How To Choose Cost Effective And User-Friendly Laboratory Software


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How To Choose Cost Effective And User-Friendly Laboratory Software

7 tips on getting the perfect lab automation system for your laboratory

  • So you have done your research on what changes automation will bring to your laboratory operations and are convinced to get a good Laboratory Information System implemented.
  • The most important factors that make a LIS desirable are a solution that has rich features while being cost-effective, user-friendly, and intuitive interface and the ability of the system to scale to your growing business.
Today we take you through some important factors that will help you choose the perfect software solution for you and your lab:

1. Define the Limits of Your Automation

  • There are a lot of options available as far as automating your laboratory is concerned.
  • Depending on your investment limit, the change acceptability amid your staff, and your confidence in automating your processes, make a choice!
  • Take a wise decision looking at your strengths and areas of improvement; never compromise on features and pick a LIS solution with incomplete modules because it is cheap. This decision can prove to be quite expensive in the future.

2. Reduce Customization As Much As Possible

  • No software will come custom-made for your laboratory because you will have some of your unique processes, which will need customization in your LIS.
  • After deciding how much automation you need, next in line is to define how much customization you require.
  • Some customization may need additional investment, so make sure you choose software that can customize the software to match your needs and processes.


3. Erase Hardware Cost

  • Implementation of the LIS and the associated costs especially the hardware installations and maintenance come to a hefty amount.
  • With a growing business, one cost that will definitely keep increasing is the hardware and associated maintenance costs.
  • The better the business more is the data generated and more is the more space required to store that data.
  • The best bet for reducing hardware costs is to go for Cloud.
  • Buying Cloud-based LIS will eliminate the cost of not just hardware but also expensive IT resources to maintain the servers.

4. Keep an Eye on the Implementation Timeline

  • The total implementation is considered to be complete when not just installation of the software is done but also once a thorough training of the staff and initial hand holding is completed.
  • Timelines with target dates for each level of implementation and the cross-checking of each level need to be considered and discussed with complete clarity before the purchase decision is made.

5. Make Sure Training is a Part of the Package

  • A critical part of successful LIS implementation is the software being used smoothly by your staff.
  • On a practical note, you or other pathologists at the lab will be using the software at your diagnostic center; but not as much as your staff. It is their routine that will undergo major changes with the decision to automate your lab.
  • While choosing the Laboratory Information System make sure that the operational complexities of the software is an easy maze for your staff to wade through.
  • Most vendors provide on-site or over-the-web training but choose the software partner considering the IT proficiency of your staff so you get the best possible support.
  • Also, make sure that the training is part of the package and your staff gets trained thoroughly by your IT vendor.


6. Talk About Post-Sales Technical Support Too

  • Bought. Installed. Trained. Implemented. What about an unforeseen hiccup after implementation?
  • Every staff would have understood the technicalities in a different way and there could be a hiccup owing to wrong use or a situation that was not a market reality while implementing the software.
  • It is crucial that technical, functional, and training support should be available post-sales.
  • Be sure to negotiate a profitable association for the laboratory while considering support post-sales. Also be sure to check about the regular software upgrades.

7. Mobile Applications

  • Automation should not just help you male the processes faster but should allow users to save time in the best of ways.
  • One of them is the availability of data on the go.
  • LIS which not only takes care of the process but also makes helps pathologists approve reports anywhere, anytime can prove to be extremely useful.
  • While these are some basic points that could help you with your LIS purchase decision, you may also want to check the credibility of the partner and not insist on the cost being the only factor for your decision as it could hurt your business, revenue, and credibility in the long run. 



Drlogy Pathology Lab software provides a comprehensive solution that includes online test booking and other features designed to optimize lab performance and improve patient outcomes.

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Pathology Lab Software FAQ

What is Pathology Software?

Pathology software or Pathology lab software is a laboratory information system (LIS) that helps automate the medical lab daily process workflow and it is perfectly designed for pathology and clinical labs. This LIS's advanced features enable the lab management staff to streamline the complete medical lab management process and manage patient records, bills, and other important data with accuracy.

Why do you need Pathology Software?

The pathology software helps in significant technical achievement that has enabled facilities to properly handle samples and maintain relevant data, resulting in appropriate interaction between users such as patients, reference doctors, and laboratories. It assists laboratories in automating data entry operations, managing daily operations, streamlining procedures, ensuring quality, saving time spent searching for specimens and data entry, creating reports, saving expenses, increased profitability, and Accuracy.

Why Cloud-online based Pathology Lab Software better than free offline?

Here are 10 Key Benefits of Online Software over offline lab Software. 

  1. Do not require installation
  2. Work from anywhere & any time
  3. Fully automatic & regular data backup so Never Loss Data
  4. Free regular auto-updates
  5. Unlimited Scalability & wide accessibility
  6. Free & instant customer service
  7. Real-time Patient & Doctors Communication vis SMS, Email & Whatsapp
  8. Pay-as-you-go so save money
  9. Mobile Access
  10. More customization than offline

What is LIMS Software?

LIMS is known as a laboratory information management system which helps in sample tracking, patient records, invoices, billing and reports management. LIMS is also known as LMS - laboratory management software and LIS - laboratory information system.

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