100 Best Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

100 Best Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

Rabbit Names

If you are having a rabbit or bunny as a pet then it's cool. In this article, we are giving you the best rabbit names for your new rabbit or bunny. The rabbits have powerful legs for hopping. They have 4 toes on their hind feet so they can easily jump high.


Bunnies have 5 toes in their front paws. Rabbits can reach speeds of 35 to 45 miles per hour. Rabbits are furry mammals with long ears. They have two peg teeth.


Small rabbits weight under 0.9 to 2.7 kg. Rabbits are found vary in color and size, weight ranging from 0.5 to 7 kg depending on the breeds of rabbits.


Top 100 Rabbit Names With Meaning

Here are the Top 100 rabbit names with meaning

Rabbit Names Meaning
Bunny Another name for rabbit
Anamcha Means one of high spirits
Kamaye Means happiness
Kamil Means perfect
Mathias A gift from God
Shaka Means respected leader
Aleksi Protector of the land
Javeria One who is full of light
Enzo He who runs the home
Oscar Means devoted friend
Gonzy Motivated at highest
Peter Benjamin Bunny
Fiver Hero of Watership Down
Gandalf The Lord of the Rings
Skippy Name inspired by Disney
Bugs The old name of the rabbit
Roger A popular rabbit in 80s movie
Velveteen The Velveteen Rabbit in 1922
Aslan Male lionhead rabbit
Dumbo Take his name from Disney’s
Rocky Name of a cinema character
Houdini Natural escape artists
Columbus Who discovered America
Boogie If a rabbit loves dance
Digger If rabbit love to dig
Energizer Rabbit has boundless energy
Pac-Man Video game character
Attila the Bun Rabbits can be wrecking crews
Carrot Top orange or ginger fur has rabbit
Guinness A white rabbit with blackmarks
Whiskey Mature and refined with age
Caesar Caesar is a salad
Snickerdoodle Cute name of make rabbit
Strudel Name that rolls off the tongue
Sprite Small, nimble rabbits
Pumpkin Rabbits love to eat pumpkin
Yoda Adorable for a miniature rabbit
Bunnysaurus Rex Build your rabbit’s confidence
Angel For your perfection
Aurora A Disney princess
Goldie Perfect for a stunning
Goldie Golden-furred bunny
Honey Sweet like a loveable bunny
Binky A baby’s dummy
Bon Bon Sweets’ in French
Jellybean Sweet and fun
Buddy Pet who is like a best friend
Carrot The classic bunny food
Chubby Perfect for a cute, round bunny
Petal The most beautiful part of the flower
Cowslip A type of primrose flower
Daffodil A beautiful, spring flower
Easter Based on the ‘Easter Bunny’
Twinkle Means cute and fun
Yogi after fictional
Yogi Cartoon bear ‘Yogi Bear’
Astro Relating to the stars or celestial objects
Mullido Spanish for ‘fluffy’ and ‘soft’
Elmer The patchwork elephant
Enzo The short name of Lorenzo’
Etoile French for ‘star’
Fenek ‘Bunny’ in Maltese
Figaro A Parisian newspaper
Oslo Capital of Norway
Othello One of Shakespeare’s heroes
Fofo ‘Cute’ and ‘fluffy’ in Portuguese
Lindo Spanish for ‘cute’
Loki The trickster god of Norse mythology
Luigi Mario’s sidekick
Rylee An Irish name meaning ‘courageous’
Magoo After the cartoon character Mr Magoo
Waikiki A neighborhood in Hawaii
Zephyr Meaning a soft, gentle breeze
Mignonne French for ‘cute’
Zimba A town in Zambia
Whiskers The cutest part of a bunny
Rabbit de Niro After Robert de Niro
Hot Cross Bun An Easter favorite
Hopscotch A bunny’s favorite playground game
Hoptimist For a happy-go-lucky bunny!
Hip Hop If a bunny’s favorite dance style is hip hop
Helena Bunham Carter After actress ‘Helena Bonham Carter
Flopsy Mopsy Rhyming names are always funny!
Ears McKenzie Perfect for a big-eared rabbit!
Mein Hare A pun on the song ‘Mein Herr’
Barack O’Bunny After the former US President
March Means Alice In Wonderland
Bun Bun From the ‘Sluggy Freelance’ comic strip
Fiver Intelligent rabbit from ‘Watership Down
Velveteen The main character in ‘The Velveteen Rabbit
Fluffy The name of musician Kate
Wolpertinger A flying, antlered rabbit
Arianna Means dark one
Black Beauty Well-known Classic novel and film
Nero Black’ in Italian
Ninja Known for wearing dark clothes
Oscuro ‘Dark’ in Spanish
Preto Portuguese for ‘black
Sauda Means dark and beautiful
Darth Vader The Dark Father from ‘Star Wars’
Duana An Irish name meaning ‘dark’
Schwarz German for ‘black’
Duana An Irish name meaning ‘dark’
Sirius Black Hero from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise
Tamisra She who is full of darkness
Foncé ‘Dark’ in French
Knight For the noblest of bunnies
Bear Cute and cuddly
Little Gem A type of a bunny’s favorite food
Blaze Exciting and fiery!
Oliver The classic boys name
Rocket For a fun-loving buck
Draco From the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise
Romeo Paired with ‘Juliet’
Elvis After the classic ‘King of Rock’
Forest Wild and adventurous
Homer Everyone’s favorite Simpson
Snowy For a pretty, white American Rabbit
Tabitha ‘Tabby’ for short
Cassidy ‘Cass’ for short
Buttercup A beautiful flower
Felicity Fliss’ for short’
Hermione The heroine in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise
Sandy For a sandy-colored Mini Lop
Cookie A sweet treat
Blossom Stunning flower petals
Ginger A cute name for a red-furred bunny
Willow For a beautiful, laid-back rabbit
Gypsy For a wild, adventurous bunny
Rini Means “little bunny”
Chibiusa Means “Sailor Moon”
Clover Means “key”
Zajac Means “hare”
Kanni When It feels casual and fun
Tochtli For its unique and magical spirit
Tu’er The Chinese Rabbit God
Arledge Means “the dweller of rabbit lake”
Harlan Means “land of the hare”
Tazia Means ‘one who will be reborn’
Oona Means ‘lamb’
Luna Means "moon"
Eloise Means "healthy; wide"


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Funny Rabbit Names

Here are Some Funny Rabbit Names

Fruity Strawberry, Lemon like fruit personality
Candy Skittles, Marshmallow
Spice Salt, Pepper
Cookies Chocolate Chip
Desserts Sherbet, Strudel
Snacks Popcorn, Chips, pretzels
Condiments Pickles, Mustard
Soups Minestrone, Chowder
Vegetable Carrot, Pumpkin, Radish
Drinks Mocha, Latte


Female Rabbit Names

Here are Some Best Female Rabbit Names

Rabbit Names Meaning
Acacia Means immortality
Anastasia Means anastasis
Easter Means eastern and german
Evangeline Means good news
Tazia Means ‘one who will be reborn’.
Oona Means ‘lamb’.
April Means opening
Ash Means easter


Male Rabbit Names

Here are some best male rabbit names.

Rabbit Names Meaning
Arledge Means dweller at the rabbit lake
Bunny Means ‘cute little rabbit’
Usagi Means Japanese origin
Sikyatavo Means yellow rabbit
Leveret Means young rabbit
Shash Mean share
Hare English origin and meaning ‘rabbit’
Caldwell Means ‘cold spring’
Joseph Means increase
Pascal Means relating to Easter


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Rabbit Names FAQ

What are Some Cute Rabbit Names?

Here Are Some Cute Male Rabbit Names.
1. Boomer
2. Butterfingers
3. Guyno
4. Mario
5. Cowboy

What are Some Unique Rabbit Names?

Here are 5 best Unique Rabbit Names. 

What are Good Rabbit Names?

Here are 5 Good Rabbit Names. 
1. Oliver

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