Is it normal to have dandruff after hair transplant treatment?

Is It Normal To Have Dandruff After Hair Transplant Treatment?

Dr. Rashmi Aderao in Pune
Dr. Rashmi Aderao

Dermatologist, Pune

24, Mar 2023
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Many individuals have been annoyed, frustrated, and embarrassed by dandruff. However, it affects other people more severely, causing hair loss. Understandably, you would be scared of dandruff if you had undergone hair transplant surgery to restore your hair permanently. Yet, in actuality, it is a problem that many individuals deal with. Remember that dandruff is neither infectious nor dangerous. Typically, there is no need for concern. You merely need to follow the aftercare recommendations provided by your surgeon. In any case, keep an eye on your scalp because dandruff occasionally signals a more severe problem.

Dandruff is Normal after Hair Transplant 

Following a hair transplant, dryness and dandruff are typical. After some time, though, it usually resolves by itself. Remember that it might impact both the donor and recipient areas. 

Dandruff frequently comes with momentary itching. To prevent losing the grafts, you must take care not to scrape your scalp. It will have an impact on your total hair density. 

Small incisions are made on the scalp during the transplant procedure, which also involves collecting and implanting grafts. During a hair transplant, the skin is healing, and while it does, the dead skin cells are visible as flakes that will eventually come off. Overall, it indicates that your scalp is recovering from the operation. Also, if you notice this issue, it does not in any way suggest that your hair’s health is declining. 

After surgery, there will be short-term hair loss or shock shedding. Following a hair transplant, it’s common to experience. After a while, the issue will be resolved. It happens for a bit. It takes roughly 2 to 3 months after the hair transplant for new hair to grow. 

The capacity of your hair to grow following hair loss therapy is unaffected by dandruff, even if it may be a developing problem for everyone. After hair transplantation, shock shedding, transient hair loss, and dandruff are frequent signs that the treated areas have healed.
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