100 Best Girl Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

100 Best Girl Rabbit Names With Meaning For Any Bunny

Girl Rabbit Names

The gender of a rabbit determines its personality and also determines habits. Girl rabbits will spend time staying inside with the baby rabbits. The Girl Rabbit is stronger than Boy Rabbit.


Here we provide you with some Girl Rabbit names with the meaning for your pet bunnies. We have a top Girl Rabbit name with meaning for your bunnies. We are happy to help you find your Girl Rabbit names.


Top 100 Girl Rabbit Names With Meaning

Here are the Top 100 Girl Rabbit Names with meaning.

Girl Rabbit Names Meaning
Bunny American meaning little rabbit
Evangeline Means cheerful
Oona Means ‘lamb’
Tazia This means who will be reborn
Zucchini Adorable name
Twix Childish funny personality
Wiggles If your rabbit wiggling its ears
Whiskers Name of mammal
Snowflake Name of white rabbit
Snowball Name of fluffy white rabbit
Pinky A Cartoon name
Spikey An edgy name for a rabbit
Scruffy For little and masculine rabbit name
Willow the wonderful look of a rabbit
Peaches An adorable name
Sprinkles Name is celebrated by kids
Sunny Means sunshine in your life
Maggie This means rabbit is a precious jewel
Snowy Excellent for white rabbits
Lilly A flower name
Flower If your rabbit nature is making you smile
Sugar For a sweet rabbit
Binky Means a playful rabbit
Smoochie If that smothers you with kisses.
Snuggles Like to be held and hugged
Nibbles A rabbit which eat their food correctly
Dasher If she can’t remain still
Nudger If a rabbit continually touches you for attention
Jitterbug Shyer than others
Venus Name of the Roman goddess
Eden If your pet linked with delight
Sherah One of the family
Ostara Name of the Pagan goddesses
Shakti Meaning of Energy
Freya The Norse goddess's name
Athena Name of the Greek goddess of wisdom
Shiloh Means peace
Neveah A popular girl’s name
Romily A current French name
Acacia Means noble
Rayne Means powerful
Aiko Japanese Meaning“precious little one”
Nakita means “triumphant”
Selig Means sanctified
Maelona Means eternal princess
Shuchun A fair and innocent
Khaleesi The character of a successful show
Katniss The Hunger Games character
Miffy The rabbit hero of a series
Moneypenny Most committed female name
Tinkerbell An adorable lady rabbit name
Lola A character from a children’s movie
Nala Character in the movie The Lion King
Flopsy Sister of peter rabbit in the movie
Elphaba If you have musical theatre
Jessica Roger Rabbit will remember Jessica Rabbit
Oreo A black and white marked rabbit name
Ginger If rabbits have orange fur
Marshmallow Another excellent name for a white rabbit
Ebony A black female rabbit
Coco brown furred rabbit name
Pebbles The character from the Flintstones
Harley If the rabbit has harlequin-style fur trim
Bluebell It signifies everlasting love
Clover A symbol of good luck
Lavender Its signifies grace
Rosebud This means innocence, youth
Blossom Blooms symbolize a dominant female
Primrose A lovely name for female rabbit
Petunia Its A flower signifies a welcome
Violet A Beautiful flower name
Amaryllis A strikingly lovely female name
Snowflake This means unique and beautiful
Primrose A lovely name representing motherhood
Thelma and Louise Iconic duo of the female name
Fortune and Cookie A two-word term into two separate
Ahmya Means black rain
Fumiko Means “beautiful”
Suki Means loved one
Rika Means “village”
Midori Means “green”
Katana The Last Airbender
Yoshi Dinosaur in the Mario franchise
Chiaki Means a thousand autumns
Hatsu Means “beginning.”
Nori This means “belief”
Yuriko Means “lily child”
Keiko This means “happy child”
Kumi Means “long period of time”
Miu Word for “beautiful feather”
Chiasa This means “one thousand mornings.”
Bashira This means “joyful”
Ayaka Ayaka is “color”
Hayami This means “rare and unusual beauty”
Emica Means “beautiful”
Dai A word for “to shine”
Asuga This means “tomorrow”
Izumi Means “spring fountain.”
Japana This means “muttering prayers.”
Megumi A word for “blessing”
Moriko Means “forest”
Ruqa Means “beautiful”
Okimi This means “bright shining light”
Suzume Means “sparrow”
Tora Means “tiger”
Umi This means “beauty”
Momo Means “a hundred”
Kumiko This means “long-time beauty”
Nishi Means “west”
Seina Means “star”
Tamashini A girl's name means “soul”
Youko Means “sunshine”
Seijun This means “pure”
Okemia Means “war horn”
Rai Means “thunder”
Masami Means “beautiful”
Reina This means “wise”
Shoko Means auspicious child
Utano This means “field of songs”
Wakumi This means “beautiful spring of water”
Shinobu The Japanese word for “endure”
Rini Means “little bunny”
Misako The girl's name means “beautiful child”
Hide Means excellent
Doi Means “earthen well”
Jona Means “dove”
Namie This means “blessing”


Good Girl Rabbit Names

Here are Some Good Girl Rabbit Names with their meaning.

Girl Rabbit Names Meaning
Muyal Indian origins rabbit
Buffy Means little rabbit
Babs Means "foreign"
Benjamin The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny
Beatrix This means "traveler"
Bianca Name of white rabbit
Bonbon Sweet confection
Bonkers Means "crazy"


Cute Girl Rabbit Names

Here are Cute Girl Rabbit Names with meaning

Girl Rabbit Names Meaning
Fruit Like Kiwi
Candy Like Marshmallow
Spice Like Chive, Thyme
Bread Like Muffin
Angle This Means messenger of god
Ash The short form of Ashley
Cashmere A type of fabric
Christian The latin name
Clover A name considered good luck
Dawa The dark side of the moon.
Harley Refers to hare who loves grass meadows
Henley Means ‘high field
Hollandy A unisex name of Dutch origin
Hop A dance called the bunny hop


Unique Girl Rabbit Names

Here are some Unique Girl rabbit names with meaning

Girl Rabbit Names Meaning
Captain Carrot A character from DC Comics
Camellia Means vibrant flowers
Buzz Refers to a sound
Bunnicula vampire rabbit
Buster Means tough guy
Bugs The popular 'Bugs Bunny' rabbit
Buck Means "deer"
Bonkers Means crazy
Bonbon Means sweet confection
Blossoms Means blooming
Binky This means a field full of beans

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Rabbit Names FAQ

What are Best Girl Rabbit Names?

Here Are Some Best Girl Rabbit  Names
1. April
2. Acacia
3. Anastasia
4. Bethany
5. Easter

2.What are Good Girl Rabbit Names?

Here Are Some Good Girl Rabbit Names
1. Cleo
2. Cadbury
3. Dewey
4. Queenie
5. Dolly

What are Some Cute Girl Rabbit names?

Here Are Some Cute Girl Rabbit Names
1. Honey
2. Chocolate
3. Bozo
4. Cotton Candy
5. Runny Babbit

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