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National Holidays FAQ

Is the term pajama Indian?

The term "pajama" is derived from the Hindi "pyjma," which comes from the Persian "py," which means "leg," and "jma," which means "garment."

How do PJ parties work?

A party when children stay over at a friend's house is known as a pajama party.

Where did pajamas first appear?

Mogul's breeches, the precursor of modern pajamas, was initially made popular in Britain within the 17th century, but it wasn't until around 1870 that men started wearing them as loungewear. They may be traced back to British colonial rule in Southwest Asia.

What is the best way to make sure I don’t get sick?

Listen to your body: make sure you’re getting enough physical activity, sleep and eating healthy. And if you’re ever in doubt, always make sure to consult a professional and make wellness checks part of your routine.

How can I support World Health Day?

Participate in local nonprofits and charities by volunteering. You can also donate bone marrow or blood. Overall, though, focus on maintaining your health and show respect to the medical team.

What were the previous World Health Day themes?

World Health Day featured a wide range of subjects, from talks about specific diseases like diabetes and polio to more general issues like road safety and the impact of climate change on human health. In the quest for health, nothing is off-bounds.

How do I make a wish?

Making wishes isn’t something that needs to be learned. Sometimes it is often as simple as expressing some of your most desired thoughts. Other times you'll want to write it down for posterity. However, you do it, making a wish is usually expressing someone's desire to be or be something.

How am I able to help/donate to in Make a wish foundation?

You can foster hope and spread the message of positivity and strength, not only as a committed volunteer but also as a benevolent donor. Make-A-Wish accepts any donation on the official site where a supporter can send a one-time donation or make a monthly contribution just with a click from the comfort of their home.

Click on the donate button and choose what you would like to donate. You'll make a life-changing difference anywhere in the world!

Can wish to be really fulfilled?

Wishes are meant to be fulfilled when it involves diligence, determination, and consistency. We get nothing without even trying. Consistency is the key to success.

When is the earth day festival celebrated?

The earth day festival celebrated on April 22nd.

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