

Integrated Reporting

Help to make future plan of your pharmacy business on the basis of Real-time Profit/Loss report, Purchase and Expiry item management.
Save time to calculate GST with zero error.
GST ready Reports at one click
The Analysis, Information, and Reports the software provides assist in better decision making for the business.
All Information is stored in a centralized location and retrieving back is easy with an interactive user interface.

Pharmacy Reporting Software | Drlogy
Pharmacy Mobile App - Drlogy

Manage from Everywhere

Manage Practice from any devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.
Drlogy help to increasing operational efficiency & decreasing risk of breaches by assigning role on module & time based access.
Do not matter what you are using, as long as you have an up-to-date browser.

What is Drlogy Pharmacy Management Software?

  • Drlogy Pharmacy Software is an all-in-one Pharmacy management software designed to manage your Pharmacy practice as well as improve the patient experience.
  • It helps bring all patient-related data on a single platform using EHR, schedules online appointments & more on a single platform.
  • The smart scheduling feature makes it easy for patients to book online appointments, reduces waiting time, and improves efficiency with good ROI.
  • Further, it facilitates real-time patient and staff communication via WhatsApp, Email & more with ready-to-use message templates.
  • Additionally, the Drlogy app for Android devices helps in receiving payments and collecting feedback from patients.
  • Drlogy provides Pharmacy SAAS as a software solution by giving pharmacy management software, Pharmacy management software, Pathology Lab Software, Dental Pharmacy Software, Diagnostic centers & Pharmacies across India.

How Does Drlogy Pharmacy Management Software Helps Grow your Practice?

Create Practice Profile : You can list your Pharmacy timings, medicines, services & more in Drlogy online directory. This will increase your online visibility and you can also update the profile anytime you want.


Build Knowledge Base: Build a professional network where you can share and discuss articles/tips on trending topics in your industry.


Ensure Search Engine Optimization: The built-in SEO feature helps in bringing more traffic to your Pharmacy page online. When patients are searching online, it helps them find your practice along with the relevant information they need

Benefits of Drlogy Pharmacy Management Software

  1. Increased efficiency: By automating tasks and streamlining processes, a PMS can help pharmacy staff work more efficiently and effectively.

  2. Enhanced patient safety: With a PMS, pharmacists and other pharmacy staff can easily access and review patient medication histories, helping to prevent harmful drug interactions and other adverse effects.

  3. Better inventory management: A PMS can help pharmacists keep track of their inventory, ensuring that they have sufficient supplies of the medications they need.

  4. Greater compliance: A PMS can help pharmacy staff stay up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations, ensuring that they are in compliance with all relevant standards.

  5. Enhanced patient communication: Some PMS systems include features such as electronic bill sharing & medicine schedule sharing, which can help improve communication between patients and pharmacists.

  6. Increased revenue: By improving efficiency and accuracy, a PMS can help pharmacies increase their revenue and profitability.

Dedicated App

  • As we all know mobile is the most flexible & handy thing we have observed to date Drlogy Pharmacy Software also has a dedicated app for that.
  • An android or an iOS App that is integrated with the Pharmacy management software can aid the Pharmacy by making online billing.
  • Mobile apps help patients to know drug schedule & billing easily at any time from any where.
  • The idea behind the Pharmacy software app is aimed at make a Pharmacy more user-friendly

Drlogy Pharmacy Software Common FAQs

Why Choose Pharmacy Management Software HMS?

This Drlogy Pharmacy Software is India’s fastest-growing pharmacy platform that is used by over 22,000 doctors and 20,000 Hospitals/Clinics/Pharmacies in 150+ cities. Here are a few good reasons why you should choose this Pharmacy Software.

  • Helps accelerate growth by three times
  • Helps achieve surplus profit
  • Reduces daily expenses by 30%
  • Increases staff work efficiency
  • Maximizes the return on investment
  • Multiple layered security approaches
  • Quick setup with inbuilt master

How can you download Drlogy Pharmacy Software?

Drlogy Pharmacy Software installation is not required, as it is a web-based platform. Just contact Drlogy Team. However, if you want to download the Android mobile app, visit Google Play Store.

How can I buy Drlogy Pharmacy Software?

To buy Drlogy Pharmacy Software, you can directly contact us through email or telephone. Our representatives will reach back to you, so you can also contact us on our website information page.

How can I Get a Free Demo Trial For Drlogy Pharmacy Software?

To Get a Free Demo Trial For Drlogy Pharmacy Software, you can directly contact us through email or telephone. Our representatives will reach back to you.

Which operating system does Drlogy Pharmacy Software support?

Drlogy Pharmacy software is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems.

What is the deployment type of Drlogy Pharmacy Management Software?

Drlogy Pharmacy software is deployed on both web and cloud-based platforms.

Is Drlogy Pharmacy Software offline or online?

Drlogy Pharmacy Software runs completely online. We are a cloud-based online platform with AI-Integrated technologies for every Pharmacy.

What happens to my data, if I plan to discontinue?

Drlogy team will ensure you have access to your data. You just have to mail us on our official mail id. Either we will provide software access or downloadable files in CSV format.

Do Drlogy offer distribution or reselling programs?

Please drop us an email at with your interest, so that we can get back to you.

Will I get Support and Updates for Drlogy Pharmacy Software?

Yes. We provide free support and updates to all our customers. New features, Corrections, and enhancements will be supplied to you as and when we upgrade our software.
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Why Pharmacy SAAS?

Fully Secure - Drlogy

Fully Secure

Easy to use - Drlogy

Easy To Use

Start in Second - Drlogy

Start in Second

Universal App - Drlogy

Universal App

Regular Updates - Drlogy

Regular Updates

24*7 Support - Drlogy

24*7 Support

India's Fast Growing Healthcare Platform

Professional Review

The Front sales counter and core office integrated very well. Pharmacy SAAS providing extremely easy to use charting. It is meet all my needs and i personally recommend to all my friends.

Paresh Shah, Pharmacist

We just made to swith on pharmacy SAAS.... i can't believe how simple the implemting and operating was!! Best part is to integrated prescriptions, it's save my time inspite of manual inpute the drugs

Arsh Modi, Stockist

Pharmacy SAAS is the perfect solution for my entire team. I not found in the market that gives you to manege and promotion activities of my pharmacy. A huge boost to patient base and services!

Surindar Singh, Chemist

Pharmacy Software

  • Pharmacy software is used by drug stores to simplify and automate prescription processing. It's similar in many ways to a traditional point of sale (POS) system, but with specialized functionality specific to the pharmaceutical industry, enabling pharmacies to manage inventory and fill prescriptions with maximum efficiency.

Best Pharmacy Software Features

Some common features of Best Dental Software include

Features Description
Integrated Reporting The Analysis, Information, and Reports the software provides assist in better decision-making for the business. All Information is stored in a centralized location and retrieving back is easy with an interactive user interface.
Cloud-Based & AI-Based TeleHealth Software Drlogy will provide AWS-backed cloud-based software integration and AI-based report format to a pharmacy management system.
Vendor Management Drlogy Pharmacy software will play a vital role between you and your vendor to boost your business
Telemedicine Platform Helps to create a telemedicine platform and help pharmacies to go online to reach out to more people and agencies to do operations more virtually with more speed.
Product Management Reduces the workload of the pharmacists as it executes the tasks of counting, filling, Physical stock verification & adjustment so pharmacists can communicate on a one-to-one basis with patients enabling better patient care and healthcare outcomes.
Mobile Access Many pharmacy software systems offer mobile access, allowing healthcare providers to access patient information and perform other tasks using a smartphone or tablet.
Billing and scheduling This feature helps pharmacies manage patient billing and insurance claims and track revenue and expenses.

Need for Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy software is a type of computer program that is designed to help pharmacists manage their daily tasks and responsibilities more efficiently. Some of the key benefits of using pharmacy software include:

  1. Improved accuracy: Pharmacy software can help reduce the risk of errors by automating tasks such as prescribing and dispensing medications.

  2. Increased efficiency: By automating tasks and streamlining processes, pharmacy software can help pharmacists work more efficiently and effectively.

  3. Better patient safety: With pharmacy software, pharmacists can easily access and review patient medication histories, helping to prevent harmful drug interactions and other adverse effects.

  4. Enhanced security: Pharmacy software often includes security features such as password protection and secure data storage, helping to protect sensitive patient information.

  5. Greater compliance: Pharmacy software can help pharmacists stay up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations, ensuring that they are in compliance with all relevant standards.

Additional Factors To Choose Modern pharmacy Software

1 Main Factors to take into consideration when picking the best pharmacy software or pharmacy management software in India for your medical practice include

Cloud-based software vs on-premise software

  • The majority of Pharmacy Management Software sold today is provided through cloud storage including Drlogy Pharmacy Software, meaning that you receive access to your software over the internet, and you won't need to purchase or install any hardware.
  • It will save time and money, especially up front, because you won't need to invest in IT resources to install, implement and maintain any hardware.
  • Although, for extremely large pharmacies—such as those that are part of a larger pharmacy or pharmacy network—there may be some value to on-premise software, which is actually housed at the pharmacy and maintained by an IT department.
  • An on-premise pharmacy software solution requires storage space for hardware with a database, but can be slightly faster and doesn't necessarily rely on an outside internet connection in times of crisis or emergency.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

  • Between your options for individual practice management software and pharmacy software systems, there are several hundred options to choose from for your pharmacy management needs.
  • Some of these are general management suites for any type of practice, while others are highly specialized for particular medical fields' needs of medicine sales.
  • With so many options catering to so many specialties, you might be overwhelmed by choices when looking for the right pharmacy management software.
  • You can narrow down the field by understanding what type of buyer you are, based on the following common categories of pharmacy types:

There are several types of pharmacies, including

1. Community Pharmacies

  • These are pharmacies that are typically located in retail stores, such as supermarkets or drugstores.
  • They are usually owned and operated by a pharmacist or a group of pharmacists, and they dispense medications to the general public.
  • These types of pharmacies only need online pharmacy software if they want to expand..

2. Hospital Pharmacies

  • These are pharmacies that are located within hospitals or other healthcare facilities.
  • They are responsible for providing medications to patients who are being treated at the hospital, as well as preparing and dispensing medications for use in the hospital.
  • These types of pharmacies need online pharmacy software if they want to reach a larger amount of patient base.

3. Mail-order Pharmacies

  • These are pharmacies that allow customers to order medications by mail or online and have them delivered to their homes.
  • These types of pharmacies must have pharmacy software to grow their revenue as it is more driven by online-based orders.

4. Specialty Pharmacies

  • These are pharmacies that specialize in the distribution of certain types of medications, such as cancer drugs or medications for rare diseases.
  • These pharmacies need pharmacy software to exactly target their specialized audience to grow their revenue.

5. Online pharmacies

  • These are pharmacies that operate solely online and allow customers to order medications over the internet.
  • It is important to note that some online pharmacies are legitimate, while others may be fraudulent or illegal.
  • These types of pharmacies compulsorily need online pharmacy software.

Drlogy - Providing Next Gen Healthcare Solution

Drlogy is the leading digital healthcare solution-based health tech company, and we are providing a SaaS-based integrated solution that helps healthcare providers around the globe to grow and expand their healthcare facilities.

Drlogy is passionate about giving Healthcare solutions and we are passionate about giving in IT Solution form.

Drlogy creates a single healthcare platform for patients, professionals, and practices to access anytime, anywhere and anyway.

Drlogy provides Healthcare SAAS as a software solution to Hospitals, Clinics, Pathology labs, Diagnostic centers & pharmacies across India.

Drlogy is having a collective experience of more than 6+ years in Healthcare, Healthcare Technology, Marketing, Customer Service, and Information Management.

Team Drlogy has the experience and is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the challenges that are inherent in the Healthcare sector and expand them.

Drlogy Vision

Drlogy’s Vision is to be a modern healthcare platform by giving modern IT Based solutions and the general public to manage their medical records and access them anywhere anytime on any device.

We help hospital & clinic practices improve the depth of their relationships with patients and improve practice efficiency.

Our core is in helping hospital & clinic practices through tools like online appointment booking and complete 360-degree hospital management, but we’re always building new innovative products and services.

Drlogy Commitment

Service and support are at the heart of what we do and we have a dedicated team who are helping more than 20,000+ clients all over India.

As a true subscription-based healthcare provider, we know the importance of keeping our customers happy.

Pharmacy Software Common FAQs

What is pharmacy software?

The pharmacy software, also known as the pharmacy information system, is a system that stores data and enables functionality that organizes and maintains the medication use process within pharmacies.

What are benefits of pharmacy software?

Here are some benefits of pharmacy software.

  • Online billing & feedback
  • Managing multiple teams
  • Ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed
  • Streamlining workflows
  • YourManaging inventory levels

What are the four types of pharmacy?

Here are 4 types of pharmacy.

  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Regularly Pharmacy
  • Clinic Pharmacy
  • Research Pharmacy

What are the impact of technology in pharmacy?

Technological advancements in pharmacy help both the patient and the pharmacy staff, creating a better holistic experience and improving the synergy between each step of the prescription process. Currently AI and cloud based software systems are enhancing quality of pharmacy services.

What is Digital Pharmacy?

Digital pharmacy is to order or sell medicine online via e based platform to improve your efficiency and growth to reach more customers.

Why Digital pharmacy is important?

You can order your medication within minutes and get your prescription medicines very quickly. All you have to do is to place an order by entering the prescription through the mobile application or website. You do not have to go to the pharmacy and you will not be faced with waiting in line at the pharmacy.

Select A Plan To Grow Your Pharmacy Business


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  • Universal Profile Listing
  • Help to Build SEO
  • Medical News Update
  • Insights of your profile Visits & Health Network
  • Daily Health Post

Drlogy Pro Basic

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  • Easy & Fast Patients E-prescriptions
  • OTC Sales
  • Fast Invoicing & Smooth Returns
  • Product & Stock Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Vendor Management
  • 4 Ways Real Time Communication
    (SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Notification)
  • Advance Billing & Payments
  • Patient Feedback Collection
  • Expense Management
  • Advance Integrated Reports - MIS
  • Hiring & Recruitment
  • Web & Mobile App Access

    Helps To Boost Digital Presence

  • Top Leads in Drlogy Listing
  • Build SEO on Google

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Drlogy Hospital Management Software

Powerful Hospital Management system includes OPD, IPD, ICU, OT, Labs, Pharmacy, Store, Inventory, MRD, Billing, Patient Portal, Online Appointments, Telehealth & other 30 Modules to manage small to large scale Hospitals.

Pathology Lab Software - Drlogy

Drlogy Pathology Lab Software

Drlogy Pathology Software is a Complete Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Management system, with AI-based integrated information system design to manage the Medical Imaging Centers, Medical Laboratories & Pathology Centers.

Clinic Management Software -  Drlogy

Drlogy Clinic Management Software

Drlogy Clinic SaaS helps to speed up & digitize every process of medical practice including the history, e-prescriptions, investigation, procedures, billing, etc. without compromising the accuracy & improve the patient experience.

Dental Software - Drlogy

Drlogy Dental Software

Dental Dental Software (Dental SaaS) is an advanced AI-based powerful affordable Dental Clinic Software that helps Dentist to improve the efficiency of a clinic with good patient satisfaction.

Ophthalmology Software - Drlogy

Drlogy Ophthalmology Software

Drlogy Ophthalmology EHR Software specifically designed for Ophthalmology Practices, advanced AI-based solutions help to early detection of eyes medical conditions & enhance the patient experience.

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