Cow Pregnancy Due Date Calculator For Cattle Pregnancy

Cow Pregnancy Due Date Calculator For Cattle Pregnancy

Cow Gestation Calculator


AnimalGestation Period
Cow279 to 292 days (9 Months 9 days)

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Cow Gestation Calculator

  • The Cow Gestation Calculator or Cow Pregnancy Calculator is easier to use than the Cow Gestation Chart. 
  • With the chart, you had to count the days until your Cow’s due date.
  • Cow Gestation Calculator helps to answer the questions: ‘What is a Cow’s due date?’ or ‘How Long Are Cows Pregnant For?’ or ‘How Long is a gestation period for a Cow?’. 
  • It’s important that you enter the 1st day your Cow was bred for it to work properly.
  • The Gestation or pregnancy Period for Cows approximately ranges from 279 to 287 days. For most breeds, 283 days would be common. 


Steps To Calculate Cow Pregnancy Due Date

  1. Enter the Serviced/Exposed Date
  2. Calculate Estimate Calving Date
  3. Calculate Min & Max Calving Date


Cow Pregnancy Calculator Formula

The Cow Pregnancy calculator uses the following formula:

Cow Gestation Date = Serviced/Exposed Date + 283 days


Calculate Cow Pregnancy

  • The Gestation Period for Cattle is approximately 279 - 292 days from the Serviced/Exposed Date or about 9 months long.
  • The Cow Pregnancy Calculator attempts to guide your Cow estimated due date without any additional factors using a 283 days gestation period for Cattle.


Cow Gestation Period

  • The Gestation Period for Cows is approximately 279-292 days from the first breeding. 
  • It will not always conceive after one breeding. 
  • Cows will generally mate multiple times in one cycle. 
  • The Cow Gestation Calculator above attempts to generalize the approximate pregnancy due date. 
  • It uses a 283-day gestation period for Cows. 
Cow Gestation Period
Cow 279-292 days (9 Months 9 Days)


Cow Gestation Period


Cow Puberty and Reproduction

Parameter Cow
Sexual season Polyoestrous
Age at puberty (months) 16 - 40

Oestrous cycle

Length (days) 18 - 24
Oestrus (h) 4 - 24
Gestation length (days) 279 - 292
Age at first calving (months) 24 – 36
Calving intervals (months) 12 - 20


Stages of Cow Pregnancy

  • Cattle pregnancy is made up of three trimesters during which various things can occur, as explained below.
  • It’s important to be aware of these various stages to be more knowledgeable of how to act, especially with regard to any safety measures that may need to be taken.
  • Being well-informed in this regard can also help in preventing emergency situations.


Stage 1

  • The first trimester spans from the first to the twelfth week.
  • During these three months, the fetus begins to develop.
  • During this stage, the cow’s uterus muscles become relaxed.
  • This helps to keep the calf protected inside.
  • It is possible that during the first 21 days, the cow could experience an unexpected abortion.
  • However, once 42 days lapse the chances of such an incident drop drastically to just 6%.
  • Hence, it’s very important to make sure the cow is taken care of and observed well during this initial period.


Stage 2

  • This phase spans until the 26th week of pregnancy.
  • This is a critical period, especially when it comes to the availability of nutrients that the cow can offer to nourish its little one.
  • This affects the healthy development of the calf, as well as the possibility of birthing issues or unsuccessful labor.


Stage 3

  • Starting from the 27th week until the end of the cow’s pregnancy, this is the last trimester.
  • The fetus will grow at a more rapid rate.
  • As a result, there will be a considerable increase in nutrients and supplements needed.
  • In fact, 70% of the calf’s development takes place during this period.
  • A newborn healthy calf can weigh anywhere between 50lbs to 100lbs.
  • The principal part of the birthing procedure is cervical expansion, which can last between 2 and 6 hours.
  • It is normal for the cow to be somewhat unsettled during this time.
  • The birth generally takes between half an hour to two hours.


How soon after calving can a cow get pregnant again?

  • On average a cow can be bred again (through artificial insemination or natural service) after about 60 days on average, but your cows may take 90 days or longer to come in heat again after calving.
  • Because of the length of gestation, cow calves, only have about 80 days to become pregnant again in order to calve again within 12 months
  • How soon a cow can get pregnant again after calving depends greatly on how soon the cow comes to heat again.
  • This is largely determined by the breed, age, condition score and feed management, and weight of the cow before and after calving.


Some key factors that impact the length of this period are:

  • Cow body condition at the time of calving.
  • Cows with a score less than 4 (on a 1-9 scale) typically have longer postpartum periods.
  • The age of cow.
  • Difficulty or stress during the calving process.
  • Proper nutrition and feed management to maximize milk production and minimize weight loss.
  • First-time cows often have longer recovery times than more mature cows.
  • In order to minimize the time between pregnancies it’s important to ensure that the cow is well cared for (good nutritional management and is well-fed) before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • This will support their expected weight loss from pregnancy, support milk production, and minimize the weight loss and recovery times of the cow.
  • Once a cow comes in heat again, she will typically be in heat on average, every 21 days.


Cattle Gestation Chart

Bovine gestation calculators and articles use a few cattle-breeding-specific words that may be difficult to understand. Let us explain all the necessary definitions


Open Cow

  • A cow that is not yet pregnant. A young cow that is not pregnant after being exposed to the bull usually lacks minerals and nutrients.
  • Open cows should also be checked for infections and if their vaccinations are up to date. Older cows that cannot get pregnant might be too old to conceive.



  • Calving is the period when cows give birth to calves.
  • A cow's pregnancy depends on multiple factors: the nutrition available, diet, body condition, age, and any difficulties or complications suffered during this calving or previous calvings.
  • The bull's ability to impregnate should also be assessed. Our cow due date calculator estimates the start of this period.


Postpartum interval period

  • The time after calving during which the cow cannot get pregnant.
  • The postpartum interval is longer for younger cows that gave birth for the first time.
  • The average duration of this period is equal to 50-60 days.
  • Calving complications also prolong the postpartum period. This beef gestation calculator computes the average ending date of this interval.


Pine Needles

  • Pine needles can cause abortions among cattle.
  • There's a need to separate cows in late pregnancy from every part of a pine tree.



Overall Cow Gestation Calculator or Cow Pregnancy Due Date Calculator will give you the pregnancy date of your cattle. Check More Pet And Animal Related Calculators on Drlogy Calculator to get the exact solution for your questions.



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