Pathology Lab Equipment List Must Required For Every Lab


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Pathology Lab Equipment List Must Required For Every Lab

Looking to set up a pathology lab or curious about the essential equipment used in one? Discover a comprehensive list of common Pathology Lab Equipment List required for the lab.


Pathology Lab Equipment List

Here is the essential Pathology Lab Equipment List.

Equipment Function
Microscopes Examine tissues and cells
Centrifuges Separate substances
Haematology Analysers Automate blood analysis
Biochemistry Analysers Analyse blood and urine
Incubators Cultivate microorganisms
Refrigerators/Freezers Store samples and reagents
PCR Machines Amplify and analyse DNA
Autoclaves Ensure instrument sterility
Slide Stainers Automated slide staining
Tissue Processors Prepare tissue samples
Cryostats Cut frozen tissue sections
Embedding Centers Embed tissue specimens
Microtomes Cut thin tissue sections
Water Baths Maintain sample temperature
pH Meters Measure acidity/alkalinity
Pipettes Accurately measure liquids
Spectrophotometers Measure light absorption
Gel Electrophoresis Systems Separate DNA/RNA/proteins
Histochemistry Equipment Identify tissue components
Hematology Stains Stain blood cells
Microbiology Culture Media Cultivate microorganisms
PCR Reagents Amplify DNA/RNA targets
Immunohistochemistry Kits Detect antigens in tissues
Liquid Handling Systems Automate sample processing
Tissue Embedding Cassettes Hold tissue specimens
Microscope Slide Coverslips Protect tissue specimens
Cryogenic Storage Systems Store samples at ultra-low temperatures
Heat Blocks Maintain sample temperature
Microplate Readers Analyze assays in microplates
Hemocytometers Count blood cells
ELISA Readers Analyze ELISA assays
Fume Hoods Ventilate hazardous fumes
Tissue Cassettes Hold tissue specimens
Liquid Nitrogen Tanks Store samples at cryogenic temperatures
Slide Coverslippers Coverslip microscope slides
Colony Counters Count microbial colonies
pH Calibration Solutions Calibrate pH meters
DNA Extraction Kits Extract DNA from samples
RNA Extraction Kits Extract RNA from samples
Protein Extraction Kits Extract proteins from samples
Agarose Gel Boxes Run agarose gel electrophoresis
Shakers Mix samples thoroughly
Microbiology Pipette Tips Dispense liquids accurately


List of Pathology Lab Equipment

Here are detailed List of Pathology Lab Equipment.

Top Pathology Lab Equipment List Must Required For Lab - Drlogy Pathology Lab Equipment List Directory


  • Microscopes: Used for magnifying small objects or organisms.
  • Centrifuges: Utilized to separate substances of different densities using centrifugal force.
  • Haematology Analysers: Instruments for analyzing blood components and related disorders.
  • Biochemistry Analysers: Instruments for analyzing biochemical substances in body fluids.
  • Incubators: Devices for providing controlled conditions for the growth of microbiological cultures or cells.
  • Refrigerators/Freezers: Used for storing samples and reagents at specific temperatures.
  • PCR Machines: Equipment for amplifying DNA segments through polymerase chain reaction.
  • Autoclaves: Machines used for sterilizing equipment and media using high pressure and temperature.
  • LIMS (Lab Information Management System): Software systems for managing laboratory data and information.
  • Slide Stainers: Devices for staining microscope slides for microscopic examination.
  • Tissue Processors: Equipment for processing tissue samples for microscopic examination.
  • Cryostats: Instruments for cutting thin sections of frozen tissue samples for microscopy.
  • Embedding Centers: Devices for embedding tissue samples in paraffin wax for sectioning.
  • Microtomes: Tools for cutting thin sections of tissue for microscopic examination.
  • Water Baths: Used for incubating samples in water at a constant temperature.
  • pH Meters: Instruments for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.
  • Pipettes: Devices for accurately transferring small volumes of liquid.
  • Spectrophotometers: Instruments for measuring the absorbance or transmission of light by a substance.
  • Gel Electrophoresis Systems: Equipment for separating DNA, RNA, or proteins based on size and charge.
  • Histochemistry Equipment: Instruments for studying the chemical composition of tissues.
  • Hematology Stains: Chemicals used to stain blood cells for microscopic examination.
  • Microbiology Culture Media: Nutrient substances used to grow microorganisms in the laboratory.
  • PCR Reagents: Chemicals and enzymes necessary for polymerase chain reaction.
  • Immunohistochemistry Kits: Kits for detecting specific proteins in tissue samples using antibodies.
  • Liquid Handling Systems: Devices for precise handling of liquids in the laboratory.
  • Tissue Embedding Cassettes: Containers for holding tissue samples during embedding.
  • Microscope Slide Coverslips: Thin glass or plastic covers placed over specimens on microscope slides.
  • Cryogenic Storage Systems: Equipment for storing samples at extremely low temperatures.
  • Heat Blocks: Devices for heating samples in tubes or plates to a specific temperature.
  • Microplate Readers: Instruments for reading absorbance or fluorescence in microplate assays.
  • Hemocytometers: Specialized counting chambers for counting blood cells or other particles.
  • ELISA Readers: Instruments for measuring the absorbance of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) reactions.
  • Fume Hoods: Enclosures for safely working with hazardous or volatile substances.
  • Tissue Cassettes: Containers for holding tissue samples during processing and embedding.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Tanks: Containers for storing and transporting liquid nitrogen.
  • Slide Coverslippers: Devices for applying coverslips to microscope slides.
  • Colony Counters: Instruments for counting bacterial or fungal colonies on agar plates.
  • pH Calibration Solutions: Solutions used to calibrate pH meters.
  • DNA Extraction Kits: Kits for isolating DNA from biological samples.
  • RNA Extraction Kits: Kits for isolating RNA from biological samples.
  • Protein Extraction Kits: Kits for isolating proteins from biological samples.
  • Agarose Gel Boxes: Containers for casting agarose gels for gel electrophoresis.
  • Shakers: Devices for agitating samples in tubes or plates.
  • Microbiology Pipette Tips: Disposable tips for pipettes used in microbiology applications.


Pathology Lab Equipment List

Here are 12 Steps Drlogy Pathology Lab Equipment List Directory & Guide For Lab Owners.

1. Equipment List 7. Lab Machines list
2. Price Compare 8. Lab Instrument list
3. Equipment Use 9. Dos vs Don'ts
4. Equ vs Instrument 10. Safety & Quality
5. Manufacturers 11. Maintenance
6. Suppliers 12. LIMS



Overall, A comprehensive pathology lab equipment list is vital for ensuring all necessary tools for diagnostics, research, and analysis are available. It facilitates accurate testing, enhances workflow efficiency, and supports the delivery of quality healthcare services.


Also Check Full Drlogy Pathology Lab Equipment List Guide for checking complete solutions to lab onwers  before purchasing any new equipment.


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