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Clinic SAAS
(Software AS A Service)

Lets Manage & Grow Your Practice At Your Fingertips.

Seamlessly Integrated Scheduling, Clinical Workflow, Billing, Patient Education, Communication & Engagement.

Free Your Precious Time To Deliver Truly Innovative Better Care.

Calendar : Patient & MR Appointment

Calendar : Patient & MR Appointment

Online Appointment Booking & Management

MR Appointment Managemant

SMS & Email Reminder for Appointments

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Appointment Calendar

Realtime Track Appointments Status

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) & Billing

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) & Billing

History, Vitals, Clinical Notes, Lab Investigation & Files

Advice, Procedures, Prescription, Follow Up & Referred To

Digital Certificate & Consent

Digitaly Share EMR Records Realtime with Patients

Invoice, Payment and Refund Managemant

Patient Education

Patient Education

Real Time Educate Patient by Treatment Articles

Make More Efficient You Treatment

No Need To Write Same Article Again & Again

Auto Reminder For Treatment Articles

Reduce The Expenses of The Print Articles



Whatsapp, Email, Massage & Notification

Real Time Patient & Staff Communication

Customized Communication as Per Preferences

Develop Personal Relation With Patient & Staff

Email & Massage Templates

Expenses & Advance Reports

Expenses & Advance Reports

All Type Expenses Manage Digitaly

Detailed, on Demand & Real Time Reports

Advanced Customized Reports

Reports Download in PDF & Excel Formate

Share Reports To Anyone



Feedback Collection for Doctor & Clinic

Monitor Quality of Services Being Delivered To Patient

Determine & Analyse The Patient Preference

Assess Patient Reaction To Change Made Within The Practice

Analyse Feedback

Drlogy Pro App

Drlogy Pro App

Lets Manage & Grow Your Practice At Your Fingertips

Calender - Patient & MR Appointment

Patient - EMR & Billing

Patient Education - Treatment Article

Communication - Whatsapp, Email, Massage & Notification


Reports - Customised Reports, Share & Download

Feedback - Doctor & Clinic

Universal Profile, Synergy & Articles

Drlogy Pro App

Grow Your Practice & Professional Network



To Show Online Presence


Case Discussion, Medical News & More


Showcase Your Unique Info & Knowledge