Laboratory Chemicals and Pathology Lab Reagents in India

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Laboratory Chemicals and Pathology Lab Reagents in India

After Growth Opportunities, lab location, design, registration, and lab equipment now Dr. SMART knows the importance of getting laboratory chemicals and pathology lab reagents from reputable suppliers to ensure quality and accuracy in testing for obtaining reliable results, which hindered their daily pathology lab work.


For helping Dr. SMART and many lab owners, Here Drlogy Pathology Lab Setup Guide will provide you that valuable information for pathology lab reagents so you don't have to worry and save time with smart solutions with better execution.


How to Find Pathology Lab Reagents in India

To find reagents for a pathology lab in India, you can try the following:

  1. Contact suppliers and manufacturers: You can reach out to reagent suppliers and manufacturers directly to inquire about their products and pricing. Some popular suppliers in India include Merck, Sigma-Aldrich, and HiMedia Laboratories.
  2. Search online: You can also search for reagents online on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, and Flipkart, or dedicated scientific suppliers like Biorad, Thermofisher, etc.
  3. Attend trade shows and exhibitions: Attending trade shows and exhibitions related to the healthcare industry can provide an opportunity to meet with reagent suppliers and learn about new products and technologies. Some examples of trade shows in India include MEDICAL FAIR INDIA and India Lab Expo.
  4. Consult with other pathology labs: You can also consult with other pathology labs in your area to ask about their preferred reagents and suppliers. They may be able to provide you with valuable recommendations and insights.

Must Required Medical and Non-medical Equipment To Start New Pathology Lab in India - Drlogy Pathology Lab Setup Guide


By exploring these options, you should be able to find reagents or lab chemicals that will be useful while opening your open pathology lab in India.


Types of Pathology Lab Medical Kits in India

In pathology labs in India, various medical kits are used for different purposes. Here are some common types of medical kits used in pathology labs:


Type of Kit


Components Included

Phlebotomy Kit

Blood collection

Sterile needles, syringes, tourniquets, alcohol swabs, bandages

Urine Analysis Kit

Urine sample analysis

Urine collection cups, test strips for various parameters (pH, glucose, protein, ketones), microscopic slides for urine sediment examination

Hematology Kit

Blood cell analysis

Microscope slides, cover slips, stain solutions (e.g., Wright's stain), counting chambers

Coagulation Kit

Blood clotting analysis

Reagents and instruments for measuring clotting time, prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), and other coagulation factors

Microbiology Kit

Microbial culture and sensitivity testing

Culture media, swabs, loops, stains (e.g., Gram stain), biochemical reagents for identifying and characterizing microorganisms

Serology Kit

Detection and measurement of antibodies or antigens in patient samples

Test kits for various diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and autoimmune disorders

Molecular Diagnostics

DNA or RNA-based testing, including PCR kits for amplifying specific DNA sequences and detecting pathogens or genetic mutations.

PCR kits for amplifying specific DNA sequences, reagents for detecting pathogens or genetic mutations

Histopathology Kit

Tissue sample preparation for microscopic examination

Fixatives, embedding materials, microtome blades, staining reagents (e.g., hematoxylin and eosin), coverslips


It's important to note that the specific types of medical kits used in a pathology lab may vary depending on the lab's specialization, size, and testing capabilities. The lab's requirements and the tests performed determine the selection of appropriate medical kits.


Different Types Of Reagents

Here's a table categorizing reagents based on their function for small, medium, and large labs in India:

Reagent Type



Analytical Reagents

Used in analytical chemistry for identification and analysis

pH indicators, titration reagents, chromatography solvents

Diagnostic Reagents

Used in medical diagnostics to detect and measure substances

Blood glucose reagents, pregnancy test reagents

Organic Synthesis Reagents

Used in organic chemistry for the synthesis of organic compounds

Solvents, catalysts, oxidizing agents

Biological Reagents

Used in biological research and diagnostics for studying samples

Enzymes, antibodies, DNA/RNA reagents, cell culture media

Quality Control Reagents

Used to monitor and ensure the accuracy of diagnostic tests

Control solutions, calibration reagents

Ancillary Reagents

Used for sample preparation, storage, and transportation

Buffers, diluents, preservatives, stabilizers


Reagent Kits and How They Are Used

Reagent kits are essential tools used in various scientific and medical fields for diagnostic and research purposes. These kits contain a combination of chemicals, enzymes, antibodies, or other substances that react with specific components in samples to produce measurable results.


Here's how reagent kits are used:

  1. Diagnostic Testing: Reagent kits are widely used in clinical laboratories for diagnostic testing. They are designed to detect and measure specific substances or biomarkers in patient samples, such as blood, urine, or tissue. These kits enable healthcare professionals to diagnose various diseases, monitor treatment effectiveness, and assess overall patient health.
  2. Research and Scientific Investigations: Reagent kits play a crucial role in research laboratories, enabling scientists to perform a wide range of experiments and investigations. They provide the necessary components and protocols to analyze biological samples, study gene expression, detect proteins, measure enzyme activity, and perform other molecular and cellular assays.
  3. Quality Control and Quality Assurance: Reagent kits are essential for maintaining quality control and assurance in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and environmental testing. These kits help ensure that products and processes meet specific standards and regulatory requirements. They are used to assess the purity, potency, and safety of substances, detect contaminants, and monitor manufacturing processes.


Use of Reagent Kits

Reagent kits offer several advantages, including convenience, accuracy, and reproducibility.

  • They provide standardized procedures and ready-to-use reagents, reducing the need for extensive preparation and minimizing the risk of errors. 
  • Additionally, reagent kits often include positive and negative controls for validation and calibration, ensuring reliable and consistent results.


Here's a table of the types of medical kits typically used in small, medium, and large labs in India:

Medical Kit Type


Small Lab

Basic medical kit containing essential supplies for first aid and basic medical procedures.

Medium Lab

Comprehensive medical kit including a wider range of supplies and equipment for more advanced medical procedures and minor surgeries.

Large Lab

Extensive medical kit equipped with a wide variety of supplies, instruments, and equipment for complex procedures and surgeries.


Pathology Lab Setup Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you set up your own or start a new pathology lab from scratch to explore a full pathology lab growth potential like Dr. SMART for opening a new lab in India with detailed information.


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In summary, medical reagent suppliers play a critical role in the healthcare industry by providing the necessary reagents for accurate diagnostics, research, and laboratory testing.


If you want to open a new lab in india or trying to setup your lab, Drlogy will give you A to Z solution to where to start to end on 14 blog solutions of Drlogy Pathology Lab Setup Guide. please visit to get all your answers.


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Pathology Lab Setup Guide FAQ

What chemicals are used in pathology lab?

The chemicals that are commonly used in a pathology lab depend on the specific tests being conducted. However, some commonly used chemicals include fixatives such as formalin, stains like hematoxylin and eosin, reagents such as phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), and solvents such as xylene and ethanol.

What is the cost of pathology reagents?

Chemicals and reagents are substances used in laboratory experiments and analyses. They may be used for a variety of purposes, such as preparing solutions, performing tests, or measuring quantities of substances. Some examples of chemicals and reagents commonly used in laboratories include acids, bases, salts, enzymes, buffers, dyes, stains, indicators, and solvents. They are essential components of many laboratory procedures and experiments.

What is a reagent in pathology?

In pathology, a reagent is a substance or compound that is added to a biological specimen, such as blood or urine, to produce a chemical reaction or to detect the presence of a particular substance or disease marker.

Reagents are essential for laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures, and they can be used to identify and measure various components of a biological sample, such as proteins, enzymes, hormones, and genetic material. Examples of common reagents used in pathology include antibodies, enzymes, dyes, stains, and buffers.

What are chemicals and reagents in the laboratory?

Here's listing some common chemicals and reagents used in the laboratory:

Chemical/Reagent Function
Acetone Solvent, used for cleaning
Acetic acid Fixative, used in histology
Agarose Electrophoresis matrix for DNA/RNA separation
Ammonium hydroxide Reagent, used in biochemical assays
Benzene Solvent
Chloroform Solvent, used for extraction
Ethanol Solvent, used for extraction and cleaning
Formalin Fixative, used in histology
Hydrochloric acid Reagent, used in biochemical assays
Methanol Solvent, used for extraction
Sodium chloride Reagent, used in biochemical assays
Tris buffer Buffer solution, used in molecular biology and biochemistry

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and different laboratories may use different chemicals and reagents depending on their specific needs and applications.

How do you find reagents in india?

Reagents in India can be found through various sources such as:

  • Online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and IndiaMart
  • Pharmaceutical suppliers like Merck, HiMedia, and Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Local chemical suppliers and distributors
  • Laboratory equipment suppliers and distributors

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