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A new innovation in practice management to quickly grow your practice & improve the patient experience.

Clinic SAAS - Manage Clinic Never Before - Drlogy
Smart Scheduling - Drlogy

Smart Scheduling

Makes It Easy for patients to Reach You via online Appointments. At clinic QR Code based appointment booking and patient registration reduce the reception workload. It reduces waiting time, improve efficiency and deliver quality healthcare with Good Return on Investment with more patients intake.

Paperless – EMR

At one click to get your patient’s data. Securely store and manage your patient data. Onetime setup to share records with patients. Easy to Make templates for particular conditions/diseases to save time. Provide a paperless experience & EMR to your patients.

Paperless EMR - Drlogy
Advanced Invoicing & Cashless payment - Drlogy

Advanced Invoicing & Cashless payment

Invoicing makes easy to capture on all devices. Just click to track all billing services like invoice, payment, outstanding and advance with online payment gateway integration. Drlogy provide meaningful insights helps to drive your practice.

Continuous Caring

To provide royal experience to patients which help to increase your follow-ups and Reduce patient retention issues. Create patients confidence by improving post appointment experience.
Satisfy your patients through timely deliver appropriate articles/information/reminders. Get Good output of treatment and patient Recover Fast.

Continuous Medical Caring - Drlogy
Real-time Patient Communication - Drlogy

Real-time Communication

Drlogy provides communications tools for practice which helps patients to feel in control, feel valued and feel at ease. Real Time Patient & Staff Communication via Whatsapp, Email, Massage & Notification. Customized templates for Communication as Per Preferences for Instant and secure delivery of Massages.

Feedback - Mirror of Your Practice

Smart Feedback collection system developed through consider all parameters which can improve your quality care. Easily monitored your practice and services provided by you. Assess patients reactions and analyze the feedback to understand the patients preference.

Feedback - Mirror of Your Practice - Drlogy
Clinic Paperless Expenses - Drlogy

Paperless Expenses management

Everything in one place to improve workflow. To Reduce unnecessary and time consuming paperwork Which helps to Speeding up Processing & Reducing Administrative Costs Drlogy provides Digitally Submit Expenses & Any time Access and Tracking of Daily Accounts which Help in Claiming Tax Return.


Providing next-gen remote consultation to patients from anywhere & anytime. Increase revenue by improving clinic efficiency & reducing cost. Save the patients time & Money by providing pesonal care without exposure to other patients.

Telemedicine - Drlogy
Clinic MIS Management Software - Drlogy

MIS & Analytics

Comprehensive MIS - All reports are pre-configured and available out of the box. Analytics gives information about the utilization manpower and access to data and the ability to derive real intelligence from the data collected.

Biomedical Waste Management

Complete track of collection and disposal of products related to bio-medical waste. You can easily manage in time frames to Keep the complete schedule and tracking of staff persons who are responsible for Biomedical waste disposal.

Clinic Biomedical Waste Management Software - Drlogy
Clinic Hiring & Recruitment Software - Drlogy

Hiring & Recruitment

Make hiring & Recruitment of the right talent for your lab now easy. Combine tracking and automation for interviews so your potential hires move effortlessly through the funnel, freeing you to juggle roles and applicants.

Now Your Clinic In Your Palm

Now you can easily manage your clinic & patients through smart phones, computers & tablets from anytime from anywhere. We help to increasing operational efficiency & decreasing risk of breaches by assigning role on module & time based access.

Clinic Management Mobile App - Drlogy

We Help To Grow Your Practice Beyond Your Expectation

Built SEO - Drlogy

Built SEO

SEO Brings Higher patient retention Rates which will Results into Higher Conversion Rate that means more traffic at your clinic and also helps improve the Patient Experience.

Practice Profile - Drlogy

Practice Profile

More than 80 % of people searching for medical professionals make their selection based on listings in online directories like Drlogy. You can show your clinic Timing, Location, services, fee and much more. Anytime you can update your Profile.

Appointment Book - Drlogy

Online Appointment

Provide comfort to your patients in this pandemic situation to book online appointments to reduce crowding at reception. Build Trust, transparency and flexibility to patients and Minimize no-show rates.

Loop & Articles - Drlogy

Loop & Articles

Keep updated with latest techniques/knowledge/research to build a professional network where you can share and discussed on trending topic. To solve patient’s health concerns, health article/tips is best option to engage and attract more patients.

Why Clinic SAAS?

Fully Secure - Drlogy

Fully Secure

Easy to use - Drlogy

Easy To Use

Start in Second - Drlogy

Start in Second

Universal App - Drlogy

Universal App

Regular Updates - Drlogy

Regular Updates

24*7 Support - Drlogy

24*7 Support

India's Fast Growing Healthcare Platform

22000+ Doctors|20000+ Clinics/Hospitals/Labs|150+ Cities

I bought Clinic SAAS after evaluating most of the software’s out in market and it has exceeded my expectations. It helped me to become more organized. It’s 100% efficient & comprehensive solution to meet all my needs. It is very simple and can able to use easily.

Dr. Priyanka, Consulting Physician

I have been recommending Clinic SAAS to all my colleagues since it has all useful features who required for both doctors & patients. I think this is first mobile based platform where i can manage everything I need for my practice.

Dr. Nirav, Cardiologist

The Easy navigation & intuitive design makes me use the app to be in touch with my patients. One app in my Smartphone is all I need. It’s like my office in my palm. I am vary happy with Drlogy. Customer Support is quick & fantastic.

Dr. Mahesh, Dermatologist

At One Click Away from Managing Your Clinic Efficiently

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  • Universal Profile Listing
  • Telemedicine Platform
  • Patient Education Portal
  • Help to Build SEO
  • Publish Health Articles & Tips
  • Medical News Update
  • Case Discussion with Professionals
  • Insights of your profile Visits & Health Network
  • Daily Health Post

Drlogy Pro Basic

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  • Online Appointment Book - Patient & MR
  • QR Code Based Quick Appointment & Patient Registration
  • Patient EMR Management
  • Telemedicine Platform
  • Cashless Payment
  • Insurance & TPA Management
  • Reference Doctor Management
  • Real Time Patient Education
  • 4 Ways Real Time Communication
    (SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Notification)
  • MRD with ICD-10 & ICD-11
  • Billing & Payments
  • Patient Feedback Collection
  • Expense Management
  • Medical Waste Management
  • Machines & Equipments Management
  • Hiring & Recruitment
  • Advance Reports - MIS
  • Business Analytics
  • Web & Mobile App Access

Helps To Boost Digital Presence

  • Top Leads in Drlogy Listing
  • Build SEO on Google

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