Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Painless Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Rajan Bir Singh Thind in Ludhiana
Dr. Rajan Bir Singh Thind

Dentist, Ludhiana

18, Apr 2021
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ROOT CANAL TREATMENT YOU REQUIRE A ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (RCT) IF YOU HAVE: Sensitivity/pain in a tooth on having something cold especially drinking something chilled/cold. Pain in the tooth while applying pressure to eat/chew something (the patient avoids eating on the side where the infected tooth is). A pimple near the gum of the infected tooth which comes and goes (may or may not have pus); this tooth may or may not have pain. SINGLE VISIT ENDODONTICS (SVE) Single visit Endodontics is gaining much interest these days. It is faster, well accepted & prevents recontamination of the root canal treatment between appointments. Single Visit Endodontics (SVE) refers to cleaning, shaping & disinfection of RC system followed by obscuration, all carried out during the same visit. Single Visit Endodontics is very common these days; in today's era where everyone is running after time, people find it a good bargain, it goes well with their fast-paced life style. ADVANTAGE OF SINGLE VISIT ENDODONTICS Beneficial in cases where patients don't show up to complete the RCT Saves time. Patients comfort as the procedure is completed in a single appointment, reducing the number of visits. Patient doesn't have to experience the discomfort caused by local anesthesia again & again. Chances of bacterial recontamination are reduced by virtue of number of visits. Single visit root canal treatment has emerged as an effective treatment modality benefiting both patient & provided proper case selection is done & standard endodontic principles are followed.
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