Anemia Diagnosis: 7 Essential Tests For Better Health

Anemia Diagnosis: 7 Essential Tests For Better Health

Anemia is caused by low red blood cell count or hemoglobin. Experience tiredness, lack of energy, and difficulty breathing are some common symptoms. Anemia Diagnosis involves tests like CBC, ferritin tests, etc. Treatment can improve quality of life.


7 Essential Anemia Diagnosis Tests

Anemia Diagnosis is crucial in anemia to identify the cause and provide proper treatment. Tests like CBC, hemoglobin electrophoresis, and serum iron/ferritin tests help determine the severity and type of anemia. Diagnosis is key for targeted treatment. Tests for anemia include CBC, reticulocyte count, hemoglobin electrophoresis, serum iron/ferritin, and vitamin B12/folate levels.


Here are some commonly used Anemia Tests for Anemia Diagnosis:

  1. Complete Blood Count
  2. Ferritin Test
  3. Vitamin B12 Test
  4. Serum Iron Test
  5. Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Test
  6. Reticulocyte count
  7. Folate Test


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1. Complete Blood Count

  • Measures red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets to evaluate overall blood health.
  • Helps diagnose a range of conditions, including anemia, infections, and leukemia.
  • Provides valuable information on your immune system, oxygen transport, and blood clotting abilities Anemia Tests.
Complete Blood Count (CBC) Details
Also Known As Hemogram, FBC, CBP
Purpose Blood Health Assessment
Sample Blood
Preparation Fasting may be required
Procedure Simple blood draw
Test Timing 2-4 hours
Test Price (INR) 200-1000
Result Value Values for red, white blood cells & platelets
Normal Value Varies
Accuracy Highly accurate
Interpretation Your doctor will interpret the results based on your symptoms & medical history.

The CBC test measures blood health and detects conditions. It's quick, accurate, and measures RBCs, WBCs, and platelets. Results in hours. Doctor interpretation based on history/symptoms.


2. Ferritin Test

  • Measures the level of ferritin, a protein that stores iron in the body
  • Helps diagnose iron deficiency anemia and other conditions related to iron metabolism
  • Simple blood tests with accurate results can also monitor response to treatment
Ferritin Test Details
Also Known As Ferritin Blood Test
Purpose Measures iron stores in the body
Sample Blood
Preparation Fasting not required
Procedure Simple blood draw
Test Timing 2-4 hours
Test Price (INR) 500-1500
Result Value ng/mL
Normal Value 20-500 ng/mL
Accuracy Highly accurate
Interpretation Your doctor will interpret the results based on your symptoms.

The Ferritin Test is a simple and highly accurate blood test that measures the amount of iron stored in your body. It can help diagnose iron-deficiency anemia and monitor response to treatment. Results are typically available within a day, and your doctor will interpret them based on your symptoms and medical history for Anemia Diagnosis.


3. Vitamin B12 Test

  • Measures the level of vitamin B12 in the blood
  • Helps diagnose vitamin B12 deficiency anemia
  • Can also detect other conditions affecting red blood cells and nerves
Vitamin B12 Test Details
Also Known As Cobalamin test
Purpose Measures level of vitamin B12
Sample Blood
Preparation Fasting for 6-8 hours
Procedure Blood draw & analysis
Test Timing 2-4 hours
Test Price (INR) 200-2000
Result Value 200-900 pg/mL
Normal Value 200-900 pg/mL
Accuracy Highly accurate
Interpretation Your doctor will interpret the results based on your symptoms.

Vitamin B12 Test measures the level of vitamin B12 in the blood and helps diagnose anemia and other conditions. It is a simple and accurate test that requires a blood sample. Results are typically available the same day.


4. Serum Iron Test

  • an accurate measurement of iron levels in your blood with an iron test.
  • Helps diagnose iron-deficiency anemia and other iron-related disorders.
  • Assists in monitoring treatment for iron deficiency and iron overload.
Serum Iron Test Details
Also Known As Iron Test
Purpose To measure the level of iron
Sample Blood
Preparation Fasting 12 hrs, no iron
Procedure Blood draw
Test Timing 2-4 hours
Test Price (INR) 300-1200
Result Value Measured in micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL)
Normal Value 60 to 170 mcg/dL
Accuracy Highly accurate
Interpretation Low levels may indicate iron deficiency and high levels may indicate iron overload.

Serum Iron Test measures iron levels in blood, which helps diagnose iron-deficiency anemia or hemochromatosis. This Anemia Tests requires fasting for 12 hours and a blood draw. The typical range for normal values is between 60 to 170 mcg/dL for Anemia Diagnosis.


5. Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Test

  • Identifies abnormal hemoglobin types in blood.
  • Diagnoses and monitors hemoglobin disorders like sickle cell anemia and thalassemia.
  • Can help determine carrier status and risk of passing on genetic conditions.
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Test Details
Also Known As Hb ELP
Purpose Hemoglobin analysis test
Sample Blood
Preparation Pre-test Preparations
Procedure Blood Analysis Procedure
Test Timing Within a few days
Test Price (INR) 1,500-4,000
Result Value Hemoglobin type & quantity
Normal Value Age, gender, and pregnancy affect
Accuracy Accurate but influenced
Interpretation A healthcare provider can interpret the results and provide further guidance.

The Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Test is a diagnostic blood test that measures and identifies various types of hemoglobin in the blood, helping to detect and diagnose hemoglobinopathies. Results are highly accurate, and a healthcare provider can interpret them to provide further guidance. Test prices range from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 4,000 in India for Anemia Diagnosis.


6. Reticulocyte Count Test

  • Measures immature red blood cells in the blood.
  • Helps diagnose anemia, hemolytic disease, and other blood disorders.
  • Fast and simple procedure with no special preparation required.
Reticulocyte Count Test Details
Also Known As Reti Count
Purpose Assesses red cell production
Sample Blood
Preparation Medication disclosure important
Procedure Phlebotomy, Analysis, Lab
Test Timing 2-4 hours
Test Price (INR) 300-2000
Result Value %
Normal Value 0.5% to 1.5%
Accuracy High accuracy
Interpretation A low count may indicate anemia/bone disorder; a high count may indicate hemolytic anemia

The Reticulocyte Count Test measures bone marrow's ability to produce red blood cells in this Anemia Tests. A blood sample is taken, and results are accurate within a day. Normal value ranges from 0.5% to 1.5%, and the test costs between 300 to 2000 Indian Rupees. A low or high count may indicate anemia or bone marrow disorders for Anemia Diagnosis.


7. Folate Test

  • Measures levels of folate (vitamin B9) in the blood
  • Helps diagnose anemia and malabsorption
  • A simple blood test with results typically available within one day
Folate Test Details
Also Known As Serum Folate
Purpose Measures levels of folate in the blood
Sample Blood
Preparation Fasting 6 hours
Procedure Blood draw from a vein
Test Timing 2-4 hours
Test Price (INR) 500-2000
Result Value nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL)
Normal Value 5.4-24.0 ng/mL
Accuracy Highly accurate
Interpretation Low folate levels may indicate folate deficiency, anemia, or other health conditions.

The Folate Test measures folate levels in the blood using a blood draw. Fasting for at least 6 hours is required, and results are typically available within a day for this Anemia Tests. Low levels of folate may indicate folate deficiency or anemia, among other health conditions. The test is highly accurate and costs between 500 to 2000 Indian Rupees for Anemia Diagnosis.


Common Anemia Diagnosis Tests Overview

Test Name Complete Blood Count (CBC) Ferritin Test Vitamin B12 Test
Also Known As CBC Serum Ferritin Cobalamin
Purpose Measures various blood components Assesses iron stores in the body Evaluates B12 levels
Sample Blood sample from a vein Blood sample from a vein Blood sample from a vein
Preparation Fasting not required Fasting not required Fasting not required
Procedure Automated blood analyzer Immunoassay or ELISA Immunoassay or ELISA
Test Timing 2-4 hours 2-4 hours 2-4 hours
Test Price (INR) 200-1000 500-1500 200-2000
Result Value Values for red, white blood cells & platelets Ferritin level in ng/mL B12 level in pg/mL
Normal Value Varies by component and age 20-500 ng/mL for men & 20-200 ng/mL for women 200-900 pg/mL
Accuracy Highly accurate Highly accurate Highly accurate
Interpretation Abnormal values may indicate various conditions such as anemia, infection, or leukemia. Low ferritin levels indicate iron deficiency anemia or other conditions. Low B12 levels may indicate pernicious anemia or other conditions.

*Test Price, range, and timing may vary as per location, lab type, and procedure.

CBC, Ferritin, and Vitamin B12 tests measure different components of blood through a simple blood draw. They assess iron levels, B12 levels, and various blood components and can help diagnose anemia, infections, or other conditions. Results are highly accurate and typically available within a few hours to a day. Prices range from 300-2000 Indian Rupees depending on the test for Anemia Diagnosis.


Anemia Differential Diagnosis

Similar Diseases Differentiating Factors
Iron deficiency anemia Low iron levels, small red blood cells
Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia Low vitamin B12 levels, neurological symptoms
Folic acid deficiency anemia Low folic acid levels, no neurological symptoms
Hemolytic anemia Increased destruction of red blood cells, jaundice
Anemia of chronic disease Underlying chronic illness, inflammation

Anemia's differential diagnosis includes iron deficiency, vitamin deficiencies, hemolytic anemia, and anemia of chronic disease, each distinguished by specific factors. Seek medical evaluation for accurate Anemia Diagnosis.


Best Doctor for Anemia

Specialist Description
Hematologist Specializes in blood disorders
Internal Medicine Doctor Treats a wide range of conditions, including anemia
Family Medicine Doctor Provides comprehensive primary care, including anemia management

A Hematologist is the best specialist for anemia, focusing on blood disorders.


7 Interesting Facts of Anemia Diagnosis

Here are 7 Interesting Facts about Anemia Diagnosis.

  1. Anemia can be diagnosed by physical examination, not just lab tests.
  2. A simple nail bed test can indicate if a person has anemia.
  3. Anemia is more common in women and older adults.
  4. Pernicious anemia can be caused by a lack of vitamin B12.
  5. Chronic kidney disease can cause anemia.
  6. Anemia may indicate the presence of an underlying health issue.
  7. Athletes are at a higher risk of developing anemia.



Anemia diagnosis involves various Anemia Tests, including CBC, Ferritin, and vitamin B12 tests. A low RBC count, low hemoglobin, and low hematocrit are common indicators of anemia. Early diagnosis is crucial to manage the condition and prevent complications. Consult your doctor if you experience symptoms of anemia, such as fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath.



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