Pathology Lab Test List: 1000+ Laboratory Test Directory A-Z


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Pathology Lab Test List: 1000+ Laboratory Test Directory A-Z

Drlogy Provides 1000+ Largest A to Z Pathology Lab Test List Directory, unmatched on the internet.

  • Comprehensive worldwide Pathology Lab Test List, A to Z, unmatched online with report format with the guide.
  • Unprecedented Pathology Lab Test Collection, alphabetically organized for easy reference.
  • Extensive A-Z Pathology Lab Tests, the most comprehensive online resource.


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Pathology Test Type

Here are the Pathology Test Types along with the Pathology Lab Test List.

No. Pathology Test Type Purpose
1 Hematology Test List Blood Cell Analysis
2 Biochemistry Test List Metabolic Function Testing
3 Clinical Pathology Test List General Health Assessment
4 Cytopathology Test List Cell Structure Examination
5 Histopathology Test List Tissue Disease Diagnosis
6 Immunology and Serology Test List Immune System Assessment
7 Microbiology Test List Microbial Organism Detection
8 Molecular Genetics Test List Genetic Material Analysis
9 Endocrinology Test List Hormonal Function Testing
10 Tumor Markers Test List Cancer Presence Detection


1000+ Pathology Lab Test List

Here is the 1000+ Pathology Lab Test List with report format clinical guidelines.

Pathology Lab Test List Report Format
CBC Test View PDF
CRP Test View PDF
RT PCR Test View PDF
RBC Test View PDF
ABC Test View PDF
AMC Test View PDF
Absolute Eosinophil Count Test View PDF
Platelet Count Test View PDF
ALC Test View PDF
Absolute Polymorphs Test View PDF
MCHC Blood Test View PDF
MCH Blood Test View PDF
MCV Blood Test View PDF
MPV Blood Test View PDF
HCT Blood Test View PDF
TSH Test View PDF
Thyroid Antibodies Test View PDF
Thyroid Panel Test View PDF
Hemoglobin Blood Test View PDF
Lipid Profile Test View PDF
HbA1c Test View PDF
PDW Blood Test View PDF
Vitamin B12 Test View PDF
ESR Test View PDF
LFT Test View PDF
RBS Test View PDF
Ferritin Test View PDF
FNAC Test View PDF
VDRL Test View PDF
Triple Marker Test View PDF
Double Marker Test View PDF
Widal Test View PDF
Semen Analysis Test View PDF
Vitamin K Test View PDF
Troponin Test View PDF
Mantoux Test View PDF
Typhidot Test View PDF
Vitamin D Test View PDF
Prolactin Test View PDF
Beta hCG Test View PDF
FBS Test View PDF
Creatine Kinase Test View PDF
WBC Blood Test View PDF
RAST Test View PDF
Dengue Test View PDF
KFT Test View PDF
Urine Culture Test View PDF
HDL Cholesterol Test View PDF
LDL Cholesterol Test View PDF
VLDL Cholesterol Test View PDF
C Peptide Test View PDF
Dengue IgM Test View PDF
Dengue IgG Test View PDF
Dengue Ns1 Antigen Test View PDF
Bilirubin Test View PDF
Troponin I Test View PDF
Troponin T Test View PDF
Peripheral Blood Smear Test View PDF
Pap Smear Test View PDF
Karyotyping Test View PDF
HIV Test View PDF
Cortisol Test View PDF
Potassium Blood Test View PDF
Stool Culture Test View PDF
Stool Occult Blood Test View PDF
CA 125 Test View PDF
Testosterone Test View PDF
PPBS Test View PDF
CA 15-3 Test View PDF
Vitamin B9 Test View PDF
CA 19-9 Test View PDF
Vitamin C Test View PDF
Aldolase Test View PDF
AFP Test View PDF
Urine Cotinine Test View PDF
BUN Test View PDF
Serum Calcium Test View PDF
Serum Potassium Test View PDF
CMP Blood Test View PDF
T3 Test View PDF
T4 Test View PDF
UPCR Test View PDF
Serum Electrolytes Test View PDF
Progesterone Test View PDF
BMD Test View PDF
Magnesium Test View PDF
Albumin Test View PDF
Lactic Acid Test View PDF
Gonorrhea Test View PDF
Calcitonin Test View PDF
Globulin Test View PDF
AST Test View PDF
TIBC Test View PDF
Serum Iron Test View PDF
Haptoglobin Test View PDF
HER2 Test View PDF
Prealbumin Blood Test View PDF
Reticulocyte Count Test View PDF
Fibrinogen Test View PDF
Digoxin Test View PDF
FSH Test View PDF
LH Test View PDF
Arthritis Profile Test View PDF
Torch Profile Test View PDF
Coagulation Profile Test View PDF
DLC Test View PDF
Brain MRI View PDF
Brain CT Scan View PDF
Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Test View PDF
IgA Test View PDF
IgM Test View PDF
IgE Test View PDF
IgG Test View PDF
KOH Test View PDF
Estradiol Test View PDF
DHEA Sulfate Test View PDF
DHEA Test View PDF
Sodium Blood Test View PDF
Phosphorus Blood Test View PDF
Chloride Blood Test View PDF
Anti CCP Test View PDF
GGT Blood Test View PDF
Amylase Test View PDF
Lipase Test View PDF
Ionized Calcium Test View PDF
ALP Test View PDF
ASO Test View PDF
Creatinine Test View PDF
Rheumatoid Factor Test View PDF
Uric Acid Test View PDF
ALT Test View PDF
D-Dimer Test View PDF
Hepatitis C Virus Test View PDF
Hepatitis A Antibody IgM Test View PDF
Hepatitis A Antibody IgG Test View PDF
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Test View PDF
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test View PDF
HBsAg Quantitative Test View PDF
Hepatitis B Core Antibody Test View PDF
Hepatitis B Profile Test View PDF
Urine Glucose Test View PDF
DNPH Test View PDF
MDMA Screen Urine Test View PDF
Blood Group Test View PDF
Malaria Parasite Identification Test View PDF
G6PD Test View PDF
APTT Test View PDF
Prothrombin Time Test View PDF
Creatinine 24 Hour Urine Test View PDF
X Rays View PDF
PET Scan View PDF
Angiography View PDF
Fluoroscopy View PDF
Nuclear Medicine Imaging View PDF
Mammography View PDF
Ultrasound View PDF
Mycobacterial Culture Test View PDF
Mycobacterium Combined Panel Test View PDF
Sputum AFB Test View PDF
Gram Stain Bacterial Vaginosis Test View PDF
Gram Stain Test View PDF
Arterial Blood Gas Test View PDF
Indirect Bilirubin Test View PDF
Coombs Test View PDF
Colonoscopy with Polypectomy Biopsy Test Coming Soon
Prostate Biopsy Test Coming Soon
Liver Biopsy Coming Soon
Cervix Biopsy Test Coming Soon
Skin Biopsy Test Coming Soon
17 Hydroxyprogesterone Test Coming Soon
ELISA Test Coming Soon
Galactosemia Test Coming Soon
Immunofixation Test Coming Soon
LDH Test Coming Soon
PSA Test Coming Soon
ACTH Stimulation Test Coming Soon
Anti Mullerian Hormone Test Coming Soon
Antinuclear Antibody Test Coming Soon
Blood Culture Test Coming Soon
Chlamydia Test Coming Soon
Direct Antiglobulin Test Coming Soon
Hair Follicle Drug Test Coming Soon
Glucose Tolerance Test Coming Soon
Homocysteine Test Coming Soon
Paternity Test Coming Soon
Procalcitonin Test Coming Soon
Allergy Skin Test Coming Soon
Strep Throat Test Coming Soon
Syphilis Test Coming Soon
Urine Drug Test Coming Soon
Adenosine Deaminase Test Coming Soon
Alcohol Blood Test Coming Soon
Ammonia Test Coming Soon
AAT Test Coming Soon
Anti-dsDNA Test Coming Soon
Antibody Titer Test Coming Soon
Apo B Test Coming Soon
Blood Ketones Test Coming Soon
Cardiolipin Antibodies Test Coming Soon
Copper Test Coming Soon
Covid 19 Antibody Test Coming Soon
Covid 19 Antigen Test Coming Soon
Cholinesterase Test Coming Soon
Chromogranin A Test Coming Soon
Calprotectin Test Coming Soon
Catecholamines Test Coming Soon
Ceruloplasmin Test Coming Soon
Complement Test Coming Soon
Cryoglobulins Test Coming Soon
Cystatin C Test Coming Soon
Fecal Fat Test Coming Soon
FIT Test Coming Soon
Fetal Fibronectin Test Coming Soon
Folate Blood Test Coming Soon
Fructosamine Test Coming Soon
Growth Hormone Test Coming Soon
Heavy Metals Test Coming Soon
Histamine Test Coming Soon
HIV Viral Load Test Coming Soon
IGRA TB Test Coming Soon
Insulin Test Coming Soon
Lactate Test Coming Soon
Lead Test Coming Soon
Lipoprotein-A Test Coming Soon
Plasma Free Metanephrines Coming Soon
Urine Metanephrines Coming Soon
MTHFR Mutation Test Coming Soon
Mycoplasma Test Coming Soon
RDW Blood Test Coming Soon
Rubella Test Coming Soon
Serotonin Test Coming Soon
Stool Elastase Test Coming Soon
Sweat Chloride Test Coming Soon
Thyroglobulin Test Coming Soon
Tryptase Test Coming Soon
Triglycerides Test Coming Soon
Urinalysis Test Coming Soon
Xylose Absorption Test Coming Soon
Yeast Infection Test Coming Soon
Zika Virus Test Coming Soon
5-HIAA Test Coming Soon
Aldosterone Test Coming Soon
Androstenedione Test Coming Soon
Renin Test Coming Soon
Anti-DNase B Test Coming Soon
Anticentromere Antibody Test Coming Soon
Antithrombin Test Coming Soon
ANCA Test Coming Soon
Antihistone Antibodies Test Coming Soon
Antiphospholipid Antibodies Test Coming Soon
Lupus Anticoagulants Test Coming Soon
Intrinsic Factor Antibody Test Coming Soon
Parietal Cell Antibody Test Coming Soon
Smooth Muscle Antibody Test Coming Soon
AMA Test Coming Soon
Anti LKM-1 Antibody Test Coming Soon
AChR Antibody Test Coming Soon
BCR-ABL1 Test Coming Soon
Carbamazepine Test Coming Soon
CD4 Count Test Coming Soon
Cyclosporine Test Coming Soon
Erythropoietin Test Coming Soon
First Trimester Screening Test Coming Soon
Gastrin Test Coming Soon
HPV Test Coming Soon
IRT Test Coming Soon
Interleukin-6 Test Coming Soon
JAK2 Mutation Test Coming Soon
Lactoferrin Test Coming Soon
Leptin Test Coming Soon
Liquid Biopsy Test Coming Soon
Lithium Test Coming Soon
Mercury Test Coming Soon
MRSA Screening Test Coming Soon
Myoglobin Test Coming Soon
GFR Test Coming Soon
Opioid Testing Coming Soon
Parvovirus B19 Test Coming Soon
PCA3 Test Coming Soon
PML-RARA Test Coming Soon
Renal Panel Test Coming Soon
Pregnenolone Test Coming Soon
Retic Count Test Coming Soon
Serum Free Light Chains Test Coming Soon
Stool DNA Test Coming Soon
TDM Test Coming Soon
Thrombin Time Test Coming Soon
Vitamin A Test Coming Soon
Von Willebrand Factor Test Coming Soon
West Nile Virus Test Coming Soon
Acetaminophen Test Coming Soon
ACE Test Coming Soon
ADH Test Coming Soon
Basic Metabolic Panel Test Coming Soon
CALR Mutation Test Coming Soon
CEA Test Coming Soon
Chymotrypsin Test Coming Soon
Cold Agglutinins Test Coming Soon
HCG Tumor Marker Test Coming Soon
Hemoglobinopathy Evaluation Test Coming Soon
Heparin Anti-Xa Test Coming Soon
HE4 Test Coming Soon
KRAS Mutation Test Coming Soon
Parathyroid Hormone Test Coming Soon
Protein C and Protein S Test Coming Soon
Serum Protein Electrophoresis Test Coming Soon
Pubic Lice Test Coming Soon
Synovial Fluid Analysis Test Coming Soon
Vanillylmandelic Acid Test Coming Soon
Zinc Protoporphyrin Test Coming Soon
10-Panel Drug Test Coming Soon
ACT Test Coming Soon
Amniocentesis Test Coming Soon
Anti-MuSK Antibody Test Coming Soon
ASCA Test Coming Soon
ALK Mutation Coming Soon
Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Coming Soon
AMA and AMA M2 Test Coming Soon
APO A1 Test Coming Soon
APOE Genotyping Test Coming Soon
Bicarbonate Test Coming Soon
Beta 2 Microglobulin Test Coming Soon
Beta-2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibodies Test Coming Soon
Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy Coming Soon
BRCA Genetic Test Coming Soon
Celiac Disease Antibody Test Coming Soon
Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis Coming Soon
Chicken Pox Igg Test Coming Soon
Chromosome Analysis Test Coming Soon
CYP2C 19 Genotyping Test Coming Soon
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Test Coming Soon
Cystic Fibrosis Gene Mutation Test Coming Soon
CMV Blood Test Coming Soon
DCP Test Coming Soon
EGFR Mutation Test Coming Soon
EBV Antibody Test Coming Soon
Oral Food Challenge Test Coming Soon
Serum Osmolality Coming Soon
Porphyrins Blood Test Coming Soon
Ova and Parasite Test Coming Soon
Group B Strep Test Coming Soon
Pericardial Fluid Analysis Coming Soon
Peritoneal Fluid Analysis Coming Soon
Pleural Fluid Analysis Coming Soon
Vitamin E Test Coming Soon
INR Test Coming Soon
Estrogen Blood Test Coming Soon
BNP Test View PDF
FPG Test View PDF
TPMT Test View PDF
Toxoplasmosis Test View PDF
Trichomoniasis Testing View PDF
Anion Gap Blood Test View PDF
Antibiotic Sensitivity Test View PDF
UACR Test View PDF
IGF-1 Test View PDF
Salicylate Test View PDF
Strep A Test View PDF
Absolute Neutrophil Count Test View PDF
Factor II Mutation Test View PDF
Factor V Leiden Test View PDF
Factor IX Test View PDF
Factor X Test View PDF
Factor XI Deficiency Test View PDF
Factor VII Test View PDF
Pertussis Test View PDF
Sickle Cell Anemia Test View PDF
SMA Test View PDF
STEC Test View PDF
Sputum Culture View PDF
RBC Antibody Screen View PDF
RSV Test View PDF
Factor XIII Test View PDF
Factor XII Test View PDF
Factor VIII Test View PDF
Bleeding Time Test View PDF
Clotting Time Test View PDF
IPF Test View PDF
Clot Retraction Time Test View PDF
HS-CRP Test View PDF
Clostridioides Difficile Toxin View PDF
Dust Allergy Test View PDF
Tacrolimus Test View PDF
TNF Alpha Test View PDF
GAD-65 Test View PDF
SLA Test View PDF
Ganglioside GD1a Antibody IgG Test View PDF
Ganglioside GD1a Antibody IgM Test View PDF
Ganglioside GD1b Antibody IgG Test View PDF
Ganglioside GD1b Antibody IgM Test View PDF
Ganglioside GM1 Antibody IgM Test View PDF
Ganglioside GM1 Antibody IgG Test View PDF
Ganglioside GQ1b Antibody IgG Test View PDF
Flecainide Test View PDF
Inhibin A Test View PDF
Inhibin B Test View PDF
PAPP-A Test View PDF
Phenobarbital Test View PDF
Pax8 Test View PDF
Ribosomal P Antibody View PDF
Galectin-3 Test View PDF
Ganglioside GQ1b Antibody IgM Test View PDF
Anti-Histone Antibodies Test View PDF
Manganese Blood Test View PDF
Selenium Test View PDF
Anti A Titre Test View PDF
Anti B Titre Test View PDF


 Pathology Lab Test List Directory - Drlogy Pathology Lab Test List


Pathology Laboratory Test Report Format

Establishing a standardized Pathology Laboratory Test Report Format is essential for conveying test results accurately and effectively to patients and healthcare professionals. A clear layout, concise descriptions, and accurate interpretations are vital for facilitating understanding and informed decision-making in patient care management.


1000+ Pathology Lab Report Formats & Sample PDF

Consistency in format for Pathology Laboratory Test Reporting is crucial for building trust and credibility with clients, highlighting the laboratory's dedication to delivering precise and dependable results. By streamlining reporting procedures, laboratories can optimize efficiency, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient care and satisfaction.



Overall, Drlogy Pathology Lab Software optimizes hematological testing with advanced features, ensuring precision, efficiency, and substantial cost savings. Elevate your lab's capabilities, streamline processes, and enhance patient service for unparalleled growth.


Also Check Drlogy Pathology Lab Test List empowering labs with a comprehensive 1000+ test directory, facilitating precise diagnostics and efficient management for superior healthcare delivery.


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