100+ Best Male Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

100+ Best Male Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

Funny Rabbit Names

If you want to find the best rabbit names for your pet, here we have the best funny rabbit names. Now you are a parent of a bunny. You are happy for a newcomer bunny or rabbit. We are happy to help you by giving the best names of rabbits.


The rabbit is a very cute and funny pet for people. Here we are suggesting some funny rabbit names that can make you laugh but also made you show your love to your pet.


Top 100 Funny Rabbit Names With Meaning

Here are the Top 100 Funny Rabbit Names with meaning.

Funny Rabbit Names Meaning
Nick Furry Famous Marvel Comics character
Mercury The god of speed
Midnight Good for a darker rabbit
Hoppy Classic rabbit’s name
Jack Short for jackrabbit
Loki A very tricky rabbit
Mad Hatter A young girl in a classic book
Maximus A tough personality
Blur Speedy rabbit
Br’er Rabbit The classic tricky rabbit
Bug-Eye Rabbits with big eyes
Chippy Means chipmunk
Hopkin A pet that reflects the hop
Senna Sounds like a common girl’s name
Daikon This big root may appear funny
Fennel This flowering carrot relative
Acai A lovely berry
Nugget Means A small chunk
Mayhem Means violent or damaging
Mopsy A clever way to create a name
Muppet The puppet characters
Nutmeg Coined from the small aromatic seed
Pancake The flat breakfast treat often served
Bon Bon small dessert in circular form
Cottontail Good choice for rabbit
Darth Vader For a dark-colored rabbit name
Dash If your rabbit is quick
Foggy Gray rabbit name
Han Solo A daring space adventurer name
Hoppy The classic rabbit’s name is a great option
Loki A very tricky rabbit
Mac Paired with another rabbit name
Nick Furry Famous Marvel Comics character
Shadow Dark-colored pet name
Sir Snuggles A distinguished and funny name like this
Raven Dark-colored rabbit name
Pouncer Rabbits that like to hop a lot
Peter The famous Peter Cottontail
Speedy For your fast rabbit
Stormy Gray or black rabbit name
Thumper The classic Bambi character
Titan To make your rabbit sound powerful
Titus Name that has some power
Woody The rabbit comes from the woodland
Zeus A powerful name for a rabbit
Tweedledee Alice in Wonderland character
Bella Good for any female pet
Buttercream Adorable of your rabbit’s coloring.
Cookie Best pet name after a sugary food
Cutie If the rabbit is adorable
Dancer A very lively nature
Elsa For Disney princesses one
Eva This name has some exotic flavor
Gloria Lovely name for your lovely rabbit
Hazel A Brown colored rabbit
Jasmine Like the gemstone
Joy Means happiness
Kanga The Winnie the Pooh character
Lady Hoppity A mix of distinction and silliness
Lovebug Cutesy names and fun for rabbit
Luna Means moon
Magnolia One is good for your lovely pet
Misty For a gray or white rabbit
Nutmeg If your rabbit has some brown fur
Peaches For lighter-colored rabbits
Pixie The air of clean and whimsy
Poptart Funny, silly food names
Powder For white rabbits like snow powder
Princess Lovely pet the name of royalty
Reba Sounds like “rabbit
Rosie Well name for pets
Rosy Rabbits with rosy faces
Trixie Magical sounding name
Velvet The velveteen rabbit from the classic book
Venus Means the goddess of love
Blinky The spazzy nature of many bunnies
Blake A version of “black”
Darth Vader A dark Star Wars character
Dracula Supernatural creature
Flint Stone flint is very dark
Ichabod A character from the dark tale
Johnny Cash The singer
Kylo Ren A different dark Star Wars character
Blackjack Like the weapon name
Spurs The cowboy name for a rabbit
Yoshi Fun and exotic name
Batman A Dark superhero name
Blackbeard A pirate name
Berry Short name of blackberry
Blackie Literal color name
Brownie Name For your brown bunny
Cappuccino Coffee names work really well
Carrot If its favorite food
Cashew The popular rabbit name choice
Chipmunk They are part of the rodent family
Chocolate The choice for brown rabbits
Chocolate Chip That is sweet and ideal for a brown rabbit
Coco A good one for the brown rabbit
Coffee This one is for a brown rabbit
Chowder Means Have some fun
Cinnabon Means the word “bunny”
Cinnamon The choice for light brown rabbits
Diamond Good for brighter-colored bunnies
Ears For its most distinctive feature
Floppy For floppy ears or feet
Fluffy Name for classic bunny
Forrest A strong name for a rabbit
Latte Coffee name for your rabbit
Lucky Considering lucky for you
Marshmallow Describes how fluffy your rabbit
Oreo For black and white rabbits
Pellet Good name for smaller rabbits
Pudding Sweet food name for a rabbit
Rhubarb Sounds kind of like “rabbit”
Romaine Like the lettuce


Funny Rabbit Names Female

Here are Some Best Funny Female Rabbit Names with their meaning.

Rabbit Names Meaning
Wiggles Means rabbit wiggling its ears
Zucchini So funny and adorable
Whiskers A good name for any mammal
Twix Fun food name
Snowflake A good option for a white-colored rabbit
Snowball Good for fluffy white rabbits
Pinky Cartoon rabbit name
Scruffy For a little tougher and masculine
Spikey Go with an edgy name

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Funny Rabbit Names Male

Here are some male rabbit names with meaning

Funny Rabbit Names Meaning
Troll A bit of a tougher, quirky name for a rabbit
Yoda The short Star Wars character
Guy For a smiley rabbit
Mario The video game character
Patrick A good guy and normal
Rambo Toughkind of personality
Rex A strong name
Rodeo A sense of adventure name
Sonic A good video game character name
Stone Means a strong personality


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Rabbit Names FAQ

What are Best Rabbit Names Male?

Here Are Some Best Male Rabbit Names.
1. Rhubarb
2. Romaine
3. Skittles
4. Snowball
5. Snodge

What are Good Rabbit Names Male?

Here Are Some Good Male Rabbit Names.
1. Twix
2. Whiskers
3. Wiggles
4. Zucchini
5. Brain

What are Some Cute Rabbit Names?

Here Are Some Cute Male Rabbit Names.
1. Boomer
2. Butterfingers
3. Guyno
4. Mario
5. Cowboy

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