World Lion Day: History, Purpose, Awareness Tips & Importance

World Lion Day: History, Purpose, Awareness Tips & Importance

When is World Lion Day

World Lion Day is celebrated on August 10 and aims to raise awareness about the plight faced by lions who are in danger.


King of Jungle in Danger!!


World Lion Day

All Information related to the World Lion Day Event, Date, Day, Significance & Observed countries is given below.

Event World Lion Day
Date August 10
Day Wednesday
Significance Aims to raise awareness about the plight faced by lions who are in danger.
Observed by All Countries


Significance of World Lion Day

  • Lions are known as the "ruler of monsters" or lords of the wilderness.
  • They are the second biggest felines on the planet after tigers. 
  • In 2020, the Asiatic lion populace in Gujarat's Gir woods expanded by practically 29%. The lions' reach additionally expanded by 36%.
  • Logically known as Panthera Leo, lions are known as the lord of the wilderness.
  • They are the public images of various countries in light of their characteristics like fortitude, knowledge, and strength. 
  • Nonetheless, this superb creature is a jeopardized species, as per the Worldwide Association for Preservation of Nature (IUCN) Red Rundown of Undermined Species.
  • Home to the Asiatic lion Panthera leo persica, the Gir timberland is a one-of-a-kind and dynamic environment in Saurashtra on the west shore of India. 
  • The Asiatic lion was once boundless in Asia, covering Mesopotamia, Arabia, Persia, and the Indian subcontinent, where it was very plentiful until the last part of the 1700s. 
  • The last lion to get by in the wild external Saurashtra was accounted for in 1884. 
  • Arbitrary hunting and living space misfortune have cleared out the Asiatic lion off of the remainder of India. 
  • Convenient insurance estimates by the previous Nawab of Junagadh intruded on the chase.
  • For that reason, World Lion Day is commended overall on August 10 consistently to bring issues to light about lion protection and feature the situation they face. 


History of World Lion Day

  • The day was established in 2013 by two great persons named Dereck and Beverly Joubert.
  • One of the outstanding morphological elements generally found in Asiatic lions and seldom found in African lions is a longitudinal crease of skin that runs down its midsection.
  • At the highest point of the head, guys have just moderate mane development and as a result of this, their ears are consistently noticeable.
  • The artworks, writing, and records of lion hunting tell that lions were imperial creatures during the Mauryan and Gupta periods. 
  • They likewise partook in a significant spot during the Mughal time frame.
  • For World Lion Day, the Natural life Division includes Sasan-Gir, neighborhood foundations, and schools in holding a convention. 
  • Members wear Asian lion-engraved facial coverings and the convention course repeats mottos, for example, "Hun Gir Saathe Chhu, Hun Sinh Saathe Chhu" (I'm with Gir, I'm with lion). 
  • Leaflets are disseminated with data about the Asiatic lion in the vernaculars.
  • The convention is trailed by a little narrative film screening about lions and an educational discourse from members about the significance of lion protection.
  • Members then join a vow focused on lion preservation. 
  • The Natural life Division, Sasan-Gir is providing a unit containing all of the above gear for the occasion.
  • This festival of the animals of the world collectively's most gorgeous and startling animals was made by Huge Feline Salvage, the world's biggest authorized salvage community for large felines. 


Purpose of World Lion Day

  • August 10 is a day when individuals from everywhere the world meet up to honor the strong lion in however many ways as could reasonably be expected. 
  • While it's a tomfoolery and energizing an open door for everybody, its establishment depends on an intense matter: lion numbers have declined decisively to where the species ought to be put on the jeopardized list, very much like its greater cousin the tiger. 
  • World Lion Day is the brainchild of fellow benefactors Dereck and Beverly Joubert, a couple of group enthusiastically for enormous felines. 
  • They began the drive in 2013, bringing both Public Geographic and the Huge Feline Drive together under one standard to safeguard the excess enormous felines living in nature.
  • Prize hunting is legitimate in Zimbabwe, despite the fact that Cecil's homicide was an especially terrible case, obviously violating numerous regulations. 
  • As aggravating as prize hunting might be, it's just a single issue. 
  • Consistently, many lions are killed by rustic Africans with regard to their trained steers, goats, and camels. 
  • Undeniably more felines kick the bucket in wire catches and iron snares. 
  • The unlawful snares, laid fundamentally to trap herbivores for the gigantic wild bushmeat exchange, are a twofold catastrophe for lions. 
  • Poaching obliterates the wild prey that supports the lion populace. 
  • Furthermore, attracted to the calls of biting the dust ungulates, lions themselves are then trapped in neighboring catches, where they pass on a long, grim demise. 
  • While wildebeest, zebra, and eland decline because of poaching, lions resort to killing animals, filling much more the retaliatory killings by herders and farmers.
  • The "Environment Savvy Farming Venture" means to empower individuals in the towns around the Okavango Delta, which are severely impacted by environmental change, to get their food and pay in a practical manner.
  • Moreover, the task serves the endurance of jeopardized untamed life like lions, wild canines, and panthers. 
  • Particularly around the Okavango Delta, there are various struggles among domesticated animals and natural life because of over-the-top creature farming. Lions have been shot or harmed. 
  • The circumstance was made significantly more sensational by the absence of sightseers during the pandemic, which left numerous destitute individuals poaching.
  • Hence, the Environment Shrewd Horticulture project serves both the protection of individuals and species. 


World Lion Day Importance

  • Under the program, the networks impacted by Coronavirus are prepared in products of soil cultivating, making them free from domesticated animals.
  • They are endlessly engaged to steadily bring in cash from their rural items and feed themselves.
  • A thick, dim mane shows that a lion is fit and sound. Lionesses favor guys with dull manes, as per the Serengeti Lion Venture, and thick, long, dim manes show to different guys that a lion is in a battling structure.
  • Every species means quite a bit to the well-being of a biological system. 
  • Eliminating one animal type can debilitate a living space, yet eliminating a capstone animal type can implode a whole environment. Assuming enormous hunters like lions vanished, crowd populaces would detonate and nibblers would eat the grass. The savanna would turn into a sandy desert.
  • With regards to giving to a noble cause, World Lion Day provides you with a bunch of choices. 
  • Good causes related with the day incorporate the African Preservation 
  • Establishment, African Parks, Safeguards of Natural life, Ewaso Lions, Global Asset for Creature Government assistance, LionAid, Lion Gatekeepers, Nikela, Save Creatures Confronting Eradication, Saving The Lion Establishment, and considerably more. 
  • You can uphold these associations straightforwardly or help the coordinators of World Lion Day to bring issues to light of the quantity of causes that are attempting to advance the circumstance of lions.
  • The distinction that unique individuals can make is colossal. 
  • Adding outer connections permits the World Lion Day site to create free natural traffic, significantly lessening effort costs. 
  • So on the off chance that you own a business, blog, or corporate website, consider adding one of their pennants to your webpage to show your help for this basic natural reason.
  • Lions can see multiple times better compared to people in obscurity! 
  • They have an intelligent layer of cells at the rear of their eyes. 
  • Light from the moon or stars stirs things up around town and bobs forward like the headlights of a vehicle. 
  • Creatures and environmental elements seem more brilliant in obscurity.


World Lion Day Awareness Tips


1. Commitment to safeguard lions

  • Regardless of how you decide to go through the day, ensure it's worth the effort by committing to safeguard lions. 
  • Lions are normal adversaries expected to control prey populace. 
  • Besides such ecological advantages, lions are incredibly gorgeous and magnificent creatures that have long administered the mainstream society scene. 
  • So, we should take a promise to show up for them.


2. Decline to purchase lion items

  • Whether you're searching for another sack or coat, or other comparative stuff, ensure you know where it comes from. 
  • Decline to purchase lion items (or other creature skin items) to diminish deals and market esteem.


3. Give your resources

  • Time and cash are the most significant resources you can give in this present reality. 
  • Keep an eye out for public and global associations that safeguard wild felines and put resources into them by giving your cash to good causes. 
  • Assuming you can't give, you can chip in your time by aiding the association's volunteer or by advancing the associations in your circles.



  • Lions are carnivores and have no regular adversaries other than people, making them dominant hunters or cornerstone species. 
  • In this way, it assumes a key part in the established pecking order of the biological system.
  • The eradication of lions can have serious ramifications for the whole environment and the presence of a few different animal groups.
  • So, by denoting a unique day for lions, specialists need to spread mindfulness about their reality and protection all over the planet for a sound climate and life cycle.
  • In any case, it isn't all despondency. 
  • Albeit the lion stays powerless, it improves. 
  • As the world gets more extravagant, the interest for saving the indigenous habitat increments and these large felines will benefit. That is something that makes all of us thunder with enchant.


World Lion Day Date

Year Date Day
202410 AugustSaturday
202510 AugustSunday
202610 AugustMonday
202710 AugustTuesday
202810 AugustThursday
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World Lion Day FAQ

When is World Lion Day observed?

It is noticed yearly on August 10. The objective is to spread mindfulness and teach individuals about lions and their security.

Why is world lion day important?

We observe World Lion Day to reveal insight into the world's declining lion populaces. The wildcat is on the Global Association for Preservation of Nature's rundown of imperiled and weak species.

Where do lions live?

Most lions live in Africa, just beneath the Sahara. A little populace, around 5%, likewise lives in India's Gir Woods Public Park.

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