100 Best Tabby Cat Names Ideas For Any Cat Owners Can Consider

100 Best Tabby Cat Names Ideas For Any Cat Owners Can Consider

Tabby Cat Names

Before searching for tabby cat names we all know that cats are mostly nocturnal animals that have excellent vision and hearing. They are the social creatures that are capable of maintaining relationships like dogs and other pet animals that we use to keep in our homes. Cats are classified into two types such as domestic wild hybrids and domestic cat breeds.


Cats come in different shapes, sizes, and colors as we know that cats have dark-striped coat coloring found in both wild and domestic cats. Naming a new cat is exciting, funny, and harder.


We know that cats are normally cute looking when they behave so sweet but the truth is when they are angry they started to behave like a small child or even sometimes act totally weird. Cats and Pet care is scientifically proven a major therapy to fight against anxiety and depression relief.


Some registrations considered them to be pedigreed, as they have been used in the stock to establish some kind of breeds. Cats are culturally significant in many nations, and Japan has a special place for them too. Cats are considered to bring good blessings and luck and have been part of its culture for a long.


Many owners are preferring unique or weird names for their cats so they have a special name for their cats because cats are like family members to them. With an almost limitless amount of tabby cat names, you can choose from here.


After much research and consideration here are the 111 tabby cat names that we think along with the interesting meanings and the stories associated with them can help you to find a cat’s personality and for a new kitty.


Top 111 Tabby Cat Names With Meaning

Here are Top 111 Tabby Car Names.

Tabby Cat Names Meaning
Tabitha Means gracious
Voyi Road, way
Milo Means soft-hearted, merciful
Bunty Often associated with lambs
Booble It is a small ball of material, usually made of wool.
Bobby Means bright frame.
Leo It is a zodiac sign. It meants to represent a simplified lion.
Bille Means determination and strength.
Junior The younger one
Mary Bitter, Beloved
Mars Means roman god of war
Austy Means venerable, magnificent
Khai This means the chosen one
Smokey Means soul of fire
Senior Means older or elder
Sweety Means lovely or happiness
Darling Meaning dear
Honey Means nectar
Lord A person or deity who has authority
Joe Meaning God will add
Maggie Meaning pearl
Hookie Goes away without permission
Piyu Means girl love
Levi Means joined in harmony
Princess Royal daughter
Puppy Is a special name that you use for a close friend or a member of your family instead of their real name
Baby Nickname by someone referring to somebody they love
Brandy Burned wine
Goldy Means gold
Sandy Means man’s defender+
Salvy Means beautiful
Mandy Means loveable
Mia Means mine
Mercy Meaning Compassion
Saviour A person who saves someone or something from danger
Major Meaning greater
Jack This meaning god is gracious
Cheesy Meaning power
Whitey Meaning white island
Rocky Means rest
Pappy Means kiss
Pappu A nickname of a small boy in India
Hottie This means a sexually attractive person
Tiger A powerful cat
Oreo Meaning French for gold
Zebra Meaning wild horse
Love Meaning affection
Roman Meaning strong, powerful.
Francis Meaning free man
Ken Means born of fire or handsome
Silver Meaning precious metal
Romeo Means pilgrim to Rome.
Franky Meaning who is free
Simbu Rebellious to achieve their goals
Voyage Means to travel
Bubble Meaning Precious, gorgeous
Mini Means small, tiny
Tiny Meaning follower of Christ
Bestie Means best friend or close friend
Beautiful Means pretty
Grace charm, goodness, and generosity
Precious Meaning of great worth
Diamond Meaning of high value or brilliant
Tom Meaning twin
Oscar Means champion warrior
Wild A nickname for a man of violent
Jam Meaning a Sweet Condiment
Jeff Means pledge of peace
Thomas Meaning twin
Elmo Meaning protector
Mac Meaning son
Blade Meaning knife, sword
Mouse Meaning thief or robber
Bow Meaning Admirer or sweetheart
Shady Meaning open-minded
Timon Means respect, honor
Rider Meaning horseman
Cathy Meaning pure
Royal Meaning of the king
Lincoln Meaning lake or pool
Kevin Meaning handsome
Arsalan Meaning lion
Hippo Meaning water horse
Chubby Means fat in a pleasant and attractive way
Elvis Meaning musician
Eric Means powerful
Dustin Means thor’s stone
Fast Means beyond the speed of sound
Gray Meaning gray powder that is left after the item burns
George Meaning farmer
Harry Means army ruler
Jimmy Means sorted to name of James
Kyle This means narrow straight channel
Lucifer Means light-bringing
Teddy Means wealthy protector
Clark Means scribe or secretary
Bob Means Robert
Buddy Means rocky reef
Oro Meaning gold
Shadow Means blocking sun rays
Theo Meaning divine gift
Uri Meaning flame or fire
Momo Means funny
Max Means variation
Ozzy Meaning beginning
Kitty Mean pool of money
Hunter Meaning dreams of bringing the big game down
Lava Means a sense of destruction and chaos
Indra Means thunder
Frank Meaning truthful
Deon Means American root


Tabby Cat Names Female

Tabby Cat Names Meaning
Donzy Sweet
Pinky Colorful
Naina Eye catchy
Joshty Courageous
Minto Kind like mint flavor
Laila Darling cat
Monzy Moody
Fairy Looking like a fairy of heaven
Pilzy Lazy
Crochy Adorable


Tabby Cat Names Male

Tabby Cat Names Meaning
Mimo Always joyful
Kittu Smart and adorable
donzy Lazy and nasty
Susta Rough and bold
Nogut One kind of food dish
Jezon Fast and Quick
Lordy Kind of lord
Jazin Stylish
Morcon Sincere
Luca Funny


Top 10 Tabby Cat Names

  • Simba
  • Muffin
  • Coco
  • Oreo
  • Goldie
  • Speckless
  • Oliver
  • Luna
  • Leo
  • Bella


How to Choose Tabby Cat Names?

Keep it short and sweet. Shorter names (containing one or two syllables) are often easier for your cat to learn and are easier to call out. To avoid confusion, your cat's name should sound different from the names of other people and pets in the house, and different to important commands like 'come' or 'no'.


We all think name-making is easier than other work but the difficulties are some like or dislike.

Firstly, we are thinking here about how to fix our choice based on our cats’ names below.

  • Think about your cat behave
  • The second one is what he or she likes or dislikes
  • Then after what they eat love
  • How she/he react


If you’re adding a kitten or have adopted a new cat or any pet to your family, our articles will help you to find funny adn cool cat names to whole pet care-related tips. Visit Drlogy Pets for detailed information in the pet care domain.


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