100 Best Egyptian Cat Names With Meaning That You'll Love For Your Cat

100 Best Egyptian Cat Names With Meaning That You'll Love For Your Cat

Egyptian Cat Names

Before choosing Egyptian Cat Names know their history. Egyptian people believed that cats were magical creatures which are capable of bringing good luck to the people who shelter them. For honoring these treasured pets, wealthy families dressed cats in jewels and fed them treats that fit royalty.


When the cats died, they were paying the last tribute to them. As a sign of mourning, owners of these cats shaved off their eyebrows and continued to mourn until their eyebrows grew back.


One deity among them, the goddess named Bastet, had the power to become a cat. In the city of Per-Bast, a beautiful temple was built to honor her. People came from all over the world to experience its splendor.


Cats were also praised for protecting the Pharaoh and for killing venomous snakes since at least the first dynasty of Egypt. Skeletal also remains of cats were found among funerary carbon goods dating to the 12th dynasty. After much research and consideration here are the 111 Egyptian cat names mentioned in this article that we think along with the interesting meanings and stories associated with them can help you to find a name for your cat.


Top 100 Egyptian Cat Names

Cat Names Meaning
Sphinx It is a mythological creature that has the body of a lion and the head of a human.
Tut Short form for King Tutankhamun
Mau Cat or Sun in Egyptian
Cleopatra Means Glory of the father
Nefertiti A Beautiful Woman has Come
Merit Goddess of music
Ra Egyptian sun god
Hathor the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky, women, fertility, and love.
Anhur Means god of war
Geb Means god of earth
Horus Means Sky god, son of Osiris
Seth Means Brother of Osiris
Nefertum Means god of the lotus blossom
Pakhet Means lioness goddess of war
Ptah Means the god of the creator
Renenutet Means goddess of suckling
Sekhmet Means a goddess of war and the destroyer of the enemies of the sun god Re
Sobek Means Crocodile gold
Thoth Means Egyptian god of writing
Amenhotep Meaning Egyptian pharaoh
Abydos one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt
Cairo The modern-day capital city of Egypt
Damietta The port city of the Nile Delta
Giza City in Egypt
Nile Famous river in Egypt

Ancient art from ancient Egyptian civilization shows statues and paintings of every type of feline. Cats were considered so special that those who killed them, even by accident, were sentenced to death. According to Historians, Egyptian people believes that gods and goddesses had the power to transform themselves into different types of animals.


Egyptian Cat Names Female

Female Cat Names Meanings
Aisha Meaning alive and well, peaceful
Aya Meaning magical angel
Shani Meaning wonderful
Lapis Meaning the azure blue stone
Salma Meaning peace
Aziza Meaning precious
Ebonee Meaning deep black
Femi Meaning love
Chione Meaning daughter of the Nile
Heba Meaning generous gift
Mandisa Meaning sweetness
Jomana A silver pearl
Nenet Goddess Of The Deep
Monifa Meaning lucky
Rana Meaning king
Safiya Meaning pure
Sarah Meaning princess
Kissa Meaning sister of twins
Layla Meaning born at night
Maat Meaning Goddess of order & justice
Tia Meaning princess during the 19th dynasty
Jamila Meaning beauty
Hasina Meaning chaste, virtuous
Kosey Means a word for lion
Mariam Meaning star of the sea
Farah Meaning happiness, joy
Raneem Meaning Sweet voice
Nour Meaning divine light
Dina Meaning judgment
Lotus A flower
Alaa Meaning nobility, excellence
Angie Meaning messenger of god
Amal Meaning hope
Jana Means to earn or reap
Mayar Meaning moon glow

Many Egyptian cat owners are choosing unique or weird names for their cats because they believe that cats bring good luck to their family so they worship them. With an almost limitless amount of Egyptian cat names, you can choose many Egyptian cat names from the above suggestions.


Egyptian Cat Names Male

Male Cat Names Meaning
Aten Meaning Sun
Bomani Meaning strong soldier
Kek Means god of darkness
Khons God of moon
Amun Chief of gods & fertility
Hapi God of Nile
Imhotep Meaning one who comes in peace
Lateef Meaning gentle
Haji One who born during the pilgrimage
Khafra Meaning name of the pharaohs
Kufu Meaning one of the pharaohs
Mekal Meaning one who is like God
Musa Means saved from the water
Oba Meaning king
Odion Meaning born of twins
Pepi An Egyptian ruler
Ramses Meaning name of multiple pharaohs
Seti 19th dynasty ruler
Sefu Meaning sword
Tor Meaning thunder
Umi Meaning mother, life
Nassor Meaning Supporter
Usi Meaning Smoke
Adio Meaning righteous
Zoser King
Abasi Meaning stern
Chibale Meaning Kinsman
Hanbal Meaning purity
Khalid Meaning immortal
Min Meaning God of fertility
Omar Meaning flourishing
Karim Meaning generous
Sherif Meaning honorable
Ayman Meaning righteous
Miro Meaning peace, world

Choosing Egyptian Cat Names

If you want to choose an Egyptian cat name for your cat, the choices are nearly endless. That doesn’t matter if you just like the way a cat name sounds, or you are more attracted to the meaning of Egyptian cat names. Your cat is unique, and you want a name that is equally so. Choosing a name for an Egyptian cat is very difficult as we talked about this above that they consider cats as magical creatures which bring good luck to them.


Usually, Egyptians name their cat's name with kings, pharaohs, goddesses, and many others, because ancient Egyptian people use to worship cats as a god.You might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cat names to choose from. To sum it down, start by considering cats’ color, gender, markings, and of course their personality.


Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Cat Names

Here are the top 10 rare Egyptian Cat Names.

  • Habibah
  • Jendayi
  • Maibe
  • Pili
  • Rabiah
  • Sabola
  • Selk
  • Zaliki
  • Raziya
  • Sagira


Cat cemeteries at the archaeological sites Speos Artemidos, Bubastis, and Saqqara were used for several centuries. They contained vast numbers of cat mummies and cat statues that are exhibited in museum collections worldwide.


Among the mummified animals excavated in Gizeh, the African wildcat (Felis lybica) is the most common type of cat followed by the famous Jungle cat (Felis chaus). Cats and Pet care is scientifically proven a major kind of therapy to fight agains anxiety and depression therapy.


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Cat Names FAQ

What are the names of Egyptian Cat Goddesses?

Here are Top 5 Egyptian Cat Names of Goddesses.
1. Rabiah
2. Sabola
3. Renenutet
4. Sagira
5. Pakhet

What are Best Egyptian Cat Names?

Here are Top 5 Best Egyptian Cat Names.
1. Horus
2. Selk
3. Sobek
4. Abydos
5. Cairo

What are Top Egyptian Cat Names?

Here are Top 5 Best Egyptian Cat Names.
1. Nile
2. Lapis
3. Aziza
4. Femi
5. Chione

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