Best 111 Cool Cat Names With Meaning Based on Personality

Best 111 Cool Cat Names With Meaning Based on Personality

Cool Cat Names

As for cool it's more an attitude, a type of behavior, OCD Personality, the ability to be independent, or a display of self-confidence than single confidence. Start with cool boy cat names! maybe he’ll twitch when he hears them.


Best 111 Cool Cat Names Boy

Imagine the reaction of your cat when you call him by these names.

Cool Boy Cat Names Meaning Of Cat Name
Frick Meaning of joy
Phoenix City Of Arizona
Ace A Playing Card Name
Fox Carnivorous Mammal
lggy Australian Wrapper
Bane Making someone happy
Sahar Dessert
Finn Getting Someone to ready
Taz Meaning of crown
Mochi Musical Artist
Ranger It's a brand of motor vehicle
Wizard A man who has a magic power
Kazi A Civil Judge
Bovie A Brand name of An instruments
Rex Meaning of joy
Bomber Lies in wait to attack you
Boss Likes his own way
Bouncer He Doesn't Walk from the room
Diablo The Devil
Mr. T A bouncer Turned Actor
Rowdy Boisterous
Sonic Beyond The Speed Of Sound
Anzac Brave Australian Troop
Columbus Explorer who Discovered Americans
Einstein Brilliant scientist
Patton Military Hero
DaVinci Renesse Artist
Moses Led the Jews out of Egypt
Aslan The lion from Chronicles of Narnia
Atlas Means shoulders.
Bilbo The main character from the Hobbit
Gandalf The Wizard in lord of the ring
Indy Indiana Jones
Ash Gray powder 
Badger Small black mammal
Blanco Spanish for white
Cadbury Brand of chocolate
Caspar Ghost cartoon character
Copper A reddish-brown metal
Espresso A dark roast of coffee
Freckles Small Brown spot on the skin
Licorice Black colored candy
Nigel Black-haired
Darth Character from Star Wars
Oreo Chocolate cookie with a white filling
Patch Shield wore over one eye
Pirate Name patch is often associated with pirates or thieves
Flynn Son of the red-haired one
Hamish Braveheart's loyal
Tabasco Spicy sauce made from red peppers
Chip Meaning as in chocolate chip
Chester Menas a Linkin Park
Amadeus Means a Wolf gang 
Chopin Frederic Chopin
Cash Johnny Cash's song "A Boy Name Sue
Axl Guns N' Roses
Mack  Bobby daring song
Louis Louis Armstrong
Frank Frank Sinatra
Bing Crosby Bing Crosby
Devo 80s band Devo
Elton Elton John
Biggie Notorious B.I.G.
Amaru Tupac Shakur
Kung Fu Kenny Kendrick Lamar
Bob Meowrly Bob Marley
Elvis Elvis Presley
Lennon The Beatles
The Boss Bruce Springsteen
Lennox Eurythmics member Annie Lennox
Liam Strong Willed warrior
Noah Rest
Elijah Old Testament of the Bible
Ethan A firm
Aiden little fire
Carter a person who drives a cart
Wyatt Brave at war


Cool Cat Names Girl

If you’re bringing a sweet kitten into your home, give her a name that’s as adorable as she is.

Cool female Cat Names Meaning Of Cat Name
Alisa Given to a happy cat
Angie Short for the angel
Ariel like a lion
Athena Named after a Greek goddess
Bea Means traveler
Brio Means a cuddly gray cat
Chip Coined from the popular cartoon character
Izzy It means full of surprises
Lali Means darling girl
Leia A cat that loves to be independent
Lois Means a warrior
Mint with green eyes and grey
Moana From the popular animated movie
Moose A nice name for a restless cat
Princess Elsa Means a famous princess who froze everything into silvery ice
Rella A suitable name for a royal grey cat
Roxie A name for a wild gray cat.
Sasha A name for a feisty cat
Talia The name was given to portray the divine origin
Tate The name was given to a cheerful cat
Annie famous redhead.
Ariel cool name for a female cat
Cayenne A spice
Clementine Name for sweet and juicy cats
Copper Colour of a metal orange
Daphne For a female cat
Daredevil  pretty much
Dono Donovan’s orange hair
Fiona Princess Fiona from the Shrek series
Griffin Named after Kathy Griffin the red
Isla Isla Fisher
Ivy Wedding Crashers
Ladybug Name for a female cat
Lucille Ball For female cats just like Lucille Ball
Mad Hatter Orange-haired like a wonderland
Maizy decorative dry corn in the fall
Mayo Thousand Island dressing
Merida Great name for an orange cat
Molly Ringwald Given to popular or favorite cats
Nectar cool name for a female orange cat
April Latin name that denotes opening or 4th
Cassie A diminutive form of Cassandra
Coco Means chocolate bars 
Cruella Some cats can be mischievous most times
Dotty This means gift of God
Esme Spotty cat dearly
Ginny Diminutive form of Virginia
Iris Means colorful or rainbow
Jen English name that denotes fair phantom
Lexi Diminutive form of Alexis or Alexander
Lori American name that means laurel
Maida This Armenian name means maiden
Minnie Minnie means of the sea or bitter
Mississippi Native American origin.
Nell Female English name that means light
Quinn Means a descendant of Conn
Sophie Perfect for a wise kitty
Tess Another English name that means harvester
Winnie Diminutive form of Winifred
Lily White flower female cat
Misty Means ethereal quality
Ororo X-Men character Storm
Luna Traditionally, angels dressed in white
Snow White Describes many white cats
Elsa Disney princess loves ice and snow
Bianca It means white in Spanish
China If you love china then a cat reminds you of fine china
Daisy Pretty as the white flower


How to Choose a cat Name male or female

Are you a fan of a particular Artist or player? Maybe you are an enthusiastic Artist and want to name your cat after your most loved artist, Vermeer; for example.


Cool Cat Names For Grey cats
  1. Breezy
  2. Captain
  3. Chrome
  4. Cinder or Cinderella
  5. Cirrus
  6. Cosima
  7. Dawn
  8. Delphine
  9. Disco (for a party cat!)
  10. Dorian (as in Dorian Gray)
  11. Dusty
  12. Earl Grey
  13. Edie (of Gray Gardens)
  14. Ella (short for Cinderella)
  15. Eloise
  16. Ezra
  17. Fae
  18. Floyd (meaning “gray” in Welsh)
  19. Fox
  20. Fritz
  21. Gandalf
  22. Mika
  23. Misha
  24. Boris
  25. Ivan
  26. Mishka
  27. Yuri
  28. Katya
  29. Kisa
  30. Nika
  31. Marina
  32. Anya
  33. Pepper
  34. Stella
  35. Smokey
  36. Ash
  37. Goose
  38. Angel
  39. Cosmo
  40. Thor
  41. Sage
  42. Merlin
  43. Violet
  44. Mouse
  45. Iris
  46. Phoenix
  47. Bubbles
  48. Opal
  49. Rocket
  50. River
  51. Daphne
  52. Venus
  53. Sterling
  54. Winter
  55. Skye
  56. Comet
  57. Magic
  58. Emily
  59. Diamond
  60. Thunder
  61. Dawn
  62. Delphine
  63. Disco (for a party cat!)
  64. Dorian (as in Dorian Gray)
  65. Dusty
  66. Earl Grey
  67. Edie (of Gray Gardens)
  68. Ella (short for Cinderella)
  69. Eloise
  70. Ezra
  71. Fae
  72. Floyd (meaning “gray” in Welsh)
  73. Fox
  74. Fritz
  75. Gandalf
  76. Grace or Gracie
  77. Grady
  78. Grayson
  79. Griffin
  80. Guthrie (Scottish for “windy spot”)
  81. Heather
  82. Hurricane
  83. Hyacinth
  84. Juno
  85. Kai (Hawaiian for “sea”)
  86. Lady Grey
  87. Lavender
  88. Lilac
  89. Lloyd (meaning “gray” in Welsh)
  90. Lux
  91. Mab (the fairy queen)
  92. Meeko
  93. Mercury (feel free to add “Freddie” for superstar power)
  94. Miku (Japanese f
  95. Akemi
  96. Ari
  97. Erconia
  98. Coby
  99. Rain
  100. Elijah


If you’re adding a kitten or have adopted a new cat or any pet to your family, our articles will help you to find funny and cool cat names to whole pet care-related tips. Visit Drlogy Pets for detailed information in the pet care domain.


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Cat Names FAQ

What are Good Cool Cat Names?

Here are the Top 5 Good Cool Cat Names

1. Akira means simply bright and bold cat personality.
2. Ari means lion kind of personality in Hebrew.
3. Daiki means great glory in cat personality.
4. Dustin means thor’s stone in marvel universe movies.
5. Edward means wealthy guardian.

What are Unique Cool Cat Names?

Here are the Top 5 Unique Cool Cat Names

1. Harley means wild-spirited cat personality.
2. Indra means thunder-like of cat personality.
3. Kylie means graceful or beautiful cat personality.
4. Loki means a sneaky type of cat personality.
5. Trapper means wild-like of beast personality.

What are the Best Cool Cat Names?

Here are Top 5 Best Cool Cat Names
1. Blazer is perfect for a fiery cat personality.
2. Ginger is perfect for a classic spicy cat personality.
3. Fajita name perfect for sizzling cat personality.
4. Scully name best for intelligent and funny cat nature.
5. Bernie will sound best for bold personality.

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