10 Best Hematology Analyzer Suppliers In India


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10 Best Hematology Analyzer Suppliers In India

Selecting the right hematology analyzer (CBC Machine) supplier in India is critical for ensuring accurate diagnoses and efficient laboratory operations. A reliable supplier offers quality instruments, dependable support, and adherence to regulatory standards, ultimately impacting patient care and laboratory success.

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10 Best Hematology Analyzer Suppliers in India

Here are 10 Best Hematology Analyzer Suppliers In India.


Hematology Analyzer Suppliers City Website
Agappe Diagnostics Navi Mumbai Click Here
Bionetics Diagnostic Chandigarh Click Here
Erba Diagnostics India Thane -
Labcare Equipment New Delhi Click Here
Medikall Technologies Bengaluru -
Microlab Instruments Mumbai Click Here
Mindray Medical India Gurgaon Click Here
Sysmex India Pune Click Here
Thermo Fisher Scientific India Bengaluru Click Here
Transasia Bio-Medicals Navi Mumbai -


With so many Hematology Analyzer Suppliers (CBC Machine) catering to the Indian market, choosing the right partner can be challenging. Here's a quick look at how these 10 companies are making their mark:

Hematology Analyzer Suppliers in India


1. Agappe Diagnostics Ltd.

  • Focus on affordability and innovation: Offers hematology analyzers specifically designed for Indian markets, balancing quality with accessibility.
  • Strong service network: Ensures prompt equipment installation, training, and after-sales support across the country.
  • Commitment to R&D: Invests in developing locally relevant technologies and solutions.


2. Bionetics Diagnostic Instruments

  • Specialization in niche segments: Caters to specific needs of labs with unique requirements, like veterinary or research facilities.
  • Emphasis on quality and compliance: Maintains stringent quality control processes and adheres to international standards.
  • Direct manufacturer model: Offers competitive pricing and direct control over product quality.


3. Erba Diagnostics India (Part of the Danaher Corporation)

  • Globally renowned brand: Offers established and trusted hematology analyzers with proven performance.
  • Wide product portfolio: Caters to diverse needs with options for various budgets and testing requirements.
  • Robust service infrastructure: Provides reliable installation, training, and maintenance support nationwide.


4. Labcare Equipment

  • Multi-brand portfolio: Offers a variety of hematology analyzers from different suppliers, providing broader choices for customers.
  • Experience and expertise: Backed by decades of experience in the laboratory equipment industry.
  • Strong regional presence: Operates through a network of branches and dealers across India, ensuring accessibility.


5. Medikall Technologies

  • Focus on automation and efficiency: Offers cutting-edge hematology analyzers that streamline workflows and improve lab productivity.
  • Partnership with leading brands: Collaborates with renowned brands to bring advanced technologies to the Indian market.
  • Customer-centric approach: Provides personalized support and caters to individual lab needs.


6. Microlab Instruments

  • Emphasis on user-friendliness: Designs hematology analyzers with intuitive interfaces and simplified operations.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality or performance.
  • Focus on emerging markets: Caters to the needs of smaller labs and clinics in non-metropolitan areas.


7. Mindray Medical India (Subsidiary of Shenzhen Mindray China)

  • Value-driven approach: Offers feature-rich hematology analyzers at competitive prices, providing excellent value for money.
  • Strong local presence: Has a well-established network of service centers and training facilities across India.
  • Commitment to innovation: Actively invests in research and development to bring new technologies to the market.


8. Sysmex India (Subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation)

  • Global leader in hematology: Renowned for its high-quality, advanced hematology analyzers with unmatched accuracy and precision.
  • Focus on automation and integration: Offers solutions that seamlessly integrate with laboratory workflows and information systems.
  • Commitment to education and training: Provides continuous education programs for lab professionals to enhance their expertise.


9. Thermo Fisher Scientific India (Subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)

  • Extensive product portfolio: Offers a wide range of hematology analyzers catering to various laboratory needs and budgets.
  • Strong service infrastructure: Provides comprehensive after-sales support, including technical assistance and spare parts availability.
  • Commitment to research and development: Continuously innovates to bring new and improved technologies to the market.


10. Transasia Bio-Medicals

  • Focus on affordability and reliability: Offers cost-effective hematology analyzers from established manufacturers.
  • Strong distribution network: Has a wide network of dealers and distributors across the country, ensuring easy access to its products.
  • Emphasis on customer service: Provides prompt and efficient customer support to ensure customer satisfaction.


10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Hematology Analyzer Suppliers

Here are 10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Hematology Analyzer (CBC Machine) Suppliers.

Consideration Description
Performance Accurate, reliable results for diagnosis.
Compatibility Integration with existing lab infrastructure.
Cost-effectiveness Affordable purchase and maintenance costs.
Support & Service Timely technical support and maintenance.
Regulatory Compliance Adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines.
User-Friendly Interface Intuitive operation for lab personnel.
Quality Control Capabilities Effective quality control measures in place.
Throughput Ability to handle lab's testing volume.
Reputation & References Positive track record and client testimonials.
Future Expansion Potential Scalability to accommodate lab growth.


Do's vs Don'ts Before Choosing Hematology Analyzer Suppliers

Here are Do's vs Don'ts Before Choosing Hematology Analyzer Suppliers.

Do's Don'ts
Research supplier reputation Overlook supplier reviews and ratings
Evaluate product quality Ignore product specifications
Check for regulatory compliance Overlook regulatory requirements
Inquire about after-sales support Neglect warranty and service agreements
Consider long-term relationship Rush into a decision without comparison

Selecting a reputable supplier with a user-friendly interface, quality control capabilities, and potential for future expansion is crucial for long-term success and satisfaction. 


Drlogy Hematology Analyzer Guide

Here are Full Drlogy Hematology Analyzer Machine Guide For Lab Owners.

1. Function 5. Brands & Manufactures
2. Types 6. Suppliers
3. Price 7. Maintenance
4. 3 Part vs 5 Part vs 7 Part 8. LIMS Solution



Overall, Choosing a CBC Machine or hematology analyzer supplier entails careful consideration of performance, compatibility, cost-effectiveness, support, and regulatory compliance, ensuring reliable diagnostic outcomes and efficient laboratory operations.


Check Full Drlogy Hematology Analyzer Guide on how to choose best Hematology Analyzer according to your lab type with price, budget, function and LIMS solution for better lab management and growth.



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Hematology Analyzers Suppliers FAQ

Who makes hematology analyzers?

  • Hematology analyzers are manufactured by various companies worldwide.
  • Some prominent manufacturers include Sysmex Corporation, Beckman Coulter, Abbott Laboratories, Siemens Healthineers, and HORIBA Medical.
  • Each company offers a range of hematology analyzers with different features and capabilities.

Which is the best hematology analyzers supplier in India?

  • Some reputable suppliers of hematology analyzers in India include Trivitron Healthcare, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., Roche Diagnostics India, and Nipro Corporation.
  • These suppliers offer a wide range of analyzers catering to different budget and performance requirements.
  • The best supplier depends on factors such as product quality, after-sales support, and pricing.

Which is the best hematology analyzer manufacturer in India?

  • India has several notable manufacturers of medical analyzers, including Trivitron Healthcare, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., and Mindray Medical India Pvt. Ltd.
  • These companies produce a variety of analyzers for hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, and other diagnostic applications.
  • The best manufacturer depends on factors such as product quality, technological innovation, and market reputation.

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