111 Best Majestic Cat Names Male With Meaning For Any Cat

111 Best Majestic Cat Names Male With Meaning For Any Cat

Majestic Cat Names Male

There is just something about cats that make them seem naturally regal and majestic cat names. Even when cats are at their silliest, their often haughty and proud demeanor still shines through, which reminds us that our kitties are not so distant cousins of feline royalty such as lions, aka, the King of the Jungle.


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Top 100 Majestic Cat Names Males

Here are the top 100 Majestic Cat Names Males.

London – The English capital is known for its majestic cat names history.
 Lord – A fun name for your little lord of the manor (ie, your humble home).
 Louis – A favorite name amongst French royalty, Louis means “famed warrior.”
 Majesty – This one needs no explaining, we think!
 Marrakesh – The name of the vibrant imperial city located in the Kingdom of Morocco.
 Mr. Fabulous – Perhaps a bit more silly than majestic, but it all depends on how you look at it!
 Noble – For a sleek, aristocratic kind of kitten.
 Oberon – The King of the Fairies, Oberon means “elf ruler.”
 Philip – Kings of Spain have a history of holding this popular name.
 Pomp – A nickname for “pompous,” but we suggest it with all the love in the world for our pompous little felines!
 Prince – Why not name your little prince, well…Prince!
 Raj – The Sanskrit name for “king.”
 Ramses – One of the most famous pharaohs in ancient Egyptian history.
 Regal – A name befitting a majestic cat.
 Romanov – NameWilliam – This name means“strong-willed warrior” and has been held by four kings of England. A good name for the stubborn cat.
Windsor – The majestic name of the royal British family.
Macbeth – A tragic and dark king in Shakespeare’s play of the same majestic cat name.
Mars – The Roman god of war who is so majestic, he got a planet named after him!
Merlin – The wizard depicted in Arthurian legend like majestic cat names.
Odin – The Norse All-Father, Odin is a wise god with tremendous power, knowledge, and heroism.
Odysseus – The king of Ithaca in Homer’s The Odyssey in majestic cat names.
Osiris – The ancient Egyptian god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, resurrection, and vegetation, Osiris was absolutely central to ancient Egyptian religion.
Pan – A god of the wilds who is depicted as a satyr, Pan is all things untamed and majestic about the natural world.
Paris – France’s beautifully romantic and majestic city.
Pharaoh – The majestic kingly title for ancient Egyptian royalty in majestic cat names.
Rich – It may seem obvious, but what would majesty be without riches?
Rome – One of history’s most famous and far-reaching empires, the city of Rome in Italy has one of the most vibrant and majestic histories in all of the world.
Stark – One of the family house names in Game of Thrones.
Sultan – A Middle Eastern king.
Thor – The mighty Norse god of thunder.
Tristan – A heroic figure in Celtic lore known in the romantic story of Tristan and Isolde.
Troy – An ancient city and setting for the classic Homer tale, The Odyssey.
Ulysses – A Roman version of Odyssyus.
Zeus – In Greek mythology, Zeus is the head honcho, and his power and personality is grand and majestic in scale
Albertine –  A feminized version of Albert meaning “noble.”
Alazne – A Basque name that means “miracle.”
Aliyah – The Hebrew word for “ascending”
Althea – The Greek name that means ‘blessed with healing abilities,’ and is used for shamans and herb-healers of yester-year.
Alexandra – The feminine of Alexander, as in Alexander the Great.
Amira – A name of Arabic origin that means “princess.”
Anastasia – One of the most fascinating and enduring figures of the 20th century was princess Anastasia of the Romanov family and the hopeful legend that she managed to escape her family’s ill fate.
Anna – A princess name, such as in Disney’s Frozen.
Aphrodite – The Greek goddess of love, this majestic name would be great for a pretty and affectionate cat.
Ariel – The princess in The Little Mermaid, whose name also means “lion of God.”
Artemis – The Goddess of the Hunt in Greek mythology.
Arwen – A beautiful elven queen in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.
Elysia – A name for a sort of ancient Greek heaven.
Emerald – A gorgeous green precious gem.
Estelle – A name meaning “star.”
Europa – A queen of Crete and one of Zeus’ lovers, Europa also had a whole continent named after her!
Fantasy – Whether you are a fan of fantasy literature, movies, shows, or games, this could be a fun name for the fantasy nerd cat owner.
Fiona – A name honoring everyone’s ogre queen from the Shrek movies, Fiona means “white” or “fair.”
Freyja – The popular Norse goddess of love and fertility, it also happens to mean “noble woman” or “lady.”
Galadriel – An elven queen of great wisdom and beauty in The Lord of the Rings.
Garnet –A deep red stone that is so dark it is almost a velvety black in color.
Goddess – For the powerful, regal female cat.
Grace – For the graceful feline.
Guinevere – An ancient English queen who was married to the legendary King Arthur.
Hecate – A powerful and intimidating goddess of Greek lore, Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft and the crossroads.
Helen – Helen of Troy is described as the most beautiful of women in her lore, and her name simply means “light.”
Hera – The Greek goddess of marriage
Isabella – A Latinized version of Elizabeth, this is has been a popular queenly name in Spain.
Isis – An Ancient Egyptian goddess whose name means “Woman of the Throne.”
Isolde – This Irish princess’ story is told in the Celtic tale of Tristan and Isolde.
Ivory – A beautifully majestic name for a pure white cat.
Jade – A beautiful precious green stone that is highly prized in East Asia, Jade is a beautiful name for a green-eyed cat.
Jasmine – Not just the name of the princess in Aladdin, Jasmine is also a sweetly fragrant flower that is popular in luxurious teas and essential oils.
Jewel – A fitting name for our little precious jewel.
Juno – Juno is also known as the Goddess Hera in classical Greek mythology, it means ‘the blessed Queen.’
Kennedy – The Kennedys may just be the closest an American family has ever come to being American royalty.
Khaleesi – The Dothraki title for Queen Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.
Keilani – A Hawaiian name meaning “heavens, sky.”
Lavish – Because some kitties enjoy living a life of lavish luxury!
Lioness – The Queen of the Jungle.
Lily – A beautiful, majestic flower rich in symbolism, especially white ones.
Lotus – This flower is also known as the “Nile flower.” A beautiful aquatic flower steeped in lore and spiritual symbolism, the lotus seeds can sprout even after many centuries.
Luxury – For the feline who appreciates the finer things in life!
Margaret – This name with Greek origins happens to mean “pearl.”
Marian – Maid Marian is the name of Robin Hood’s beloved in his legendary folk tales.
Marvella – A feminized version of “marvel.”
Medea – A name meaning “cunning” Medea was a powerful sorceress in Greek mythology.
Meadow – If you have ever seen a meadow of newly blossomed flowers filled with all the richness of nature, then you understand why this name gets to be on this list!
Milan – A female warrior who disguised herself as a man to fight against the invading Huns for her people.
Opal – A gorgeous iridescent stone that depicts a multitude of colors when the light hits it just right.
Opera – A majestic form of music and storytelling, we imagine a very vocal kitty with this name.
Pearl – A precious jewel created in the shell of an oyster.
Penelope –A Greek name that means “weaver,” Penelope is Odyssyus’ faithful wife in Homer’s The Odyssey.
Persephone – A tragic goddess who is the queen of the underworld in Greek mythology.
Phillipa – The cute-sounding feminine of Philip, which means “friend of horses.”
Princess – If you already treat your little girl like a princess, then why not name her the same?
Purple – Why not name your little majesty after this rich color, often a favorite amongst royalty?
Queen – A fun name for your little ruler.
Rhiannon – A Welsh name meaning “great queen,” Rhiannon is a prominent figure in Welsh mythology and history.
Rosalind – A Germanic name that means “gentle horse,” an image that evokes elegance and quiet strength.
Rose – This flower is perhaps the most widely recognized and beloved bloom out there, and is known for its romantic symbolism, soft, beautiful petals, and delicate, sweet smell.
Royalty – Much like the name Royal, we know this one is a little bit on the nose, but it still works!
Ruby – A deep, vibrant red precious gem.
Salome – Strauss’s character in his opera Salome (adapted from the Oscar Wilde play) is also a character not to be messed with.  This Judean princess is passionate and fascinating.
Alexander – Name your kitty for Alexander the Great, one of the most famous leaders of all human history.
Alfonso –A regal-sounding Italian name that appropriately means “noble.”
Alfred – A name meaning “elf counsel,” Alfred has an otherworldly majesty to it.
Ambrose – A name that suggests luxury, it means “belonging to the immortals” because ambrosia was the food that the Greek gods feasted upon.
 Ammon – An ancient name with Hebrew roots that means “builder” and “teacher.”
 Andes – The Andes is the largest continental mountain range in the world, holds the world’s highest active volcano, and offers majestic views of cloud forests, rivers and snow-capped mountains, and the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.
 Angus – A Scottish Gaelic name that means “choice” and name for an ancient Pictish king.
 Anubis – The imposing Egyptian god of the dead that is depicted by a black jackal-headed man.
Apollo – An important Greek deity of music, dance, truth, prophecy, archery, poetry, the sun, light…really pretty much as many majestic things as you can imagine.
 Ares – A god of war and courage in ancient Greek mythology.
 Arthur – King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table may just be the most famous of English kings, even if his existence is one of legends and tales.
Aslan – The majestic lion Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia is called the one true king in the story. Is this regal cat name fitting for your kitten?
 Atlas – A strong Olympian god who holds up the world and celestial spheres on his majestic shoulders.
 Aragorn– Lord of the Rings fans will recognize this character from the epic fantasy trilogy. Aragorn was eventually crowned king in the story.
 Aristocat – We can’t resist silly puns, especially for cat names.
 Arkin – A name with Norse origins, Arkin means “eternal king’s son.”
Augustus – A Latin name befitting ancient Roman royalty, Augustus actually means “majestic,” or “venerable.”


Top 10 Majestic Cat Names

Here are the Top 10 Majestic Cat Names.

  1. Royal
  2. Princess
  3. Queen
  4. Rambo
  5. Prince
  6. Hary
  7. Kingo
  8. Daisy
  9. Highness
  10. Sicky


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Cat Names FAQ

What are Top Majestic Cat Names?

Here are the Top 5 Majestic Cat Names.
1. Queen
2. Princess
3. Harry
4. Henry
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What are the Best Majestic Cat Names?

Here are the Best Majestic Cat Names.
1. King
2. Worden
3. Drone
4. Luzo
5. Meow

What are Famous Majestic Cat Names?

Here are Famous Majestic Cat Names.
1. Denzy
2. Colzy
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5. Swalina

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