100 Best Cute Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

100 Best Cute Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

Cute Rabbit Names

Rabbits are most popular for becoming house pets. They eat plants because they are herbivores. New Born Baby Rabbit is Known as Bunny until they grow up. The Rabbit can live to be 10 years old. Rabbits are eager for foragers.


Here we recommend some of the good and cute rabbit names you can use.


Top 100 Cute Rabbit Names With Meaning

Here are the top 100 cute rabbit names with meaning.

Cute Rabbit Names Meaning
Lucky Means good fortune
Finn Means fair
Teddy Means teddy
Caleb Means whole-hearted
Milo Means dear or beloved
Benny Means blessed
Coco Means chocolate bean
Harley Means meadows
Shadow Means shade from the sun
Rusty Means red-headed
Boon Means good
Beau Means handsome
Harley Means meadow
Charlie Means free man
Austin Means majestic
Binky Means a field full of beans
Blossoms Meaning blooming
Bonbon Meaning sweet confection
Bonkers Means crazy
Brer Means brother
Weather Means cloud
Flowers Means daisy, rose, daffodil
Plants Means clover, fern, Ivy, chive
Gems Means Diamond, Topaz, Opal, Pearl, Ruby
Metals Means Copper, Silver, Gold
Trees Means Aspen, Willow, Juniper
Stars Means Betelgeuse, Rigel, Antares
Seasons Means Summer, Spring, Winter.
Frolic Who likes to play and happily run
Hopper Description of just about any rabbit.
Twitch Your rabbit is twitching their ears.
Stompy A rabbit will stomp their back feet
Binky This means A rabbit will be “binky.
Scamper This means the nimble and playful rabbit
Muggsy Means small but hope super-high
Grasshopper Means Like rabbits, grasshoppers
Clumsy Means For the uncoordinated rabbit
Chomper Means Not for the tentative nibbler.
Bobbin Means like a boxer.
Popcorn Means Kernels of popcorn “hop”
Cloud Means a light, fluffy bunny,
Floppy Perfect description of the bunny's ears.
Sally Suit your royal lady rabbit.
Zora Means dawn.
Aesop Means An ancient Greek storyteller
Ruby Means Perfect Rabbit
Angel Means grace and beauty
Ringo Ringo Starr of The Beatles
Annie Means beautiful and worthy
Bella Means pretty white flower
Daisy Means floppy-eared rabbit.
Xavier Means a new house or bright
Holly Your life around the holidays
Fiona Means white or fair
Cindy Hopper Means Time After Time
Felton It means soft and velvety rabbit
Babs The main character of the TV
Benny Common with Oscar the Grouch.
Fabio Moonlights as a romance novel
Harvey A 6-foot-tall, invisible rabbit.
Lucy Suits a mischievous female rabbit
Evie Means life or to live
Farah It means Charlie’s Angels
Felicity A state of happiness
David Hasselhop Baywatch star David Hasselhoff
Colella Origins meaning ‘rabbit
Buffy TV show Buffy the vampire slayer.
Frank Appearing throughout the film
Harry A punny name for a “hairy”
Sandi or Sandy Bunny loves the beach.
Marilyn Munroe A punny homage to the classic.
Houdini Houdini was noted for illusions.
Bubba A term of affection for a loved
Felicity A pleasing manner or quality
Humphrey Film icon Humphrey Bogart.
Misty Remind you of a morning mist.
Bucky Comic book hero
Dobbs A rare name for baby boys
Potter Harry Potter movie character
Lola Lola Bunny was a tough-talking
Roosevelt The Roosevelt family
Gainsboro Word for a light shade of gray
Ash Just like sand
Strawberry Your rabbit’s favorite snack
Blue A huge fan of Beyonce
Raven Your rabbit’s fur is black
Cocoa The basic building block of chocolate
Acorn A bunny with golden brown fur.
Daffodil A sweet-smelling flower
Turquoise Means precious stone
Charcoal Color might describe your rabbit.
Brownie Brown-colored rabbit.
Azul Spanish word for the color rabbit
Ruby This means July’s birthstone
Sage An aromatic evergreen shrub
Amber The color of your rabbit’s eyes
Caramel Sweet and light brown in color
Licorice A fun name for your black bunny
Oreo For a black and white bunny
Fruity Personality like fruits
Alula Means the first leap
Beatrix Means bringer of joy
Bernice Means one who brings victory
Bunny Means Cute little rabbit
Arledge Means dweller at the rabbit lake
Coello Meaning rabbit
Leveret Meaning young rabbit
Shash Meaning ‘hare’ or ‘rabbit’.
Sikyatavo Meaning ‘yellow rabbit’.
Usagi Japanese meaning rabbit
Arley From the rabbit meadow
Buffy Meaning ‘little rabbit’
Coella Galacian meaning ‘rabbit
Lulu American meaning ‘rabbit’.
Muyal Indian meaning ‘rabbit’
Caldwell Means cold spring
Joseph Means increase
Jesus A common Easter name
Nicodemus A secret follower of Jesus.
Pascal Means relating to Easter.
April Means opening.
Arledge “The dweller of rabbit lake
Rini Little bunny in Japanese
Chibiusa Means Sailor Moon
Clover Means key
Zajac Slavic name hare
Tochtli Creatures have magical spirits.
Kanni The Finnish name for a rabbit
Nodin This means wind
Nayati Means he who wrestles
Nova This means new
Nuka Means younger brother
Takoda Means friend to everyone
Tauri Means young eagle
Tokala Means fox
Wayra Means gust of wind.
Wiyot - Means river
Nahele Means forest
Nodin Means wind
Ameyalli Means fountain
Awena Means sunrise
Chardon Means sand bar
Chetan Means hawk
Chimalus Means bluebird.
Citali Means star
Citana It means star in the sky


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Girl Cute Rabbit Names

Here are some cute rabbit names for girls.

Rabbit Names Meaning
Chestnut Chester nut
Chicory A flower name from the sunflower family
Cinnabun Delicious cinnamon buns
Cinnamon Brown spice
Cottontail Means Peter Rabbit
Cuddles Cuddling
Daisy The name of a cute flower
Doe Adult female pet
Dotty Covered with spots on the body
Emily To excel


Boy Cute Rabbit Names

Here are some cute boy rabbit names.

Rabbit Names Meaning
Mopsy Cute kind of rabbit.
Mr. Bouncer A rabbit featured in the Harry Potter books
Mr. Bun 'Calvin & Hobbes Comics
Nibbles Light snacks
Nutbrown Dark brown
Harried Story 'Guess How Much I Love You'
Pumpkin Orange colored vegetable
Rabbid The 'Raving Rabbids' video game series
StellaLou A bright purple ballerina rabbit in Tokyo
Smokey Filled with smoke


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Rabbit Names FAQ

What are the Most Popular Cute Rabbit Names?

Here are Top 5 Most Popular Rabbit Names.
 1. Snowball
 2. Tagalong
 3. Thumper
 4. Trix 
 5. Velveteen

What are Some Unique Cute Rabbit Names?

Here are some unique cute rabbit names with meaning.
1. Whiskers
2. Wenet 
3. Snuggles
4. Smokey
5. Miffy

What are the most common cute rabbit names?

Here are most common cute rabbit names with meaning.
1. Binky
2. Buck
3. Bugs
4. Buster
5. Bunnicula

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