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National Holidays FAQ

Should I allow my kids to drink Slurpee?

This is a question that many people have been thinking about recently. Some argue that because Slurpees are high in sugar, they should not be consumed by children. Others believe that since it is only an occasional drink, there is no harm in allowing them to have a few.

When should I drink Slurpee if I have a fever?

Slurpee is a popular drink, but there are some risks to drinking it when you have a fever. Some say it can help you cool down, while others say it can make your fever worse. It is critical to consult with your doctor to determine what is best for you.

Is it necessary to present a coupon in order to participate in the 7-Eleven Free Slurpee Day?

Yes, a coupon is necessary to participate in 7-Eleven's Free Slurpee Day. The coupon is available on the 7-Eleven website. You can also find the coupon in the 7-Eleven app. The coupon is necessary because it is how 7-Eleven tracks how many people participate in the event.

Which color ribbon represents juvenile arthritis?

The meaning behind the blue ribbon is to represent awareness for juvenile arthritis.

Juvenile arthritis is pretty serious, right?

Juvenile arthritis can cause some pretty gnarly complications, like growth problems, joint damage, and eye inflammation.

Does juvenile arthritis fall under the category of a disability?

Juvenile arthritis may be considered a disability, as it can interfere with a child's ability to perform age-appropriate activities. In some cases, it can also lead to long-term disability.

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