100 Best Black Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

100 Best Black Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

Black Rabbit Names

Black rabbits are not domesticated. A black rabbit is like a wild rabbit. Rabbits are an incredible variety of colors. Popular black rabbit breeds are available to be found in the whole spectrum. Whether you find a pure black rabbit. The guide will be covering every black-haired breed.


Here we provide you with some Black Rabbit names with the meaning for your pet bunnies. We have a top Black Rabbit name with meaning for your pet. We are happy to help you find your Black Rabbit names.


Top 100 Black Rabbit Names With Meaning

Here are the Top 100 Black Rabbit Names with meaning

Black Rabbit Names Meaning
Smokey This means "filled with smoke"
Snuggles This means "cuddling and hugging closer"
Spot A small dotted rabbit name
Whiskers Inspired by the whiskers
Snowball The character of The Secret Life Of Pets
Tagalong A character in 'Robin Hood’ Movie
Thumper A character in a Disney movie
Trix It means bringer of joy and happiness
Dotty This means covered with spots on the body
Doe This means adult female pet
Cuddles This means "cuddling"
Cottontail Youngest female rabbit
Cinnamon A Greek origin
Daisy A cute flower
Chicory This means the sunflower family
Chestnut By Chester nut
Babs Foreign
Benjamin The name of the black bunny
Beatrix A Latin word that means traveler
Bean The character of The Tale Of The Bunny Picnic'
Brer Means brother
Bonbon It means sweet confection
Buck If a rabbit’s buck teeth
Bug-Ey If the rabbit has big eyes
Bugs The classic cartoon character is a bug
Chippy Short name of chipmunk
Cottontail A good choice for a literary rabbit
Darth Vader Name of dark-colored rabbit
Dash If the rabbit runs quickly
Emperor It means the bossy rabbit
Energizer Battery commercial rabbit Name
Flash Quick rabbit name
Han Solo A daring name for a black rabbit
Hare-cules Comes from the words “Hercules”
Hoppy A classic Black rabbit’s name
Jack An expression of jackrabbit
Mac If you have another rabbit named Cheese
Loki A Norse trickster god’s name
Mad Hatter A character from a classic book
Maximus Demanding name for a tough rabbit
Mercury The god of speed
Midnight A good name for a black rabbit
Nick Furry A comic character
Pouncer If rabbits hop a lot
Raven A good choice for rabbits with black color
Shadow A dark-colored pet name
Sir Snuggles Funny name for a rabbit
Speedy For your fast pet
Stormy Name of grey or black rabbit
Thomas The simple name of human for rabbit
Thunder Good choice for black rabbit
Woody A word comes from the woodland
Alice A story feature
Anna A good name
Athena Athena is the name of the goddess
Bella The popular name for a rabbit
Cinderella If your rabbit is like a princess to you
Cookie If a pet like a surgery food
Dancer If rabbits like to dance
Domino Black and white rabbit name
Eva Exotic flavor makes it a good choice
Gloria For lovely rabbit
Hazel Perfect name for a dark-colored rabbit
Jewel A great female name
Joy If your rabbit is always happy
Kanga It's a pooh character
Lovebug A Name for a cute rabbit
Nutmeg Name of brown and black rabbit
Magnolia A lovely name for a lovely pet
Poptart A silly food name
Reba Short name of the rabbit
Rosie A great female rabbit name
Snickerdoodle Adorable name for a pet
Trixie A magical-sounding name
Velvet The classic book character
Venus Venus is a goddess of love
Bigfoot If rabbit's lags are big
Brownie A good choice for black rabbit
Bunnysaurus A sound big and silly
Carrot If Your rabbit like carrot
Cappuccino A coffee name
Cashew Nut names are popular
Chocolate Choice For your sweet black rabbit
Chowder Give the name of your pet after the soup
Cinnabon Play the word of bunny
Coco A good one for the black bunny
Coffee For a black rabbit
Cotton If the bunny’s tail really well
Black Diamond Good for Darker bunny
Black Forest The good name of your black bunny
Fuzzy If you have a rabbit with soft fur
Harebrain Play the word ‘hare’
Latte A coffee name
Lucky If your pet is lucky for you
Mocha The name of furry pets
Oreo Perfect name for a black rabbit
Pellet The name of the smaller rabbit
Pudding A sweet food name
Rhubarb Its sounds kind of like “rabbit”
Romaine Like the lettuce
Figgy A fun take on a Dates
Asparagus Different names like Asper, Gus, or Perry.


Black Rabbit Names Girl

Here are Some Good Black Rabbit Names for Girls with their meaning.

Black Rabbit Names Meaning
Eostre An Anglo-Saxon moon goddess
Change Means A Chinese moon goddess
Holda A Norse goddess of the hunt
Katles A Siberian moon goddess
Wenenut An Egyptian goddess
Mopsy The Tale of Peter Rabbit book
Nelthilta In the book Watership Down
Emily It means "to excel"
Bonkers It means "crazy"


Black Rabbit Names Boy

Here are Some Black Rabbit Names of Boy With Meaning

Black Rabbit Names Meaning
Miffy The rabbit character from a series
Magic This means "enchanted"
Lavender "purple flower with a pleasing fragrance"
Lepus Lattin meaning rabbit
Lilac A Flower name
Lily A pretty flower name
Judy Hopps The name of ‘Zootopia' rabbit cop
Kani Simply Means rabbit
Hodge-Podge A character Of 'Bloom County Comics'
Ginger This means a tan-colored spice
Bun Short name of the bunny
Freckles Means spotted
Flopsy A female rabbit name
Hop A dance called the bunny hop


White And Black Rabbit Names

Here Are Some White And Black Rabbit Names With Meaning

White and Black Rabbit Names Meaning
Wenet The Hare Goddess Wenet
Binky A field full of beans
StellaLou A popular Rabbit in Tokyo
Rabbid The Latin name of the rabbit
Pumpkin Greek Name of rabbit
Hare Featured in the story
Nutbrown Means dark brown
Nibbles It Means light snacks
Mr. Bun A brown stuffed rabbit
Mopsy The oldest sister of 'Peter Rabbit


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Rabbit Names FAQ

What are Unique Black  Rabbit Names?

Here Are Some Unique Black Rabbit Names.
1. Eva Earlong
2. Francine
3. Grace
4. Haystack
5. Henry

What are Good Black Rabbit Names?

Here Are Some Good Black Rabbit Names.
2.Judy Hopps

What are Some Best Black Rabbit names?

Here Are Some Best Black Rabbit Names.
4.Roger Rabbit

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