Swine Farrowing Calculator - Swine Gestation Calculator

Swine Farrowing Calculator - Swine Gestation Calculator

Swine Gestation Calculator


AnimalGestation Period
Swine112 to 115 days

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Swine Gestation Calculator

  • The Swine Gestation Calculator or Swine Pregnancy Calculator is used to calculate swine pregnancy.
  • With the Gestation chart, you had to count the days until your Swine’s due date.
  • Swine Gestation Calculator helps to answer the questions: ‘What is a Swine’s due date?’ or ‘How Long Are Swines Pregnant For?’ or ‘How Long is a gestation period for Swine?’. 
  • It’s important that you enter the 1st day your Swine was bred for it to work properly.
  • The Gestation or pregnancy Period for Swine is approximately 112 to 115 days from the first breeding.


Steps To Calculate Swine Pregnancy Due Date

  1. Enter the First Date of Swine Mating
  2. Check the Swine's Estimate Delivery Date
  3. Check Min & Max Delivery Date


Swine Gestation Calculator Formula

The Swine Gestation calculator uses the following formula:

Date of Farrowing = Mating date + 114 days


Calculate Swine Pregnancy

  • The Swine Pregnancy Calculator is a much simpler process to use than the customary Swine Gestation Chart. 
  • Sometimes it’s been called the Swine Gestation Calendar. 
  • These types of Swine Pregnancy Calendars required you to count the days until your Sow’s due date. 
  • This swine gestation calculator is no way to take away from the need for you to seek a vet. 
  • Their pro advice about your swine’s gestation period is invaluable. 
  • There are many items a properly licensed, pro vet will notice about needed care for your swine. 
  • Did you know the bristly hair from swine are often used for brushes?
  • Did you also know swine meat accounts for 38% of worldwide meat production? 
  • Another interesting fact is older swine will consume three to five gallons of water per day.


Gestation Period for Swine

  • The Gestation Period for Swine is approximately 112-115 days from the first breeding. 
  • Sows (Female Swine) will not always conceive after one breeding. 
  • Hogs will generally mate multiple times in one cycle. 
  • The Swine Gestation Calculator above attempts to generalize the approximate due date.
Species Gestation Period
Swine / Pig 112 - 115 days (3 Months 3 weeks 3 Days)


Swine Gestation Period

Swine Gestation Chart

Parameter Swine
Sexual season Polyoestrous
Age at puberty (months) 5 - 6

Oestrous cycle

Length (days) 18 - 24
Oestrus (h) in Gilts 40
Oestrus (h) in Sows 55
Gestation length (days) 112 - 115
Age at first farrowing (months) 9 - 10
Farrowing interval (days) 158
Litter size 1 - 20 or more

Pig Gestation Calendar

  • Some animals breed during spring, some during summer, and, for others, the season doesn't matter. 
  • Pigs belong to the latter. Pigs reach sexual maturity at 5 to 6 months old and then experience heat every 18 to 24 days. 
  • If you keep a male and female pig together for more than 24 days, there is a high probability that they have bred, and the sow is pregnant.
  • Pigs can give birth from one to even 20 or more piglets. 
  • On average, the fourth litter is the biggest one. 
  • Both litter size and gestation period depend on the sow's genetics, age, environment, nutrition, weight, and parity.
  • The most obvious sign that a sow is pregnant is that she doesn't go into heat after an appropriate number of days.
  • Other much less noticeable signs are physical changes in the belly shape and weight gain.
  • Near the farrowing date, the sow will act restless and begin to nest.



How Long are Pigs Pregnant?

  • The gestation period in pigs is 112 – 115 days from the first day of mating.
  • They have an average gestation period of 114 days.

Breeds of Pigs

This pig gestation period calculator can be used for the following breeds of pigs.

Danish Landrace Kele Beijing Black
Ningxiang Mong Cai Bulgarian White
French Landrace Large Black-white Wuzhishan
Lithuanian Native Mukota Mora Romagnola
Thuoc Nhieu Lacombe Meishan
Swedish Landrace Belarus Black Pied Gloucestershire Old Spots
Dutch Landrace Berkshire Hereford
British Landrace Minzhu Red Wattle
American Yorkshire Large White American Landrace
Welsh Mulefoot Fengjing
Ba Xuyen Yorkshire Jinhua
Hezuo Tibetan Saddleback
Finnish Landrace German Landrace Mangalitza
Bantu Kunekune Iberian
Vietnamese Potbelly Hampshire Philippine Native
Swallow Belied Mangalitza Poland China Large Black
Neijiang Italian Landrace Krskopolje
British Lop Chester White Oxford Sandy and Black
Choctaw Hog Middle White Arapawa Island
Cantonese Pig Belgian Landrace Norwegian Landrace
Pietrain Turopolje Duroc
Spotted Guinea Hog Angeln saddleback
Czech Improved White Ossabaw Island Tamworth



Overall Swine Gestation Calculator or Swine Pregnancy Due Date Calculator will give you the pregnancy date of your cattle. Check More Pet And Animal Related Calculators on Drlogy Calculator to get the exact solution for your questions.



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Swine Gestation Calculator FAQ

How long is a pigs gestation period?

  • Swine pregnancy lasts for around 114 days.
  • The length of the gestation period depends on the litter, weight, environment, and parity. Generally, it can take from 112 to 120 days.

How many piglets can a pig have?

  • At once, a sow can give birth to only one piglet or as many as twenty piglets.
  • Sows show different productivity potentials at different ages and parity.
  • The number of piglets a sow can farrow throughout its life depends on its genetic potential, environment, and feed.

How old does a pig have to be to breed?

  • According to National Hog Farmer, a pig must be around 230 days old, weigh 300 pounds (136 kg), and during its second or third heat. 
  • It's not recommended to breed a pig during the first heat.

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