Top 10 Pathology Lab Equipment Manufacturers in World


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Top 10 Pathology Lab Equipment Manufacturers in World

The laboratory equipment manufacturing industry is experiencing rapid growth, propelled by rising investments in healthcare and heightened awareness about health issues. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, there's an increasing demand for cutting-edge laboratory apparatus to facilitate effective diagnosis.

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The Global Laboratory Equipment Services market was USD 10.9 billion in 2022-23 and will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.80% from 2023 to 2030. It's projected that by 2023-24, the global market for laboratory equipment will surpass $15 billion, showcasing a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 10% indicating substantial market potential.

The world's laboratory equipment sector is thriving due to significant investments in research and development by top manufacturers, coupled with a burgeoning need for advanced diagnostic tools.


The growing emphasis on hosting clinical trials further bolsters the growth prospects of laboratory equipment manufacturers, positioning them as key players in the rapidly evolving world market.


Top 10 Pathology Lab Equipment Manufacturers in the World

Here are the Top 10 Pathology Lab Equipment Manufacturers in the World.

Rank Company Name Headquarters
1 Thermo Fisher Scientific USA
2 Danaher Corporation USA
3 Abbott Laboratories USA
4 Siemens Healthineers AG Germany
5 Agilent Technologies USA
6 Roche Diagnostics Switzerland
7 PerkinElmer Inc. USA
8 Sysmex Corporation Japan
9 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. USA
10 Beckman Coulter USA


Top 10 Pathology Lab Equipment Manufacturers List - Drlogy Pathology Lab Equipment List Directory


1. Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Headquarters: USA
  • Products: Wide range, including automated platforms, instruments for immunohistochemistry, molecular diagnostics, and mass spectrometry.
  • Basic Info: Global leader with diverse offerings and strong R&D focus.
  • USP: Integrated solutions, automation, and comprehensive portfolio.


2. Danaher Corporation

  • Headquarters: USA
  • Products: Life sciences tools, diagnostics, and environmental instruments.
  • Basic Info: Diversified conglomerate with several subsidiaries (Beckman Coulter, Leica Biosystems) focused on pathology equipment.
  • USP: Broad and specialized offerings across different aspects of pathology workflows.


3. Abbott Laboratories

  • Headquarters: USA
  • Products: Diagnostics, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products.
  • Basic Info: Leading player in diagnostics with a strong clinical chemistry and immunoassay portfolio.
  • USP: Focus on innovation and automation in diagnostics, especially immunoassays.


4. Siemens Healthineers AG

  • Headquarters: Germany
  • Products: Imaging, diagnostics, and advanced therapies solutions.
  • Basic Info: Global leader in medical imaging and offering a growing diagnostics portfolio.
  • USP: Strong imaging integration and focus on AI-powered solutions for diagnostics.


5. Agilent Technologies

  • Headquarters: USA
  • Products: Analytical instruments, life sciences tools, and diagnostics.
  • Basic Info: Expertise in chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies used in various pathology applications.
  • USP: High-performance instruments and strong presence in mass spectrometry for biomarker analysis.


6. Roche Diagnostics

  • Headquarters: Switzerland
  • Products: Diagnostics, including immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, and point-of-care solutions.
  • Basic Info: Global leader in in-vitro diagnostics with a strong focus on oncology and personalized medicine.
  • USP: Extensive assay menu, innovative technologies like Cobas® systems, and commitment to personalized medicine.


7. PerkinElmer Inc.

  • Headquarters: USA
  • Products: Life sciences research solutions, diagnostics, and environmental testing instruments.
  • Basic Info: Broad portfolio covering various pathology segments, including in-situ hybridization and genetic analysis.
  • USP: Expertise in life science research tools and their application in diagnostics, like automation and NGS solutions.


8. Sysmex Corporation

  • Headquarters: Japan
  • Products: Hematology analyzers, urinalysis instruments, and flow cytometry analyzers.
  • Basic Info: Global leader in hematology with a strong focus on automation and innovation in cell analysis.
  • USP: Advanced hematology analyzers with automation capabilities and expertise in flow cytometry for various applications.


9. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

  • Headquarters: USA
  • Products: Life science research tools, clinical diagnostics, and educational products.
  • Basic Info: Strong presence in life science research tools, expanding into clinical diagnostics with a focus on immunoassays.
  • USP: Expertise in protein analysis and development of innovative platforms like QIA™ systems for diagnostics.


10. Beckman Coulter

  • Headquarters: USA
  • Products: Hematology, chemistry, and immunoassay analyzers, automation solutions.
  • Basic Info: Part of Danaher Corporation, known for its expertise in hematology and automation solutions.
  • USP: Comprehensive analyzer portfolio, strong automation capabilities, and focus on laboratory workflow optimization.


Pathology Lab Equipment List

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Overall, These top 10 Pathology Lab Equipment Manufacturers are instrumental in providing cutting-edge solutions to various industries and research institutions. With a strong focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, they continue to drive advancements in the laboratory equipment sector, contributing to the growth of scientific research and development in world.


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