Vodka 6 Supercharged Health Benefits

Vodka 6 Supercharged Health Benefits

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Vodka is popular alcohol. Vodka is composed of ethanol and water. The name ‘vodka’ came from ‘Voda’, a Slavic word which means ‘water’. Vodka is colorless and flavorless drink so it can easily be mixed with any drinks without disturbing of main drinks quality. Vodka is a trendy drink which presents in bar, restaurants, parties, small gatherings and on another occasion. Vodka has many nutritional benefits with zero fat.

Vodka is prepared from vegetables, grain, sugar, yeast and alcohol. A variety of vodka is available in the market. It tastes and quality depends upon the place, raw materials and alcohol content used in the preparation. In some countries it is prepared from sorghum, corn, rye, wheat, potatoes, molasses, soybeans, grapes etc. Vodka is work as a disinfectant, antitoxins, antiseptic, anti-bacterial properties. 

Vodka has many health benefits such as improving cardiovascular health, reducing the stress and anxiety, remove the dental problems, provide skin and hair care, help in digestion, disinfecting the wounds, etc. 

Historical origination of vodka still remains a topic of discussion and debates attributing to the lack of enough evidence available regarding its incitation. Although some sources advocate the initial production of vodka have occurred in Russia around the 9th century while others say that it may have happened in Poland around the 8th century. 

During earlier times, the spirit was originally used as a medication and quite different with respect to its aroma, appearance and flavor present today. 

Variety of vodka is like, Absolut vodka, Belvedere vodka, Ciroc vodka, Effen vodka, Finlandia vodka, Grey Goose vodka, Hanger 1 vodka, Ketel one vodka, Three olive vodka, Svedka vodka, Stolichnaya vodka, Skyy vodka, Van gogh vodka, Zubrowka, etc.

Nutritional Profile

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Health Benefits

Fight with infections

Vodka has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can act as a disinfectant. These properties can fight infections and stay healthy. 

The antiseptic property of vodka can remove the bacteria or virus from the wounds that can help speed up the healing of the wound. 

It can remove germs from the mouth which can produce dental problems and bad breath. So it can help in reducing the risk of infection in the mouth.

MAIN THING: Vodka is powerful disinfectant can help in wound healing and reduce risk of any infections in mouth or any part in body.

Fight with stress

Vodka has sedative property. This property of vodka can help in reducing stress and anxiety. It can remove stress and anxiety by inducing sleep. This sedative property can relax the body and calm the mind or brain. 

Vodka can help in reducing the stress hormone level. So it also helps in decreasing the anxiety as well as depression. It can also help in reducing irritation, headache, tension, insomnia, etc. so it can help a person who is suffering from sleeplessness due to anxiety.

MAIN THING: Moderate consumption of vodka helps in relaxing the mind and body.

Fight with Skin and Hair problems

Vodka is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants can help in maintaining the health of skin and hair. 

Antioxidants present in vodka cause it can be used in many cosmetics. It can help in removing the scar, acne, cold sore, aging symptoms, etc. these all are because of its astringent property. The disinfectant property of vodka also can help in reducing the risk of skin diseases. 

The astringent property of vodka is also good for hair health. If vodka applied with some essential oil in the scalp it can remove dandruff as well as an itchy scalp. Not only removing dandruff, but vodka also promotes hair growth. So vodka provides hair care.

MAIN THING: The disinfectant and astringent property of vodka is good for skin and hair health.

Fight with Heart Disease

Vodka has no fat. So vodka can help in reducing the bad cholesterol level in the body. Because of the high level of bad cholesterol can reduce the level of good cholesterol or HDL. HDL can protect the heart from cardiovascular disease. HDL can help in reducing the risk of formation of clots in the vessels and stay away from the heart attack, stroke, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, embolism, plaques, etc.

Vodka also has to dilate property. This property of vodka can affect on vessels and stimulate them. This stimulation can provide adequate blood flow in the body. This free flow of blood can inhibit the risk of heart diseases such as stroke, cardiac arrest, etc.

MAIN THING: Adequate drinking vodka has protective effect against heart diseases.

Fight with Obesity

Vodka has carbohydrates with a completely absent of fat. So vodka can help in reducing the weight. Whenever consuming the extra amount of sugar it can increase the risk of diabetes and another metabolic syndrome. The extra amount of sugar in the body can store in the form of fat and can increase the weight.

MAIN THING: Vodka can help in reducing obesity by increasing the metabolic activity and reducing the level of fat as well as obesity. 

Fight with Dental problems

Vodka has antiseptic properties. It can help in reducing the risk of oral diseases such as gingivitis, cavities, etc. vodka also helps in reducing the pain such as toothache.

Vodka also helps in reducing the bad breath because of the main reason for bad breath is germs in the mouth. Mouth germs are killed by antiseptic properties of vodka.

MAIN THING: Antiseptic properties in vodka can fight with dental problems as well as oral problems. 

Safety Profiles

Toxicity: Excessive consumption of vodka or any alcohol can produce adverse effect on organs such as brain, liver, heart, pancreas, etc. it can produce high blood pressure, diminished immune response etc. 

Selection and Storage


During the purchase of vodka look for alcohol content present in vodka. Vodka with less alcohol content can be more expensive. During purchase, also look for ingredients used in the preparation. Buy a good quality of vodka from the best company. 


If the use of vodka is very frequently, store in at a dry and cool place. 
Store the vodka in an upright position for the prevention of leakage. 
The temperature of storing place is consistent. Use the freezer for storing if you want chilled vodka. Avoid storing vodka in direct sunlight.   
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