100 Best Female Rabbit Names With Meaning For Your New Bunny

100 Best Female Rabbit Names With Meaning For Your New Bunny

Female Rabbit Names

Female rabbits have 8 to 10 nipples and give birth to 12 or more young babies. The newborn baby is like a kit. A female rabbit called a doe. A young rabbit is known as a bunny.


We have researched and found out 100 best female rabbit names so you don’t have to go anywhere else. We had some female rabbit names with meaning in the details below.


Top 100 Female Rabbit Names With Meaning

Here are the Top 100 Female Rabbit Names with meaning.

Female Rabbit Names Meaning
Sprinkles Sprinkles improve any cake
Peaches A cute name
Willow Means beautiful looking
Sunny Means sunshine in your life
Bon Bon If your rabbit has sweet tooth
Snowy Perfect name for white female rabbit
Maggie The Latin for pearl
Flower Way of making us smile
Sugar Name for your sweet rabbit
Binky If she can dance
Wiggles Suits a rabbit that wiggles her nose
Nudger Continually nudges you for attention
Jitterbug. More nervous than others
Bunny The best for rabbit
Veny The Roman goddess of love
Eden Associated with delight
Romily God’s beloved one
Neveah Means heaven
Shiloh A name signifies peace
Freya The Norse goddess of love and fertility
Athena The Greek goddess
Shakti The Hindu faith
Ostara A Pagan goddess
Acacia Means honorable.
Rayne Means “queen” or “mighty
Kamaria Means moon
Aiko Means Beloved little one
Nakita Means victorious
Selig Means “blessed” or “happy”
Maelona Divine princess
Shuchun Fair and pure
Khaleesi The rabbit will consider herself a queen.
Flopsy A Peter Rabbit’s sister
Nala Simba’s wife in The Lion King
Elphaba Lovely musical theatre
Jessica Framed Roger Rabbit
Lola Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend in movie
Katniss The Hunger Games character
Miffy Rabbit of a series of children’s book
Moneypenny A James Bond fan
Tinkerbell The fairy from Peter Pan
Oreo White marking rabbit
Ginger If rabbits have orange fur
Snowball A suitable white female rabbit
Ebony A black female rabbit
Cocoa Rabbits with deep brown fur
Pebbles A character from the Flintstones
Petunia This flower represents presence in your life
Violet A beautiful flower
Amaryllis Strikingly beautiful female.
Snowflake Means unique and beautiful
Primrose Represent motherhood
Blossom Mainly control over the men of her life.
Rosebud Youth, beauty, and unconditional love
Clover. Sign of good luck
Bluebell A flowers represent everlasting love
Alice Feature of a famous Wonderland story
Anna A normal name
Athena Goddess name
Bella A popular name
Hazel brown colored rabbit
Hope A very positive name
Gloria Lovely name of the rabbit
Eva Some exotic flavor
Elsa Perfect name of Disney princess
Domino Name of Black and white rabbits
Dawn Name of yellow or golden-colored rabbits
Dancer A good choice for a lively rabbit
Cutie If your rabbit is adorable
Cookie Name your pet after a sugary food
Cinderella A classical princess name
Butterscotch Adorable name with coloring intonations.
Buttercream Reminiscent of your rabbit’s coloring
Hope A very positive name
Jewel A great female pet
Joy Means happiness
Kanga The Pooh character of a rabbit
Lovebug Always fun for female pets
Lady Hoppity Distinction and silliness
Luna Means moon
Yuu Yuu is the main character in Charlotte
Shikamaru Means a deer
Jun Korean Name handsome and talented
Hiroshi The anime Mika Harima Arc’s Hiroshi
Elric Means “king”
Daisuke Means the great one
Haruto Means sunlight
Chouko Means butterfly kid
Chiyoko Means Thousands of generations
Akatsuki Means red moon
Ai The character in Digimon
Aya The character of The Legend of Korra.
Sakura Means cherry blossom
Yuko The Chronicle inspired the name
Yui An ocean child
Yakumo The name is derived from comedy
Tomoko Means a wise child
Yuri Means lily or light of God
Tooru Means Pierce
Tamaki The anime series Bamboo Blade
Sofiya Means wisdom
Shion Shion is an aster
Taiga The name sounds similar to the word tiger
Abigail A character of a Great Pretender.
Aika Means time in Finnish.
Nadia Means delicate
Nobue Means pleasure
Rena Means Reborn
Rika Means Pears or flowers
Aimi Means lovely
Akeno Means the morning
Aki Means gleaming
Asuka A Neon Genesis Evangelion character.
Hanako This means the flower child
Hayate Means The refined one
Hikari Means light
Hinata Means sunflower
Itsuwa Means peace and calm
Mikasa Blossom flower Name
Kyouko Means powerful
Motoko A resourceful kid
Rei Means Lovely
Seiba Means The honest one
Shizuka Means fragrant
Tohru A character of the Fruits Basket series


Good Female Rabbit Names

Here are Some Best Female Rabbit Names with their meaning.

Female Rabbit Names Meaning
Wiggles Wiggling its ears
Zucchini Means funny and adorable
Whiskers Good name for any mammal
Twix Fun food name
Snowflake A good option for a white-colored rabbit
Snowball Good for a small rabbit
Skittles Quite sweet and cute food name
Romaine Rabbits like to eat
Rhubarb Kind of like “rabbit”


Cute Female Rabbit Names

Here are Cute Female Rabbit Names with meaning

Female Rabbit Names Meaning
Pumpkin Adorable names of a small rabbit
Pudding A sweet food name
Pellet Good for smaller rabbit
Oreo Name of black and white rabbit
Mocha A coffee name
Marshmallow Perfect for white bunnies
Lucky Feet are considered lucky
Latte A coffee name for you
Ears If a most distinctive feature of your bunny
Floppy A bunny with some floppy ears
Fluffy The classic bunny name
Forrest A strong name has a woodland ring
Fuzzy Good for any rabbit with soft fur
Harebrain The word “hare”

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Unique Female Rabbit Names

Here are some Unique Female rabbit names with meaning

Female Rabbit Names Meaning
Akane Means deep red
Ayano The word for bright color
Fubuki A One Punch Man character
Kanna A character from Dragon Maid
Kohaku A Dr. Stone character
Miyako Means a lovely evening
Moriko Means The forest
Nagisa This means the water’s edge
Nagisa Means the beach
Nanami Means Seven seas
Sora Means the sky
Uiharu This means The early spring


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Rabbit Names FAQ

What are Best Female Rabbit Names?

Here Are Some Best Female Rabbit Names.
1. Chi
2. Kei
3. Akira
4. Haruka
5. Hei

What are Good Female Rabbit Names?

Here Are Some Good Female Rabbit Names.
1. Makoto
2. Chomper
3. Puff
4. Zig Zag
5. Pom Pom

What are Some Cute Female Rabbit names?

Here Are Some Cute Female Rabbit Names.
1. Daisy Mae
2. Buttons
3. Lilly Belle
4. Beatrix Potter
5. Miffy

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