National French Fry Day: Facts and Crunch into Deliciousness

National French Fry Day: Facts and Crunch into Deliciousness

When is National French Fry Day

  • National French Fry Day is celebrated annually on July 13th.
  • It is a day dedicated to the appreciation and enjoyment of French fries, a beloved snack made from deep-fried potatoes.
  • On this day, people indulge in their favorite types of French fries, whether they are crispy, seasoned, curly, or topped with various sauces.


National French Fry Day

  • National French Fry Day is celebrated on July 13th each year. It is a day dedicated to the beloved deep-fried potato delicacy that is enjoyed by people all around the world.
  • On this day, many restaurants and fast food chains may offer special promotions or discounts on French fries, and individuals may indulge in their favorite variations of this crispy and delicious snack.
  • It's a time to appreciate the crispy, golden goodness of French fries and enjoy them in various shapes, sizes, and seasonings.


National French Fry Day History

  • National French Fry Day is celebrated on July 13th each year in the United States.
  • French fries, also known as frites or chips, are thin strips of deep-fried potatoes enjoyed worldwide.
  • The exact origins of National French Fry Day are unclear, but French fries are believed to have been introduced by French chef François Louis Bracq to Thomas Jefferson in the late 17th century.
  • French fries gained popularity in the United States and became a staple in American cuisine.
  • They are commonly served as a side dish in various forms, such as shoestring fries, steak fries, curly fries, waffle fries, and crinkle-cut fries.
  • National French Fry Day is celebrated with special deals and promotions at restaurants and fast-food chains.
  • Unique fry flavors and toppings may be created for the occasion.
  • Social media plays a significant role in spreading awareness and sharing fry-related content on National French Fry Day.


National French Fry Day Tradition

On National French Fry Day, people celebrate the occasion by enjoying and indulging in their favorite French fry treats. Here are some common traditions associated with the day:

  • Eating French Fries: The main tradition of National French Fry Day is to savor and indulge in French fries. People may prepare their own fries at home or visit their favorite restaurants or fast-food chains to enjoy a serving of delicious fries.
  • Trying Different Varieties: Some individuals use National French Fry Day as an opportunity to explore different types of French fries. This may include trying different seasonings, dipping sauces, or even experimenting with sweet potato or curly fries.
  • Sharing Photos and Recipes: Many people share their love for French fries on social media by posting pictures of their favorite fries or sharing recipes and cooking tips with others.
  • Promotions and Specials: Some restaurants and fast-food chains may offer promotions or discounts on French fries specifically for National French Fry Day. This gives people a chance to enjoy their favorite snack at a special price.
  • Social Gatherings: National French Fry Day can also be a reason for friends or family to come together and enjoy a meal or snack centered around French fries. It provides an opportunity for bonding over shared culinary delights.

Remember, National French Fry Day is all about celebrating and enjoying the deliciousness of French fries in whatever way brings you joy and satisfaction.


National French Fry Day Activities

On National French Fry Day, here are some fun activities you can consider to make the most of the celebration:

  • French Fry Tasting: Try different types of French fries from various restaurants or fast-food chains. Experiment with different seasonings, dips, or toppings to discover new flavor combinations.
  • Homemade French Fry Party: Host a gathering with friends or family where everyone brings their homemade French fries. Create a taste-testing station and enjoy sampling the different variations.
  • French Fry Recipe Swap: Share and exchange your favorite French fry recipes with friends or online communities. Get inspired by different cooking techniques and seasonings to enhance your fry game.
  • French Fry Food Challenge: Challenge yourself or your friends to finish a jumbo-sized serving of French fries within a time limit. It can be a fun and competitive activity to see who can conquer the fry challenge.
  • French Fry Art Contest: Organize an art competition where participants create artwork featuring French fries. It could be paintings, drawings, sculptures, or even digital art. Award prizes for the most creative and visually appealing entries.
  • French Fry Trivia Night: Host a French fry-themed trivia night with friends or family. Prepare a list of trivia questions related to French fries, fast-food chains, and potato facts. Have some prizes for the winners.
  • French Fry Movie Night: Settle down for a movie marathon with a big bowl of French fries as your movie snack. Watch films that prominently feature French fries or simply enjoy your favorite movies while munching on fries.

Remember to have fun, enjoy the deliciousness of French fries, and celebrate National French Fry Day in your own unique way!


15 Facts About French Fry 

Here are 15 best fun facts about french fry:

  • French fries are not from France but are believed to have originated in Belgium.
  • They are a popular side dish worldwide, often served with burgers and sandwiches.
  • The longest French fry on record measured about 34 inches (86 centimeters).
  • McDonald's is known for its iconic French fries and sells millions of servings daily.
  • Different countries have unique variations, such as serving with mayonnaise in Belgium and poutine in Canada.
  • The largest serving of French fries weighed around 3,000 pounds (1,360 kilograms).
  • Americans consume an estimated 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) of French fries per person annually.
  • Healthier alternatives include sweet potato fries, baked fries, and air-fried fries.
  • There is a dedicated French fry museum called Frietmuseum in Bruges, Belgium.
  • Some artists have created sculptures using French fries, showcasing their creative potential.
  • The world's longest french fry was made in Belgium in 2017. It was 1,695 feet long!
  • The most expensive french fry ever sold was a $200 one made with gold flakes.
  • The average American eats 30 pounds of french fries per year.
  • The French fry is the national dish of Belgium.
  • French fries are a popular snack food in many countries around the world.



In conclusion, National French Fry Day is a fun and delicious celebration of one of the most beloved and iconic foods worldwide. It is a day to indulge in crispy, golden fries and appreciate the diverse flavors and variations they offer.

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National French Fry Day Date

Year Date Day
202413 JulySaturday
202513 JulySunday
202613 JulyMonday
202713 JulyTuesday
202813 JulyThursday
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National French Fry Day FAQ

When is National French Fry Day?

National French Fry Day is celebrated on July 13th. It is a day dedicated to the appreciation and enjoyment of French fries, a beloved snack made from deep-fried potatoes

Why do we celebrate National French Fry Day?

National French Fry Day is celebrated to honor and appreciate the beloved snack of French fries. It is a day dedicated to indulging in the crispy, golden goodness of French fries and celebrating their universal appeal.

What is the nickname of French fry?

The nickname for French fries is often simply "fries." It is a common and widely used term to refer to this popular fried potato snack.

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