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Doctor's Most Trusted CT Scan Software that allows managing entire operational challenges and activities performed in CT Scan.

Our cloud-based CT Scan management software with modern AI technologies and innovation helps even the busiest CT Scans radiology diagnostic center run more efficiently by automating practice management software & digitizing every task to grow more.

CT Scan Software - Drlogy

Drlogy CT Scan Software

Drlogy CT Scan Software offers advanced capabilities for acquiring, processing and interpreting CT scan images for radiologists. Designed to optimize efficiency and accuracy, these software packages provide a range of features that enhance the diagnostic quality and workflow of CT scan examinations in radiology diagnostic center.

Powerful CT Scan Report Customization & Send Report Online

After review and quality check share CT Scan reports with Patients and reference Doctors via email, SMS, WhatsApp, App & Portal apart from printing.


QR Coded CT Scan Reports

Lab QR Code report - Drlogy
Now patients or reference doctors can easily access CT Scan reports by scanning QR codes printed on the CT Scan reports. A PDFs CT Scan report can be easily shared with doctors or anyone else for a second opinion etc.

Patient Portal for Booking Investigation & CT Scan Reports

Patient Portal for lab reports - Drlogy
Patients can access 24 X 7 CT Scan Reports & Book online Investigation from the mobile App & Web by login their mobile.

Reference Doctor Portal for CT Scan Reports & more

Reference Doctor Lab reports Portal - Drlogy
India's first Graphical & Tabular Analysis of CT Scan reports.
Reference doctors can easily create Investigation prescriptions, CT Scan report status & View sharing.
Fully Customization in CT Scan Report
CT Scan Lab report Customization - Drlogy
Test Progress Tracking & Report Result
CT Scan report Tracking - Drlogy
CT Scan Report Format
CT Abdomen Report Format - Drlogy Report CT Brain Report Format - Drlogy Report CT Chest Report Format - Drlogy Report

Drlogy CT Scan Software Features

Here are some smart features you find in Drlogy CT Scan Software:

1. CT Scan Center Listing

  • List Your CT Scan Center on CT Scan Center Listing for better patient reach.
  • Use online schedule appointments for radiology tests through the Drlogy CT Scan Software's integrated online booking system with efficient patient scheduling.

2. Customizable Reporting

  • Comprehensive reporting templates with integrated images and findings.
  • Tailored reports for different CT scan types and clinical scenarios.

3. Efficient Image Acquisition

  • Streamlined process for capturing high-quality CT scan images.
  • Optimized settings for different scanning protocols and patient conditions.

4. Remote Reporting

  • Radiologists can analyze and report findings from remote locations.
  • Enhances coverage and supports collaboration among medical teams.

5. Data Security and Privacy

  • Robust encryption and access controls to protect patient data.
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations.

6. Mobile App Support

  • Access CT scan software on mobile devices for on-the-go analysis.
  • View and discuss images conveniently from anywhere.

7. Quality Tools

  • Peer review features for quality control and second opinions.
  • Helps ensure accurate and reliable interpretations.

8. Advance Billing and Payment

  • Simplified billing with online payment and tracking capabilities.
  • Effortless online payments and financial monitoring for seamless transactions.

9. Referral and Sharing

  • To allow referring doctors to access real-time patient report and report analysis.
  • Test wise and Refer doctor wise Sharing calculation through Drlogy Refer and Sharing dedicated module.

Advantages of Drlogy CT Scan Software

Here are the top advantages of using cloud-based CT Scan Software.

Advantages Description
Advance Reporting Streamlined tools for accurate CT scan images with advance report analysis, optimizing diagnostic precision.
Comprehensive Reporting Customizable reporting templates with integrated images, facilitating clear communication.
Remote Reporting Capability to analyze and report findings remotely, improving radiologist workflow and reach.
Data Security Robust encryption and access controls ensure patient data confidentiality and regulatory compliance.
Enhanced Workflow Efficient processes from acquisition to reporting, streamlining operations in radiology departments.
Real-Time Collaboration Collaborate remotely in real-time, supporting quick discussions and collective decision-making.
Trust and Transparency To built transparent accounting of sharing between your CT scan Center and Refer doctor to building trust on financial statements.

Additional Factors to Choose Drlogy CT Scan Software

Here are additional factors for considering Drlogy CT Scan Software for better diagnostic management.

  • Specialized Templates: Predefined report templates tailored to various CT Scan examinations.
  • Dedicated Support: Responsive customer assistance and technical support from Drlogy.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Advanced templets for smooth report generationents.
  • Adaptability: Ability to accommodate evolving imaging needs and future upgrades.
  • Data Backup: Reliable data backup and disaster recovery features.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Conformance to industry regulations for patient data protection.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation for efficient operations.

Drlogy CT Scan Software FAQs

How Does Drlogy CT Scan Management Software Helps Grow your Practice?

  • Create Practice Profile: You can list your CT Scan center timings, services, fees & more in Drlogy online directory. This will increase your online visibility and you can also update the profile anytime you want.
  • Receive Online Appointment: Reduces hassle at reception and ensures comfort for patients by letting them make an appointment online.
  • Build a Knowledge Base: Build a professional network where you can share and discuss articles/tips on trending topics in your industry.
  • Ensure Search Engine Optimization: The built-in SEO feature helps in bringing more traffic to your CT Scan page online. When patients are searching online, it helps them find your practice along with the relevant information they need.

How can you download Drlogy CT Scan Management Software?

Drlogy CT Scan software installation is not required, as it is web-based. Just contact Drlogy Team. However, if you want to download the Android mobile app, visit Google Play Store.

How can I buy Drlogy CT Scan Software?

To buy Drlogy CT Scan Software, you can directly contact us through email or telephone. Our representatives will reach back to you, so you can also contact us on our website information page.

How can I Get a Free Demo Trial For Drlogy CT Scan Software?

To Get a Free Demo Trial For Drlogy CT Scan Software, you can directly contact us through email or telephone. Our representatives will reach back to you.

Which operating system does Drlogy CT Scan Software support?

Drlogy CT Scan software is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems.

Is there any free trial or demo for Drlogy CT Scan Management Software?

Yes, you can get a free demo for Drlogy CT Scan management software at CT Scan Management Software Portal Page.

What is the deployment type of Drlogy CT Scan Management Software?

Drlogy CT Scan Management software is deployed on both web and cloud-based platforms.

Is Drlogy CT Scan Software offline or online?

Drlogy CT Scan Software runs completely online. We are a cloud-based online platform with AI-Integrated technologies for every CT Scan.

What happens to my data, if I plan to discontinue?

Drlogy team will ensure you have access to your data. You just have to mail us on our official mail id. Either we will provide software access or downloadable files in CSV format.

Do Drlogy offer distribution or reselling programs?

Please drop us an email at hello@drlogy.com with your interest, so that we can get back to you when we launch any such programs.

Will I get Support and Updates for Drlogy CT Scan Software?

Yes. We provide free support and updates to all our customers. New features, Corrections, and enhancements will be supplied to you as and when we upgrade our software.

Drlogy - Providing Next-Gen Healthcare Solution

  • Drlogy is the leading digital healthcare solution-based health tech company, and we are providing a SaaS-based integrated solution that helps healthcare providers around the globe to grow and expand their healthcare facilities.
  • Drlogy is passionate about giving Healthcare solutions and we are passionate about giving in IT Solution form.
  • Drlogy creates a single healthcare platform for patients, professionals, and practices to access anytime, anywhere, and anyway.
  • Drlogy provides Healthcare SAAS as a software solution to Hospitals, Radiology, Pathology labs, Diagnostic centres & pharmacies across India.
  • Drlogy is having a collective experience of more than 6+ years in Healthcare, Healthcare Technology, Marketing, Customer Service, and Information Management.
  • Team Drlogy has the experience and is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the challenges that are inherent in the Healthcare sector and expand them.

Vision Of Drlogy

  • Drlogy’s Vision is to be a modern healthcare platform by giving modern IT Based solutions and the general public to manage their medical records and access them anywhere anytime on any device.
  • We help hospital & Radiology practices improve the depth of their relationships with patients and improve practice efficiency.
  • Our core is in helping hospitals, labs & Radiology practices through tools like online software solutions and a complete 360-degree health management system, but we’re always building new innovative products and services.

Drlogy Commitment

  • Service and support are at the heart of what we do and we have a dedicated team who are helping more than 20,000+ clients all over India.
  • As a true subscription-based healthcare provider, we know the importance of keeping our customers happy.

Frequently Asked Common Questions & Answers (FAQs)

What is CT software?

CT software, or Computed Tomography software, is a specialized digital tool used in radiology to process and interpret data from computed tomography (CT) scans. It allows radiologists to analyze cross-sectional images of the body, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for a wide range of medical conditions.

What tool is used for a CT scan?

A CT scanner, also known as a computed tomography scanner, is the primary tool used for performing CT scans, capturing detailed cross-sectional images of the body.

Why do Radiologists need CT Scan Software?

Radiologists need CT scan software to efficiently process, analyze, and interpret the complex cross-sectional images generated by CT scans, aiding in accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient care.

What is the best CT Scan Software?

Drlogy CT Scan Software stands out as a premier choice among CT scan software, widely embraced by Indian medical professionals for its advanced features, precise image analysis, AI integration, and collaborative tools, all contributing to comprehensive patient care.

Why is Cloud-based CT Scan Software better than offline free software?

Drlogy CT Scan Software Cloud-based CT scan software offers advantages over free offline options due to remote accessibility, automatic updates, scalability, collaborative features, and reduced IT maintenance. It enables radiologists to work from anywhere, stay current with software enhancements, accommodate growing data, collaborate seamlessly, and eliminate the need for manual software upkeep.

What are the advantages of CT Scan software?

The advantages of CT scan software include precise image analysis, efficient reporting, seamless collaboration, accurate diagnoses, and streamlined workflow for enhanced patient care.

Why Drlogy PCT Scan Software?



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Why Drlogy CT Scan SAAS?

Fully Secure - Drlogy

Fully Secure

Easy to use - Drlogy

Easy To Use

Start in Second - Drlogy

Start in Second

Universal App - Drlogy

Universal App

Regular Updates - Drlogy

Regular Updates

24*7 Support - Drlogy

24*7 Support

India's Fast-Growing Healthcare Platform

Professional Review

Drlogy radiology software is a game-changer. Its intuitive interface and AI-powered tools have elevated my diagnostic precision. Store images and generating reports are seamless, saving valuable time. This software is a must-have for any radiologist aiming to enhance their practice and provide top-notch patient care.

Dr. Jaysankar, Diagnostic Medical Physicists

It has revolutionized the way I approach diagnostic imaging. Its user-friendly interface and advanced tools have streamlined my workflow. What truly stands out is the exceptional support and regular updates. The customer service team is responsive, and the developers consistently roll out enhancements based on user feedback, keeping us at the forefront of radiology innovation.

Dr. Soumya, Radiologist (Radiation Oncology)

As a radiologist, I've had the privilege of working with various radiology software solutions throughout my career, but none have impressed me quite like Drlogy Radiology Software. The software's robust reporting capabilities have also streamlined my documentation process, allowing me to generate comprehensive and professional reports for referring physicians in just a few clicks.

Dr. Jay, Radiologist

Select A Plan To Grow Your CT Scan/Diagnostic Center


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  • Universal Profile Listing
  • Help to Build SEO
  • Publish Health Articles & Tips
  • Medical News Update
  • Case Discussion with Professionals
  • Insights of your profile Visits & Health Network
  • Daily Health Post

Drlogy CT Scan SAAS

Contact Us to get Price & Demo

  • QR Code Based Quick Patient Registration
  • Online Tests Booking & Appointments
  • Test, Panel & Package Management
  • Reference & Sharing Management
  • Reference Doctors Portal
  • Patient Consent & Form F
  • Completely Customize Reports
  • Report Result Verification
  • Report Quality Check
  • Report on your Letterhead
  • Test Result & Quality Checks Status
  • Test Reports Print & Share Status
  • Share Reports via WhatsApp & Mail
  • QR Code Based Reports Access
  • Tests Outsourcing Management
  • Insurance & TPA Management
  • Graphical Analysis of Tests Result
  • 5+ Doctors Digital Signature in Report
  • Cashless Payment & Billing
  • 4 Ways Real-Time Communication
    (SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Notification)
  • Patient Feedback Collection
  • Expense Management
  • Patients Portal
  • Medical Waste Management
  • Machines & Equipments Management
  • Hiring & Recruitment
  • 1000+ Advanced Reports - MIS
  • Business Analytics
  • Web & Mobile App Access
  • Mobile App for Patients

    Helps To Boost Digital Presence

  • Online Tests Booking
  • Top Leads in Drlogy Listing
  • Build SEO on Google
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726578+Test Booked
1254726+Scan Repors

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