National Human Trafficking Day: History, Purpose, Significance & Ideas

National Human Trafficking Day: History, Purpose, Significance & Ideas

When is National Human Trafficking Day

National Human Trafficking Day is observed on January 11th to create awareness and brings attention to a crime that impacts human life, families, and community awareness.


All you need to know about National Human Trafficking Day


National Human Trafficking Day

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Event National Human Trafficking Day
Date January 11th
Day Wednesday
Significance Create awareness and brings attention to a crime that impacts human life, families, and community
Observed by USA


National Human Trafficking Day Purpose

  • Each and every world has received its independence and becomes a free country.
  • Every person has the right to enjoy freedom.
  • But still, some of the humans are treated as slaves.
  • The whole world has been structured and organized in such a way that no human is superior to any other human.
  • All are equal and must respect each other as same.
  • But human trafficking has become a human tragedy.
  • It is said to be an outrage against any people.
  • People are treated as slaves, traded to other countries; and sold at some ransom as if they are not humans; but a thing.
  • It’s sad to see that such things exist these days and the rate of human trafficking has increased to several percent in earlier days.
  • Thus, it is necessary to raise voices against such actions; because who knows we might be next time.
  • Before it’s too late and everything goes out of hand, it is much more important to bring out some sort of solution to eradicate human trafficking.
  • Thus, national human trafficking awareness day has been brought into the light to ensure that every person enjoys their freedom.
  • The national human trafficking awareness day is observed on January 11 every year.
  • The goal of the day is to raise mindfulness about the plight of victims of human trafficking and to promote and guarantee their rights.
  • Despite the fact that the entire month of January has been declared National Month for the Prevention of Slavery and human trafficking,


National Human Trafficking Day History

  • Thisdayisaboutraisingmindfulnessandprecludingfeloniouspractices.
  • According to Unitas, trafficking in human beings is the exploitation, cheating, or compulsion of another for work, domestic service, or marketable sexual exertion. Enslave or exploit others unnecessarily.
  • Unfortunately, slavery in one form or another has been around for hundreds of times – numerous people are ignorant of this fact, but it still exists; utmost is familiar with the slave trade in the 1400s and beyond.
  • The European- dominated slave trade attracted millions of Africans from the different corridors of the mainland, ultimately dealing with them for work or sexual exploitation.
  • The system has developed over the centuries in countries similar to Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Denmark.
  • President Obama declared January “National Human trafficking awareness” and every time since, each chairman has followed this tradition.
  • This major step taken by Obama is really appreciable.
  • Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons, includes both forced labor and coitus trafficking.
  • It not only represents trouble to transnational peace and security but also undermines the rule of law, robs millions of their quality and freedom, enriches international culprits and terrorists, and threatens public safety and public security far and wide.
  • There are estimated to be further than 24.9 million people - grown-ups and children subordinated to mortal trafficking around the world, including in the United States.
  • Merchandisers frequently take advantage of insecurity caused by natural disasters, conflicts, or an epidemic to exploit others.


National Human Trafficking Day Importance

  • During the COVID- 19 epidemic, merchandisers are continuing to prosecute the crime, chancing ways to introduce and subsidize the chaos.
  • Celebrate the day by tutoring your kiddies on how to bear around non-natives and learning important phone figures and addresses.
  • People can contribute to associations like Unisex and Polaris design.
  • Both groups fight mortal trafficking associations.
  • The exigency number for the National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline is 888-3732-7888 and people can save that number on their phones.
  • Individualities need to learn the signs and pointers of mortal trafficking. This allows people to fete and report it.


National Human Trafficking Day Significance

  • The first step towards precluding trafficking and executing merchandisers, thus, is to fete the complexity of the crime that cannot be dived in a vacuum.
  • Anti-trafficking strategies should be bedded in every policy area, from perfecting women’s education in source countries so that girls are less vulnerable to trafficking, to adding police hires in destination countries so that officers are less prone to bribery.
  • We cannot go to marginalize the problem of mortal trafficking and see it as a commodity that can be ended with many redundant task forces or devoted units.


National Human Trafficking Day Awareness

Here are some awareness tips on National Human Trafficking Day.

1. Earmark to an anti-slavery association

  • Every donation helps, and you can say for sure what anti-slavery groups can do with your plutocrat.
  • Some associations are considering contributing to the Agape International Mission, the Alliance against Trafficking in Women, and the addition of Polaris.
  • There are numerous misconceptions about mortal trafficking moment- so be educated and help others do it.
  • Books and pictures can exfoliate light on numerous aspects of ultramodern- day slavery, including Kevin Bales' Global Understanding and Benjamin Warner's A Crime So satanic battle with ultramodern- Day Slavery.
  • We also recommend taking community training, starting a library of anti-trafficking coffers, webbing coffers, or organizing a book club.


2. Knowing the signs can save lives

  • Being suitable to identify the victim or perpetrator of mortal trafficking can save lives.
  • This assiduity not only directly involves millions of people but also their families, musketeers, and loved ones.
  • There are numerous coffers to help you help and help mortal trafficking- for a better list of implicit red flags, see the Unitas mortal trafficking testing website.


3. Levies to End mortal Trafficking

  • Any anti-slavery association, a club on your lot, or near a marketable establishment will thank you for your help.
  • End slavery orgs give you a recovery chart so you can find associations to see if you are short on cash.


4. Education about mortal trafficking

  • Meet and/ or write to your original, state, and civil tagged officers to let them know you watch about the fight against mortal trafficking and what they’re doing to address it.
  • Organize a mindfulness event to watch bandy flicks about mortal trafficking.
  • For illustration, learn how ultramodern slavery exists momentarily; watch an investigative talkie on coitus trafficking, or discover how forced labor can affect global food force chains.
  • You can also communicate with your original library and ask for help changing a suitable book and ask them to organize the event.


National Human Trafficking Day Tips

  • Mortal trafficking endangers the lives of millions of people around the world and it’s a crime that knows no borders.
  • Trafficking networks operate both nationally and internationally, and while abuse affects women and girls disproportionately, the victims of this ongoing global tragedy are men, women, and children of all periods.
  • It’s believed that a person who keeps silent when he/she witnesses the crime is more punishable than one who had actually committed the crime.
  • Check around if you and your people are surrounded are safe and don’t become a victim of such actions.
  • Join hands and let’s make the world free from human trafficking.
  • Always remember, everyone has the right to speak, act and use their freedom.
  • No one has authority over any other.



Around the world, we cover the progress of governments in combating mortal trafficking and support programs aimed at eradicating it.

From forced labor and debt thrall to forced marketable sexual exploitation and involuntary domestic yoke, mortal trafficking leaves no country untouched.

With this knowledge, we’re formerly again committed to forging robust transnational hook-ups that strengthen global anti-trafficking sweats, and attack merchandisers then at home.

So, it’s very important to notify or raise a voice against such incidents.


National Human Trafficking Day Date

Year Date Day
202411 JanuaryThursday
202511 JanuarySaturday
202611 JanuarySunday
202711 JanuaryMonday
202811 JanuaryTuesday
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National Human Trafficking Day FAQ

Who become easily as a victim of Slavery and Human Trafficking:

As they say, poverty is a big threat in the world. Poverty leads to slavery and human trafficking, where humans are treated as worst as a dog.

Victims of mortal trafficking can be of any age, race, race, gender, nation, or position of education. They come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, have different immigration statuses, and can come from any community.

While anyone can be at threat for mortal trafficking, there are certain threat factors that increase the liability of being targeted. merchandisers frequently target victims who are in a more vulnerable position and prey on those affected by poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and social demarcation. youthful people who are homeless or who have run down from home are especially at threat of getting victims of mortal trafficking.

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