Small Business Saturday: Date, Purpose, Importance & Celebration Ideas

Small Business Saturday: Date, Purpose, Importance & Celebration Ideas

Small Business Saturday

  • Small Business Saturday: A Simple Guide and things you need to know
  • The only thing that reminds you of Saturday is the weekend party.
  • Saturday, being a weekend we people find ourselves to be relaxed and enjoying the day.
  • But, one particular Saturday alone is not about the party, but much more to know about.
  • A Saturday which falls between November 24th and November 30th is observed as a unique day known as Small Business Saturday popularly known as National Shopping Day.
  • Doesn't it sound crazy? Wondering, what is all about this day?
  • Worry not, by the end of this article you will be pretty much clear and defined about this day.


When is Small Business Saturday


Year Date Day
2021 November 27 Saturday
2022 November 26 Saturday
2023 November 25 Saturday
2024 November 30 Saturday
2025 November 29 Saturday


Small Business Saturday 2022

Small Business Saturday will be celebrated on 26th November on Saturday just after thanksgiving day.


Small Business Saturday Purpose


How many of you love thanksgiving? as we all are huge fans of thanksgiving.

  • The forthcoming days after thanksgiving are really special and unique. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the familiar ones.
  • Well, Monday has been celebrated as Internet shopping.
  • You would have already spent lots of money preparing for thanksgiving and find it difficult to buy other kinds of stuff immediately.
  • But what if I say an American shopping holiday is held right after thanksgiving to extend our support to small-scale firms?
  • So, worry not about running out of money after thanksgiving, as a small business will charge you much lesser than any other posh mall.
  • Remember when we were young, how much adamant would we be while walking on the streets which have more shops?
  • We would cry, pester, and convince our mother to buy us something as the seller tempt us with some crazy stuff.
  • Now, this particular day will return our memories as we pass by. Netizens claim that this is one of the busiest periods of the year.
  • The campaign was first started in the year 2010 and created more impact than anyone could imagine.
  • It was created by American Express and campaigned through social media, advertisements, etc… giving free marketing to the owners.
  • Apart from this, the most innovative and excellent initiative done by American Express is that for every single like, they would donate $1 to the girls to support women entrepreneurs. Isn't that amazing?
  • Great ideas and great initiatives come from the best and most humble people.
  • Their generosity not only towards women but also in arranging free campaigns for owners' businesses is palpable.
  • With 30K popular tweets on #smallsaturdaybusiness became trending across the country.
  • This hashtag is still been used to highlight our favorite local businesses. Many small business owners have found that their revenue increased by 60-70% more than the normal day.
  • Can you imagine the footfall? Thus, it's the busiest day of all; where people are flooded over from one shop to another.
  • If you haven't been there and have never known about small business Saturday, then you must visit the US and should experience it and have a great time.


Small Business Saturday Significance

  • Having nearly half of the population wandering on streets to buy pieces of stuff would be claimed as a success story.
  • The local economies witnessed a huge increase in revenue.
  • People supporting local merchants is muchly appreciable.
  • Dozens of companies have extended their support; both private and public organizations; to sponsor the event and raise awareness about small businesses Saturday.
  • Ken Chenault felt that he wanted to be the catalyst of this movement.
  • Not only the revenue but an increase in new jobs were also witnessed.
  • So, this is basically like when we buy from local shops we are automatically creating new jobs.
  • If you doubt who can participate? ----Answer is right here; small businesses, consumers, corporates, and communities.


Celebration Ideas For Small Business Saturday

  • Consumer/ Seller: Well, you can be either consumer or a seller too.
  • If you want to be the consumer who loves to wander the streets to buy their favorite dresses or try out new recipes from local restaurants.
  • If you are the one who has things to sell, you can put up a stall and start selling. What should one be selling?
  • Well, that depends on your business, if you are a passionate chef and love to serve people with your new recipes, you can put up a food stall.
  • If you are a designer, you can showcase your best designer dress and sell it to people. By this, you can be part of small business Saturday.
  • Offer special discounts: Humans love discounts.
  • Our eyes automatically switch to the poster which has a price stroked out, and a new price written after the discount.
  • Special discounts catch people's attention. For example, you might offer: a 5% discount on jeans; buy 2 get 1 free; win a voucher, etc.
  • Partnership hack: If you are not confident about going alone into the local business; you can join forces with other local businesses and continue to participate in small business Saturday.
  • Check out for an eligible partner. Once after selling you can split up the profit equally. Having a mutual benefit is important.


Importance For Small Business Saturday


Brand Awareness

  • The most important thing in buying stuff is the brand.
  • When you wear a new shirt to your office, they compliment you, and the next moment they ask you which brand you are wearing.
  • Well, ask yourselves how many brands you are aware of.
  • Not all right, then why do we try out the same brand over again and again?
  • Instead, try out something new and different.
  • They say if you do not try out new things and keep on sticking to the old stuff, how do you compare your brand with others; how do you know you are using the best brand?
  • So, in local businesses, there are plenty of new brands to be tried out.
  • Give it a chance and start building branding awareness.
  • Through this, small businesses will be able to sell more and more.


Boost the sale numbers

  • Almost 60-70% of the local business were affected during covid lockdown which caused a decline in sales numbers.
  • Now everything is back to normal.
  • So, if you are one among those 70% whose local business was affected, you can try out small business Saturday, and trust me you will witness an escalation in your sales. Ramp up your revenue and enjoy the yields.
  • Don't just restrict with the cash payments alone.
  • Explore and give people all modes of payment like credit, and UPI, and these days you can accept crypto payments also.


Set up a unique business

  • Each people have their ideas and talents.
  • But, showcasing something unique will have a great impact on the people. Imagine 2-3 restaurants selling the same items, and ending up choosing the other restaurant.
  • This might make you disheartened.
  • So always tend to be unique. Let people know what makes you different from others.
  • There must be one item in your business that should drive people to your stall.
  • Let people know about the brand, and tell them the thought or idea behind this by spitting out facts on the history of the product.
  • So, this makes you a lone winner with no competition by your side and connects you with your customers.
  • The most important thing is to make them have a memorable and best shopping experience.
  • Like all say, remember customer satisfaction and their smile is the most important.


Marketing strategy

  • Now, that you have driven people to your shop.
  • What's more important is collecting contact information to reach out again whenever you bring out any new stuff.
  • Grab their email, name, and contact.
  • Send them regular emails; let them know about what's new in your store.
  • Put some effort into marketing.
  • The most important weapon in today's world is the internet.
  • Build the best website, provide all details, and link your social media page. Social media plays a vital role.
  • Nearly 85.5% of people are indulged in social media.
  • I bet you; every person would for sure use at least 1 social media.
  • So, try to be on most social media. Bless the followers with your captivating feeds.


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Small Business Saturday FAQ

Who and when was small business Saturday founded?

Small Business Saturday was founded in 2010 by American Express which wished to extend its support to local businesses. SBS falls right after thanksgiving and Black Friday. Holidays make it even more special and supportive of the local business.

How much revenue was earned by SBS in 2021?

Knowing about previous years' stats will boost your courage and enthusiasm. Well, in 2021 alone $23.3 billion was spent by consumers in the whole of SBS. This proves to be a stepping stone for this year and experts analyzed these numbers will be broken in 2022.

Can I do this online also or should it be an offline setup only?

Yes, you can for sure proceed online. These days people spend most of their time on the internet. So be it offline or online; worry not about the sales numbers. Use online as your greatest weapon. Post all your new items/features that are to be open for sale on SBS. Pre-planned works will yield you the best results.

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