6 Steps to increase Patients Traffic at Your Clinic


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6 Steps to increase Patients Traffic at Your Clinic

Healthcare needs a different approach in order to keep its committed patients and attract new patients. A practitioner needs to build a practice that offers high-quality services at reasonable prices so that patients are happy and ready to spread the word.

Acquiring new patients and retaining them as your committed customers, and further try to get more number of patients referred by your existing happy patients, and so on.


Here you find 6 Steps to increase Patients traffic at Your Clinic

  1. More Focus on to Deliver Quality Service:
    Deliver quality service: The high quality of the medical care that you provide to your patients is the main reason why they stay in your practice. Recommendation of practice or a doctor depending on the personal experience received by the patient. Nowadays, patient access and patient experience are important.

    Expand your services: You should consider expanding the services you offer. You can start offering procedures based on local research, that are sought after by the type of patients you serve.

    Regular Train your Team: Your Staff has a key role in your overall practice they will get first to interact with your patients before they meet you. So train your staff according to culture and demand to present a great first impression and address patients’ questions regarding your practice. Your staff should know everything you offer as well as specific details such as pricing, equipment used during procedures, etc.

  2. Identify Target Audience:
    First, you need to understand your current patients then you reach out to potential patients. Looking at the records of your existing patients will help you determine your target audience. Information like gender, location, average age, and occupation will impact your specific marketing strategies and channels.

    Analyzing this sort of data will help you get to know your target audience and organize the best marketing campaign that will provide you favorable results.

  3. Understand patients' needs & expectations:
    For that, Conduct patient satisfaction surveys, and analyze the survey results to understand what bothers your patients about your quality of care and customer service. And Also Conduct sentiment analysis for a deeper understanding Although you can directly talk with your patients face-to-face asking questions about their feelings and understanding their emotions, it's not possible with your manual efforts to understand and keep records and analyze them properly.

    The use of cloud-based software with AI technology will do its part by extracting human emotions from written feedback. It will help you know exactly how your patients want and Track and identify the issues and problem areas.

  4. Grow reach in public:
    For doctors, most patients come from their locality, especially form a local community. This Community factor could be favorable for maximum reach in both online and offline space.

    You can try various things to grow reach and get a hold of your presence in it:
    Get listed on local directories: If you have just started your practice, it is important to let the people know that you are there for them.
    Write articles in local Newsletters: Patients enjoy receiving and reading newsletters that solve their health concerns. Send out health articles in newsletters that share tips and information for health improvement. Health-related Content published in Newsletters is also the best way for branding, so always try to keep your practice at the forefront of your patients' minds.
    Organize & Sponsor Community Events and Leagues: While you organize events, the public gathering is more so public know you and your practice and what you offer.
    Get Listed on the Online Platform: More than 80 % of people searching for medical professionals make their selection based on listings in online directories such as Drlogy Free Clinic Listing, Google, etc. Listing your practice in an online directory is a great way to reach easily.
    Use Social Media: Social media is a great advertising tool with a lot of potentials. If you are active on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)accounts, you will give your patients the option to like or share your content.
    Use Visuals to Attract More Interest: Visual stimulation grabs the attention of a person much quicker. Therefore, make sure to include visuals in all of the materials concerning your practice. in Social media you can showing the number of successful treatments or doctors, etc. and if you do it in the proper way it will have a much larger effect.
    Media Exposure: Media exposure in the right amount can attract a maximum number of new patients and Speedup the branding of your practice. Generating the right media exposure requires effort, time, and a thorough understanding of how each media works.
    Keep in touch with media houses and various online and offline local news and try to have a friendly relation with them. For a wider brand reach, the news about your sponsors, participation, and other activities published through them.

  5. Maintain a Good relationship with your existing Patients:
    For Fast-growing your practice, your main focus is on new patients on how to attract them. While this is important, it is also essential to follow-up on your existing patients and keeps them happy with the service you provide.

    One of the best ways of getting advertised is by mouth-to-mouth. It always gives you positive results but is slower than the other methods such as TV, radio, and social media. Once a patient, who is satisfied with the service and treatment received at your practice, will share their positive experience with relatives, friends, family, and colleagues.

  6. Implement the latest technologies - online clinic management software

    Mostly Young patients are looking for technologically connected healthcare experience, and you can easily provide digital experience through cost-effective technical updates. Implement the online clinic management were patients can book online appointments, EMR, and much more from the portal. If patients are happy with your service, they’ll be more likely to refer their friends, family, ect to your practice. In Market one of the best online clinic management software is Clinic SAAS from Drlogy Technologies were well known reputed practitioners implementing and using it.

    Online clinic management software offers Artificial Intelligence that can be used in so many ways to help a practice gain– from AI-assisted operations to analyzing patients’ data in order to shape your next marketing strategy.

    Send reminders via mail or SMS: A good way to show your patients that you care is to send them reminders of upcoming regular checks or other events. These types of reminders automatically sent through software. You can invite them and their friends to an event that you are organizing, or inform them that your practice is offering certain discounts on given examinations, checks, or lab test.

    Monitor your online presence: You can Collect review through software, If your practice has some negative reviews, look for the most common reasons for the complaints. Some software sites allow you to respond to both positive and negative feedback to show that you care. When you get maximum positive feedback, the more engagement from potential patients.

    Online reviews Put Out: The Best option to attracting new patients, built trust in existing patients, and growing your practice. Drive the patients to motivate the patients to share their valuable feedback in an online review. You can do this by many ways like sending a follow-up email, through an online clinic management system were feedback collection system available was thanking your patients for their visit and push up them to review you online.

    Start a Blog: Start Blogging on software provider site, adds fresh content on site. Regular posting original and relevant content on your blog shows that you can easily know your practice and are happy to keep your patients informed. In this content unique wellness tips, announce new service provides by you and share updates about your practice.



Each of these ideas will require knowledge and efforts to be carried out successfully. As markets continually developing and changing the needs, you should consistently review your healthcare marketing strategy according to the market. Working with your patients can help you identify ways to develop new and improve your services.


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