Clinical Pathology Test List: 100+ Lab Test Directory A-Z


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Clinical Pathology Test List: 100+ Lab Test Directory A-Z

Clinical Pathology tests play a crucial role in assessing overall health, providing insights into diverse diseases' diagnosis and management.

This series is designed to assist doctors in comprehending the importance of clinical pathology assessments, enriching their knowledge in the realm of health evaluations.


What are Clinical Pathology Tests?

  • Diagnostic Insights: Clinical Pathology Tests provide crucial diagnostic information about diseases and health conditions.
  • Treatment Guidance: Results guide healthcare professionals in determining effective treatment plans for patients.
  • Disease Monitoring: These tests help monitor the progression of diseases, aiding in timely interventions for better outcomes.

Do You Know?

  • Labs lacking proper systems may face a 12% loss in earnings with a risk of unintentionally compromising accurate clinical pathology test results, impacting credibility.
  • Without technology or software, labs may experience up to a 18% loss in ROI due to inefficient operations and mismanagement.
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Top Clinical Pathology Test List

Here are the top 100+ Clinical Pathology Test List with clinical guidelines for the best report format.

Clinical Pathology Test List Report Format

Urine Glucose Test

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MDMA Screen Urine Test

View PDF

Semen Analysis Test

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Mantoux Test

View PDF

Urine Cotinine Test

View PDF


View PDF

Arterial Blood Gas Test

View PDF

Triple Marker Test

View PDF

Double Marker Test

View PDF

Stool Elastase Test

Coming Soon

Sweat Chloride Test

Coming Soon

Colonoscopy with Polypectomy Biopsy Test

Coming Soon

Prostate Biopsy Test

Coming Soon

Liver Biopsy

Coming Soon

Cervix Biopsy Test

Coming Soon

Skin Biopsy Test

Coming Soon

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Coming Soon

Urine Drug Test

Coming Soon

FIT Test

Coming Soon

Fetal Fibronectin Test

Coming Soon

Urinalysis Test

Coming Soon

First Trimester Screening Test

Coming Soon

Opioid Testing

Coming Soon

Stool DNA Test

Coming Soon

Pubic Lice Test

Coming Soon

Synovial Fluid Analysis Test

Coming Soon

10-Panel Drug Test

Coming Soon

Amniocentesis Test

Coming Soon

Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy

Coming Soon

Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis

Coming Soon

Oral Food Challenge Test

Coming Soon

Ova and Parasite Test

Coming Soon

Pericardial Fluid Analysis

Coming Soon

Peritoneal Fluid Analysis

Coming Soon

Pleural Fluid Analysis

Coming Soon


Clinical Pathology Test List - Drlogy Pathology Lab Test List PDF Directory


Do's vs Don't To Perform Clinical Pathology Test Criteria

Here are some Do's vs. don'ts to Perform Clinical Pathology Test Criteria.

Do's Don'ts
Follow Standard Operating Procedures: Don't Skip Calibration Procedures
Ensure Proper Sample Collection Avoid Using Expired Reagents
Adhere to Safety Protocols Don't Mix Samples Incorrectly
Document and Label Samples Correctly Avoid Contamination during Sample Collection
Regularly Calibrate and Maintain Equipment Don't Ignore Quality Control Measures
Use Quality Control Samples Don't Disregard Environmental Conditions


Pathology Lab Test List

Here are 1000+ Pathology Lab Test List with types and purposes.

No. Pathology Lab Test List
1 Hematology Test List
2 Biochemistry Test List
3 Clinical Pathology Test List
4 Cytopathology Test List
5 Histopathology Test List
6 Immunology and Serology Test List
7 Microbiology Test List
8 Molecular Genetics Test List
9 Endocrinology Test List
10 Tumor Markers Test List


Clinical Pathology Test Report Format

Ensuring a standardized Clinical Pathology Test Report Format is essential for effectively communicating test results to patients and healthcare providers. Clarity in formatting, concise interpretations, and accurate explanations are vital for facilitating understanding and informed decision-making in patient care.


1000+ Pathology Lab Report Formats & Sample PDF

The implementation of a standardized format in Clinical Pathology Test Reporting is crucial for building trust and credibility with clients, highlighting the lab's commitment to quality and precision. By optimizing reporting procedures, laboratories can enhance workflow efficiency, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.



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