100 Best Anime Cat Names With Meaning For Cat Owners To Consider

100 Best Anime Cat Names With Meaning For Cat Owners To Consider

Anime Cat Names Inspired By Animes

From Pikachu to Totoro- these names are perfect for your feline friend. Are you an Anime fan? Anime is the very definition of Japanese animation. And has become quite popular in the last decade. And many would agree that anime is not just a genre anymore, it's not just about animation but a cultural phenomenon that is deliberately providing a perspective to people dependent on the context.


Cats are culturally significant in many nations, and Japan has a special place for them too. Cats are considered to bring good blessings and luck and have been part of its culture for a long. As for the anime merchandise “Kawaii Culture'', there are plenty (yet not enough) cats, their stories, and characters in anime that help you to fight stress and depression.


These cats can be cute, fierce, or somewhere in between. The most famous anime cat of all, Hello Kitty is known for her pink bow and adorable face. Her real name is Kitty White, but we think Hello Kitty is a much better name for your own kitty. Neko Atsume – This anime is all about collecting cats, so it’s only fitting that one of the main characters is a cat himself! His name is Tama and he’s a black and white cat who loves to eat. If you have a kitty with a hearty appetite.


Top 100 Anime Cat Names

You might love anime cats more than your cat. Here are a few famous anime cat Names for your cat.

Anime Cat Names Meaning
Aiko Beloved or little
Aka Red
Akaganeiro Copper
Akane Brilliant red
Akira Bright dawn
Ao Blue
Azuki Sweet
Chairo Brown
Chibi Tiny
Cho Butterfly
Chobi Small
Emiko Smiling child
Fuku Lucky
Giniro Silver
Haiiro Gray
Hana Flower
Haru Spring
Hayami Rare, unusual beauty
Hime Princess
Kai Ocean
Kaiya Forgiveness
Kameko Symbol of long life
Katsumi Victorious beauty
Kiiro Yellow
Kiniro Gold
Koko cocoa
Kuro Black
Maru Circle
Mei Beautiful
Mieko Blessing child
Mikan Mandarin orange
Mike Tortoise shell
Miruku Milk
Mizuki Beautiful Moon
Moka Mocha
Momo Peach
Nyoko Gem, treasure
Orenjiiro Orange
Sakura Cherry blossom
Sayuri Little lily
Shiori Guide
Shiro White
Sora Sky
Suki Beloved
Tora Tiger
Yasuko Peaceful
Yuki Snow


Just as anime has grown in popularity over the past few years, so too have cats! And what better way to show your love of both anime and cats than by giving your feline friend a name inspired by their favorite anime characters?

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular anime cats and the corresponding names for your own kitty. So whether you’re a fan of the classics like Hello Kitty or newer shows like Neko Atsume, these names are sure to please. So take a look and turn your cat into an anime cat.


Anime Cat Names Girl

Name your perfect little kitty based on these fierce anime cat names. which one suits her the best?

Anime Cat Names Meaning
Ahmya Black rain
Ai Love
Aika Love song
Aimi Beloved
Aiya Beautiful silk
Akina Spring flower
Akane Brilliant red
Amabie A type of mermaid in Japanese mythology
Amaterasu Shinto sun goddess
Amaya Night rain
Aneko Older sister
Ameonna A female spirit that makes rain
Anzu Apricot
Asami Morning beauty
Asayo Generation of the morning
Aya Colorful
Ayame Iris
Azume Safe space
Bankei Ten thousand blessings
Bashira Joyful
Benten Buddist goddess of everything that flows
Bunko Literary child
Chia Thousand loves
Chibi Tiny
Chie Wisdom
Chika Scattered flowers
Chihiro Thousand questions
Chinshu Calm place
Chiyo Thousand generations
Chizu One thousand storks
Cho Butterfly
Chorei Transparent spirituality
Eiko Eternal child
Emi Blessed with beauty
Emiko Smiling child
Ena Gift from God
Eri Blessed gift
Eshima True intention
Etsuko Child of joy
Fumiko Child of treasured beauty
Fuyuko Winter child
Gina Silvery
Gyo Shin Heart of dawn
Hana Flower
Haiku A form of Japanese poetry
Hekima Wisdom
Hina Good vegetables
Hikari Radiance
Himari Ball of light
Hiromi Abundant beauty
Ichika One thousand flowers
Ima Present
Iwa Rock
Izanami Shinto goddess of creation and death
Izanami Shinto goddess of creation and death
Japana Ambitious
Jin Tenderness
Junko Pure child
Kabuki Japanese dance/drama
Kaiyo Forgiveness
Kasumi Mist
Keiko Adored one
Kichi Lucky
Kiko Hope
Kimi Righteous
Kohana Small flower
Koko Stork
Koto Beautiful harp
Kumi Nine seas
Kura House of treasure
Kyoko Mirror
Leiko Arrogant
Mai Brightness
Maiya Rice valley
Mana Affection
Megumi Blessing
Midori Green
Miki Flower stem
Minako Beautiful baby
Mio Waterway
Momo Peach
Nami Surf
Nana Green vegetables
Nara Flower from heaven
Nari Thunder
Nishi West
Noriko Child of law
Nozomi Hope
Ohara Small field
Oki Ocean centered
Orino Worker’s field
Rei Spirit
Reiko Thankful child
Rini Little bunny
Risa Growing flowers at home
Ruri Semi-precious stone
Ryoko Bright child
Ryuji Dragon child
Ryuk Gift from God
Sachi Blessed
Sai Intelligent
Sachiko Child of bliss
Sakura Cherry blossom
Sango Coral
Satome Beautiful
Sara Music
Sato Sugar
Suzu Bell
Suzume Sparrow
Takara Treasure
Tamayo Generation jewel
Taru Barrel
Tatsu Dragon
Tennin An angelic being in Japanese Buddhism
Tora Thunder
Tori Bird
Tsuki MoonUtano – Field of songs
Wakana Harmony
Wakumi Spring of water
Yasuko Child of peaceuka – Friendly blossom
Yukari Destiny
Yumi Archery bow
Yoko Positive
Yori Public servant
Yōsei A fairy
Yuri Lily
Yuriko Lily child
Yoru Dark
Yuuna Gentle
Zakuro Pomegranate
Zen Peace


Anime Cat Names Boy

Male Anime characters switch from courageous to mischievous no matter off time. As a cat parent, you are aware that in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, your cat can be all those things. Choose which trait goes with your meow

Male Anime Cat Names Cat Name meaning
Akira Bright
Aoki Blue tree
Asa Morning
Aoi Hollyhock flower
Ciaki A thousand bright lights
Chiharu A thousand springtimes
Danuja Ruler
Doi Mountain
Eri Blessed prize
Hachi Eight
Harue Spring bough
Hatsu Beginning
Hibiki Echo
Hikaru Radiance
Hinata Sunflower
Hiro Generous
Hisoka Reserved
Ichigo Strawberry
Iori Retreat
Izumi Fountain
Jun Obedient
Kaede Maple
Kana Powerful
Katana Sword
Kayo Beautiful generation
Kei Square jewel
Kin Gold
Kohaku Amber
Koneko The Japanese word for a kitten (“child cat”)
Kosuke Rising sun
Kozue Tree branches
Kuma Bear
Kyou Capital city
Madoka Circle
Maemi Honest child
Maki Precious
Makoto Sincere
Maneki-Neko Japanese Bobtail cat statues in many Japanese restaurants
Masa Correct
Michi Pathway
Minato Harbor
Mitsu Honey
Mochi Japanese Rice Cakes
Nagisa Beach
Nao Honest
Naoki Docile tree
Natsu Summer
Niko Two lakes
Nori Belief
Ohta Eyes of the almighty God
Reiki The practice of healing the spirit
Ren Lotus
Rin Companion
Ryo Excel
Sanyu Happiness
Seiko Force
Setsuna Split second
Shiki The four seasons of the year
Shinobu Endurance
Shun Speed
Soma No
Sora Sky
Subaru Uniter
Suzuki Bell of wood
Tamashini Soul
Tomi Rich
Tomoe Blessing
Tomomi Beautiful friend
Tsubasa Wings
Yasu Calm
Yuki Snow
Yuu Gentle


Cute Anime Cat Names

Want to name your cat after your favorite anime? You definitely love anime more than your cat, but hey! Who’s judging?

Here you go

Artemis Sailor Moon
Arthur Code Geass
Buyo Inuyasha
Buyo Inuyasha
Carla Fairy Tail
Chi Chi’s Sweet Home
Chococat The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends
Diana Sailor Moon
Doraemon Doraemon
Jibanyan Youkai Watch
Jiji Kiki’s Delivery Service
Kameko Azumanga Daioh
Korin Dragon Ball Z
Kuro Blue Exorcist
Kuroneko Trigun
Kyo Fruit’s Basket
Luna Sailor Moon
Madara Natsume's Book Of Friends
Mao Darker than Black
Meowth Pokémon
Molly The Ancient Magus Bride
Neko Princess Tutu
Nyanko Tada Never Falls In Love
Potya Yuri!!! on ICE
Poyo Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
Sakamoto Nichijou
Takkun FLCL
Tama Sazae-San
Tibbs Mary and the Witch's Flower



Name your cat after these Japanese food items.

(Anime does it all the time)

  • Dashi
  • Matcha
  • Mirin
  • Miso
  • Mochi
  • Oden
  • Sashimi
  • Shoyu
  • Soba
  • Sukiyaki
  • Sushi
  • Udon
  • Unagi


Let us Know Which one’s your favorite.


If you’re adding a kitten or have adopted a new cat or any pet to your family, our articles will help you to find anime cat names to whole pet care-related tips. Visit Drlogy Pets for detailed information in the pet care domain.


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Cat Names FAQ

What are some Anime cat names?

Here are the 5 best anime cat names.
1. Azuki
2. Chibi
3. Fuku
4. Haru
5. Kibi

What are good Anime cat names?

Here are the 5 good anime cat names.
1. Koko
2. Kuru
3. Maru
4. Moro
5. Sukura

What are cute Anime cat names?

Here are the 5 cute anime cat names.
1. Yuki
2. Tora
3. Akane
4. Amya
5. Bunko

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