7 Noticeable reasons to use Clinic Management Software (CMS) Must


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7 Noticeable reasons to use Clinic Management Software (CMS) Must

Day by day new technologies and innovations come in all fields, also in the Health care sector is being advanced day by day and Information Technology has a big contribution for that. Advancement and Improvements in information technology have an open gates to healthcare for great reform.

  • Manually keeping patients’ records and maintaining appointment schedules was a difficult task for clinics and hospitals involving administrative inefficiencies. The emergence of digital healthcare is the best solution, were enabled hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to greatly enhance the delivery of medical services and products to their patients.
  • Due to Advance digital healthcare software, now easy to detect serious diseases at an earlier stage, minimize medical error, and more.
  • Now a day the medical healthcare industry in India has welcomed cloud-based Clinic Management Software. The advanced healthcare software technology has transformed the way the health industry worked in the earlier years.
If those are not satisfactory reasons for your clinic or hospital to go digital, then the following points will definitely convince you.

7 Reasons to using a CMS (Clinic Management Software)


1. Patient-centric Information System

  • Paperless One of the powerful reason to use an Online Clinic Management software is the centralization of patient information in one place.
  • All Patient records store at one place and access and analyze with a single click. while Manual entry of patient information takes time and can be prone to errors.
  • Medical records paper files storage requires physical space. While the software includes the feature ‘electronic health records’ or ‘EMR’ which maintain all the necessary documents and information in its cloud-based software.

    In Advance Electronic Health Record system provides
       • Save paper and properly organize patients data
       • Easy to access patient clinical data
       • Analyse the patient data and minimize the medical error
       • To set up an effective clinical workflows


2. Quick and easy to access patient-related data

  • Online Clinic management software makes it easy for practitioners to record, update centralize, and access patient-related data, the pains that often come with creating and executing personalized care plans are significantly reduced.
  • The system arranges and create records of each patient. Were you assigned various plan, feed clinical data, and much more on it.
  • Whenever doctor needs, at the one-click access anytime anywhere.


3. Easily Share Patient Information:

  • Online clinic management software allows to practitioners of various departments to coordinate with each other to share patient information and a patient’s condition better.
  • Additionally, the cloud-based software like drlogy clinic SAAS, and others, make it easier to integrate.
  • No need to handle a hard copy of patient files while using Share Patient Information.
  • Online clinic management software allows to users share and receive files online via desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. With single-click file share and transfer file easily and time-saving.


4. Improved Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Online Clinic management system improves the general efficiency of Clinic/ hospital by automating the entire system.
  • The clinic management software helps in each and every operational activity executed efficiently in clinics/hospitals like patient charting, appointment scheduling, recordkeeping, E-prescriptions, and billing, and much more.
  • Time-saving for staff and increases productivity and more fulfilling. As clinic minimize the operating cost and improve staff efficiency.
  • So patients receive quality care and also recommend to their friends and family means more patients, more profits.
    Electronic health records play a crucial role in the continuity of patient care which are error-free.
  • It eliminates the chances of mistakes caused by human error.
  • No chance to deliver wrong treatment due to the wrong diagnosis by implementing clinic software, with e-prescription that easy to read and no chance to misplace and getting the wrong drugs.
  • Also in billing, difficult to keep track of everything, but online clinic management software offering billing modules that reduces the stress of managing the revenue cycle quickly and accurately.


5. Simple and More patient Booking

  • Scheduling is One of the most valuable features of clinic management software.
  • Patients coming in for appointments, not via telephone but they book online at any time of the day, and they can also cancel and reschedule appointments if they want.
  • With online clinic management software, possible to send out automated appointment reminders to the patients via email, text, and call so that they don’t miss it.
  • You can show your patients your work calendar with preferred time slots for the week or the month so you can reduce the waiting time for patients at the clinics.
  • You can show your patients your work calendar with preferred time slots for the week or the month so you can reduce the waiting time for patients at the clinics.
  • Anytime patients can change their successfully booked appointment with realtime updates. This helps in streamlining a patient’s clinic/hospital visit.


6. Speedy Service

  • Using an online clinic management software To maximize the time of practitioner, which can spend with patients, look for ways to reduce the amount of time patient spends on non-clinical administrative tasks like tracking down test results, Filling out forms, writing prescriptions, calculating, Searching for a referring physician’s phone number and making bills. As such practitioners can more attention to their patients and give them speedy and better service.


7. Enhance the Patient's experience:


  • The universal rule that customer satisfaction is the center of all business. To facilitate the patients with timely and result-oriented follow-ups.
    Clinic management software facilitates the easy and communication between healthcare professionals/providers and their patients.
  • CMS provides the automated and timely deliver the massage and alerts were doctors, staff to work closely with their patients and give them insights into their health on a very personal level.
  • Were professionals can timely deliver alert and reminders to enhance and personal touch.



Finally concluded that , the online clinic management system is the necessity of the healthcare practitioners and providers. Various advanced countries around the world have automated their medical industry with this solution, and Clinics and hospitals in India are fast adapting to the changes and implementing clinic management software for increased efficiency and improved service.
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Clinic Software FAQ

What is Pathology Software?

Pathology software or Pathology lab software is a laboratory information system (LIS) that helps automate the medical lab daily process workflow and it is perfectly designed for pathology and clinical labs. This LIS's advanced features enable the lab management staff to streamline the complete medical lab management process and manage patient records, bills, and other important data with accuracy.

Why do you need Pathology Software?

The pathology software helps in significant technical achievement that has enabled facilities to properly handle samples and maintain relevant data, resulting in appropriate interaction between users such as patients, reference doctors, and laboratories. It assists laboratories in automating data entry operations, managing daily operations, streamlining procedures, ensuring quality, saving time spent searching for specimens and data entry, creating reports, saving expenses, increased profitability, and Accuracy.

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