10 Things To Know About Long Haired Black Kitten Before Adopting

10 Things To Know About Long Haired Black Kitten Before Adopting

Long Haired Black Kitten

If a long haired black kitten crosses your path, you might assume it is a witch's familiar or a bad omen, but there is much more to the black cat. Here are some facts about Long Haired Black Kitten to know before adopting so you can stay away from superstition like this


10 Best Reason For Long Haired Black Kitten Adoption

Here are the 10 Best Reason For Long Haired Black Kitten Adoption.


1. The most typical feline coat color is black

  • Have you encountered more than one long haired black kitten?
  • Black is really the most prevalent coat color for cats, thus it is not a bug in the system.
  • Black kittens have a dominant gene that produces melanin, the pigment required to produce their dark fur.
  • A kitten gets two copies of each gene, one from each parent. The cat is black if one of these genes codes for black hair
  • The genetics of cat coat color does allow for a wide variety of fur colors.
  • Cats with black coats may chase their prey more covertly and blend better into the night.
  • It's possible that this genetic advantage made black kittens healthier.


2. People Are More Likely to Adopt Black Cats

  • You may have heard the myth that black kittens are less likely to be adopted than their fair-coated counterparts.
  • This is not always the case, however, as long haired black kitten are more common than not and older superstitions surrounding them have faded with time, encouraging more adoptions.
  • Black kittens tend to have more coats than other colors, therefore more of them end up in animal shelters, which leads to disproportionately more adoptions.
  • Unfortunately, due to their high shelter intake, long haired black kitten are put to death more frequently than cats with any other color of fur.
  • In the end, adopting long haired black kitten is always a smart move because it might save their lives.


3. Black cats can rust in the sun

  • It's possible that your hair will lighten if you spend the summer by the pool.
  • A long haired black kitten can have light red or orange highlights in their fur when they spend a lot of time in the sun due to the similar lightning effect.
  • The pigment in the fur is removed by the sun, which lightens it.
  • Since fur is made of keratin, it will remain brilliant until it is gone.


4. Finding an all-black kitten is unusual

  • While it is true that some cats are entirely black, this is very unusual.
  • Most long haired black kitten have some other color in their paw pads, whiskers, or sporadic hair patches.
  • Deep in the skin, whisker hairs are dense sensory hair follicles.
  • It is common for cats to lose their whiskers, and new ones frequently sprout in different hues.
  • The color of a cat's paw pads frequently matches that of its fur.
  • Pink toes are more common in lighter-furred cats than black or gray toes are in darker-furred cats.
  • Pink or white patches are more common on the paws of black cats with some white hair markings.


5. Famous black cats

From Bagheera the black panther in The Jungle Book to Luna the black cat in Sailor Moon, famous felines have been made prominent through movies.

Long haired black kitten in live action that stole the show include:

  • In Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Salem (1996-2003)
  • Hocus Pocus' Thackery Binx (1993)
  • In Star Trek, Isis (1966-1969)


Other black cats have become celebrities, besides those from the silver screen, like:

  • India was the official White House cat during George W. Bush's administration. India was a beautiful all-black American Shorthair that lived to be 18 years old.
  • The costliest cat in the world, Blackie, received a $12.5 million inheritance from his owner, British antique trader Ben Rea, who passed away in 1988.
  • In 2009, Scar the Bionic Cat became the first cat in the world with two double-rear prosthetic legs.


6. Black cats always have yellow eyes

  • The same genetic factors that affect a cat's fur color also affect the color of their eyes.
  • Irises of long haired black kitten are likewise impacted by the same pigment (melanin) that affects their fur. Irises with yellow/gold, orange/copper, or green pigment are most common in black kittens.
  • The eyes of the breed known as the Bombay Cat are frequently in the gold or copper spectrum. Other breeds of black cats are more inclined to have lighter eyes.
  • Like newborn humans, kittens typically have blue eyes when they are born, but as they become older, their iris colors shift.


7. Existing Black Cat Breeds

  • While several cat breeds might have black coats, only the Bombay Cat has a glossy black coat as part of its standard.
  • As a cross between the Burmese and American Shorthair, this breed was developed in the 1950s.
  • Due to their exotic good looks, glossy black coats, and brilliant copper-orange eyes, Bombay cats are sometimes known as "parlor panthers."

Other black cat breeds are:

  • Sphinx
  • Persian
  • Ragamuffin
  • Highland Fold
  • Rex Selkirk
  • English Curl
  • United States Bobtail
  • Chantilly-Tiffany


8. Mystical fur

  • Put on your lab coats because the genetic mutation that causes a cat's fur to be black also protects them against certain diseases, according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health.
  • In light of the fact that cats suffer from many of the same diseases as humans do, including Alzheimer's and cancer, researchers are hopeful that learning more about these interesting felines will one day aid in the fight against these diseases.
  • A coat that not only makes black kittens (and possibly us) feel well but also looks attractive is impressive.


9. Cash Cat

  • By receiving a 10 million euro bequest from his owner Maria Assunta, Tommaso entered the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Before being saved by his beloved owner, this black cat was a stray living on the streets of Rome. A real "rags to riches" story!


10. Fortunate in love

  • Despite the prevalence of cultural caricatures about single women and cats, such as the "crazy cat lady," there are some cultures where it is truly thought that owning a black cat will enhance your love life and draw in suitors.
  • Just be sure to take off all of the black fur from your attire before the real date!


Long Haired Black Kitten Fun Facts

  • In the past, fishermen and sailors thought that having a black kitten on board would bring good luck and ensure a safe voyage (with the added benefit of fewer rats).
  • Additionally, women fishermen would keep black kittens at home in the hope that they would ensure their husbands' safe return from the sea.
  • A far more pleasant traveling companion than a chatty parrot, don't you think?


History of Black Cats

  • Black kittens have had a significant historical impact. They were employed in ancient Egypt to keep mice out of food storage facilities.
  • It was believed that the goddess Bastet would bring luck to those who kept cats.
  • Bastet, a fertility goddess, and hybrid of a black cat and a woman warrior god, guarded the pharaoh.
  • Early 19th-century British and Irish seamen thought black cats were lucky omens and could shield ships from perilous weather.
  • On board, they were also skilled at eliminating rats.


Lucky Kitty

  • All cats, particularly black cats, were revered and regarded as sacred in ancient Egypt.
  • The goddess Bastet, who was frequently shown as a female with a black cat's head, was closely related to domestic cats.
  • Every home and temple had at least one cat because people believed cats might bring luck to their homes and families.
  • Poor, lonely women frequently took care of and fed The Witching Hour Cats; as a result, they were accused of witchcraft and earned a negative reputation.
  • Due to their capacity to remain undetected in shadowy areas, black cats were thought to be particularly attractive partners for witches.
  • As the number of witch hunts increased, many myths concerning uniformly black felines began to emerge.
  • Now that we are less concerned about witchcraft, those gorgeous black kittens may rest easy.



It's commonly known that dark-haired cats have a lengthy (and unfair) myth-filled past, frequently and Halloween.The only thing these sleek, enigmatic cats have going against them is not having a pet to call their own.



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Cat Hair FAQ

Why do black kittens have golden eyes?

True onyx-hued cats have a high level of melanin production because of their genetic make up. Their eyes are a mesmerizing amber color, which is an incredibly uncommon eye color in humans, and their coats are black thanks to this pigment. Definitely a sight for sore eyes.

What is a Bombay cat?

Up to 22 recognized breeds can have solid black coloring, but the Bombay cat is the only all-black feline. The breed was created in the 1950s by mating black American Shorthairs with Sable Burmese in an effort to produce a cat that looked like a small black panther.

Why are there faint lines on black kittens after they bask in the sun?

After spending the afternoon soaking up the sun, your black cat may start to develop very faint stripes if they carry the tabby gene. Their dormant tabby color is revealed when the sun's rays disintegrate the pigment in their fur.

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