Business and Growth Opportunities to Start a New Pathology Lab in India


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Business and Growth Opportunities to Start a New Pathology Lab in India

Starting a pathology lab in India requires significant investment in terms of equipment and infrastructure, but it presents significant growth opportunities due to the increasing demand for medical testing services and the country's growing healthcare industry.


Dr. SMART identified a business opportunity to start a new pathology lab. He analyzed the market and competition, leveraged technology, and focused on quality and customer service using the below Drlogy Pathology Lab Setup Guide to get every solution to his problems to achieve growth and success.


Business Growth Opportunity For Pathology Lab in India 

If you are considering opening a pathology lab just like Dr. SMART in India, it’s good news. The pathology lab industry in India is experiencing significant growth, with a market size of India standing at USD 14796.21 million (1.2 Lakh INR) in 2022-23, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.53% during the forecast period. 

Indian Diagnostic Labs Market Growth Opportunity for New Pathology Lab Setup in India - Drlogy Pathology Lab Setup Guide

The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, the ageing population, and the rising demand for quality healthcare services are some of the key drivers of this growth. 

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Why You Should Open Pathology Lab in India 

There are several reasons to open a pathology lab in India can be a lucrative business opportunity.

Here are 5 key reasons why to start a new pathology lab in India:


1. Increasing demand for healthcare services

  • The healthcare sector in India is growing rapidly, and there is a significant demand for diagnostic services. 
  • With the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, the demand for diagnostic tests and procedures will only rise further, presenting a significant business opportunity for pathology labs.


2. The large and diverse population

  • India has a large and diverse population, which creates a significant market for healthcare services. 
  • With the increasing awareness and focus on preventive healthcare, there is a growing demand for diagnostic tests across different age groups and income segments.


3. Lower operating costs

  • Operating a pathology lab in India is relatively cheaper compared to developed countries. 
  • The lower operating costs provide an opportunity to offer diagnostic services at a lower price point while maintaining profitability.


4. Government initiatives

  • The Indian government has introduced several initiatives to promote the growth of the healthcare sector, including developing healthcare infrastructure and promoting preventive healthcare. 
  • These initiatives help create a conducive environment for pathology labs to thrive.


5. Technological advancements

  • With the increasing adoption of digital technology in healthcare, there are several opportunities to leverage digital pathology solutions to provide faster and more accurate diagnostic reports. 
  • These advancements can help pathology labs enhance their service offerings and provide a competitive edge.


Future of Pathology Lab Growth in India

Here are some statistics on the future growth of pathology labs in India.



Market size

The Indian diagnostic services market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12% from 2023 to 2026, reaching a market size of INR 1,09,122 crore ($14.8 billion).

Disease burden

India is witnessing an increase in the burden of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. 

Healthcare expenditure

The healthcare expenditure in India is expected to reach $372 billion by 2023, driven by an increase in healthcare awareness and rising income levels.

Healthcare infrastructure

The Indian government is investing heavily in healthcare infrastructure development, which is expected to increase access to diagnostic services, especially in rural areas.

Preventive healthcare

There is a growing focus on preventive healthcare in India, which is expected to increase demand for diagnostic tests and procedures.

Technological advancements

With the increasing adoption of digital pathology solutions, there are opportunities to improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce turnaround time, and enhance service offerings.


Types of Pathology Lab

Here are the types of pathology labs in India you can consider for starting.

Pathology Lab Types

Brief Description

Small Pathology Lab

These labs are usually run by a single Pathologist or a Medical Laboratory Technician or a small group of Medical Laboratory Technicians. They may offer limited services such as routine blood tests, urinalysis, and microbiology. Small pathology labs may have limited space and equipment due to budget constraints.

Medium Pathology Lab

Medium-sized labs may have multiple pathologists and a larger staff, allowing for more extensive services such as histology, cytology, and molecular testing. These labs may have a dedicated space for specimen processing and may require specialized equipment.

Large Pathology Lab

Large pathology labs have a large staff of pathologists, technicians, and administrative personnel. These pathology labs typically offer a full range of diagnostic services, including complex molecular testing and specialized pathology services. They may also have research capabilities and may collaborate with academic institutions. Large labs require significant space and specialized equipment, making them more expensive to operate.


 Small Pathology Lab

Here is the basic information you should consider for opening a small pathology lab.




Small Pathology Lab


Rs. 2-10 Lakhs

Employee Size



200-500 sq. ft.

Target Clients

Local clinics, nursing homes & small hospitals


Rent, equipment, salaries, supplies


Medium Pathology Lab

Here is the basic information you should consider for opening a medium pathology lab.




Medium Pathology Lab


Rs. 10-50 Lakhs

Employee Size



500-1000 sq. ft.

Target Clients

large Hospitals, medical colleges & research labs


Rent, equipment, salaries, supplies, marketing


Large Pathology Lab

Here is the basic information you should consider for opening a large pathology lab.




Large Pathology Lab


Rs. 50+ Lakhs

Employee Size



1500-3000 sq. ft.

Target Clients

large multispecialty Hospitals, medical colleges & research labs


Rent, equipment, salaries, supplies, marketing


*Above data can vary as per location, lab types, specifications, specialties, and individual choices for including facilities they want to provide to their clients.


Pathology Lab Setup Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you set up your own or start a new pathology lab from scratch to explore a full pathology lab growth potential like Dr. SMART for opening a new lab in India with detailed information.


For Pathology Lab Growth Using New Advanced Technology Check:

Best Pathology Lab Software in India

1. Growth Opportunity 8. Software
2. Lab Location 9. Marketing
3. Design & Structure 10. Website
4. Registration 11. Patient & Reference Doctor
5. Lab Equipment 12. Reports
6. Chemical & Kits 13. Finance
7. Employee & Staff 14. Do's & Don'ts



In summary, the pathology lab industry in India presents a significant growth opportunity with a large and growing market, increasing demand for diagnostic services, and favorable government initiatives to promote healthcare.


If you want to open a new lab in india or trying to setup your lab like Dr. SMART, Drlogy will give you A to Z solution to where to start to end on 14 blog solutions of Drlogy Pathology Lab Setup Guide to get all your answers.


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Pathology Lab Setup Guide FAQ

What is required for laboratory setup?

A laboratory setup requires space, equipment, utilities such as water and electricity, safety measures, trained staff, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

What is the market size of medical laboratory in india?

The market size of the Diagnostic & Medical Laboratories industry is projected to grow from $75.0bn in 2023 to $112.4bn by 2027 at a CAGR of 9%, driven by an increase in chronic diseases, demand for accurate diagnosis, and technological advancements.

How much can I earn from pathology lab in India?

A pathology lab in India can generate an average revenue of around INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000 per month, depending on factors such as location, services offered, and market demand.
Factors Low Estimate High Estimate
Monthly revenue Rs. 1-2 lakhs Rs. 10-20 lakhs
Monthly operating expenses Rs. 50,000-1 lakh Rs. 5-10 lakhs
Profit margin 20% to 30% 50% or higher
Monthly profit Rs. 20,000-60,000 Rs. 5-10 lakhs or more

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