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Why should you love your skin?

Loving your skin, you not only enhance its health and appearance but also cultivate a positive mindset, self-acceptance, and overall well-being. It is a way of honoring and appreciating the remarkable organ that is your skin

How to look beautiful in 7 days?

Day 1: Skincare routine (cleanse, tone, moisturize).

Day 2: Stay hydrated with water.

Day 3: Get enough sleep for skin rejuvenation.

Day 4: Eat a balanced diet for healthy skin.

Day 5: Exercise regularly for improved blood circulation.

Day 6: Enhance features with makeup.

Day 7: Embrace self-care and inner happiness.

Who created National Love Your Skin Day?

National Love Your Skin Day was created by Dermastart, a cosmetics company, in 2020.

Why do we celebrate World Population Day?

World Population Day is celebrated to raise awareness about population issues, promote reproductive health and family planning, address sustainable development, advocate for gender equality, and inspire action towards finding solutions to global population challenges.

Why is July 11th a World Population Day?

July 11th is observed as World Population Day because it commemorates the Day of Five Billion, which was observed on July 11, 1987. The Day of Five Billion marked the estimated global population reaching five billion people. The significance of this milestone generated interest and led to the establishment of World Population Day by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1989.

What is World Population Day?

World Population Day is an annual event observed on July 11 to raise awareness of population issues and the importance of family planning. It was established by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1989, the year the world's population reached 5 billion.

What is the theme of World Population Day 2023?

World Population Day 2023 theme is "Sustainable growth for a sustainable future!"

Who is the father of Population Day?

World Population Day was suggested by Dr. K.C. Zachariah, a Senior Demographer at the World Bank, to commemorate the milestone of the global population reaching five billion. Dr. Zachariah played a significant role in advocating for the establishment of World Population Day while he worked at the World Bank.

Is July 19th International retainer day?

July 19th is not widely recognized as International Retainer Day. While there may be some observances or promotions related to retainers on that day, it is not an officially established international day for retainers.

What is the purpose of retainer?

The purpose of a retainer is to maintain the position and alignment of teeth after orthodontic treatment. After braces or other orthodontic interventions, a retainer helps prevent teeth from shifting back to their original positions. It ensures that the teeth remain in their corrected positions, allowing the desired alignment to stabilize and be maintained over time.

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