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12.5 million+ Daily online Jobs Searches on Google in India

250,000+ Daily Online Medical & Healthcare jobs searches in India

Total 50 Milion+ Medical & Healthcare Professionals in India

Every Year 500k+ New Health Professionals are added to Medical field

1.5 Million+ Medical & Healthcare Jobs are posted in India lastYear

75% of Candidates are Recruited Using Online Job Platforms

90% of HR Professionals & Recruiters Use Online Job Portals for Hiring

Millions of Job seekers are looking for trustable recruiters like you on Drlogy

Welcome to Drlogy Healthcare Jobs Portal, India’s first 100% Free Job Posting Platform that Connects Job Seekers and Recruiters Dedicated to the Healthcare & Medical Field. Connect with potential employers, post jobs online, and boost your career in the healthcare industry.

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Top Reasons to Join Free Drlogy Healthcare Jobs Portal

Importance of Online Healthcare Jobs Portal

Benefits of Online Healthcare Jobs Portal

Here are the Top Benefits of the online Drlogy Medical & Healthcare Jobs Portal in India.

Benefits Description
Wide range of job opportunities Diverse options for healthcare careers
Free registration No cost to join and use the platform
Convenient job browsing Easily search and apply for jobs
Regularly updated job listings Stay up-to-date with new opportunities
Advanced search filters Customize your job search criteria
Networking opportunities Connect with other healthcare professionals
Resources for job applications Tools and tips to improve applications
Track and save job applications Organize and monitor your applications
Notifications for new postings Receive alerts for relevant jobs
Showcase skills and experience Stand out to potential employers
Support from Drlogy team Assistance throughout the job search process

Interesting Facts About Online Medical and Healthcare Jobs Portal

Most in-demand medical jobs & healthcare jobs in India:

Top 5 States with the most online medical jobs & healthcare jobs in India:

Top 5 Cities with the most online medical healthcare jobs in India:

Drlogy Healthcare Jobs Portal FAQs

How to create an account on Drlogy Healthcare Jobs Portal in India?

To create an account, visit the Drlogy website and click on the "Recruiter" page button.

  • Register for a free account on the Drlogy Healthcare Jobs Portal.
  • Fill in the required information, such as your name, contact no and email address to complete the registration process.
  • Our team will contact you to list your profile live on our platform.
  • Browse the regularly updated job listings and apply directly.

How can I search for healthcare job opportunities on Drlogy?

On the Drlogy portal, you can use the search bar to enter keywords related to the type of healthcare jobs and medical jobs you're looking for, such as "doctor," "nurse," or "pharmacist." You can also use advanced filters to refine your search based on location, or specific healthcare specialities.

Can I apply for jobs directly through Drlogy?

Yes, Drlogy allows you to apply for medical jobs directly through their platform. Once you find a job listing that interests you, click on it to view the details and click on the "Apply" or "Submit Application" button to send your application to our support team to verify your listing.

Are there any fees associated with applying for jobs on Drlogy?

No, applying for medical jobs on Drlogy is completely free. There are no fees or charges involved in the application process.

How frequently are medical and healthcare job listings updated on Drlogy?

Job listings on Drlogy are regularly updated to ensure the availability of the latest opportunities. New job postings are added as soon as they become available, providing you with up-to-date information.

Can I receive notifications for new healthcare jobs postings on Drlogy?

Yes, Drlogy offers a notification to receive alerts for new medical jobs postings that match your preferences. It can help in reminders to get all details related to your medical jobs posting.

How can I edit or update my job application on Drlogy?

If you need to make changes to your submitted job application on Drlogy, you should directly contact the healthcare organization or employer associated with the job listing. Drlogy provides the platform for application submission, but any modifications to your application should be made through direct communication with the employer.

Can I save job listings for future reference on Drlogy?

Yes, Drlogy allows you to save healthcare jobs and medical jobs listings for future reference. You can bookmark or save jobs that interest you, enabling easy access to them later when you're ready to apply or review the details.

Is Drlogy exclusively for healthcare professionals, or can other job seekers use it?

Drlogy primarily focuses on medical jobs and healthcare job opportunities in India. However, individuals from related fields or those interested in healthcare careers can also benefit from the platform and explore relevant job listings.

Does Drlogy offer any additional resources or support for Recruiters?

Yes, Drlogy provides additional resources and support to job Recruiters. Our support team will help you in posting jobs and reaching out to the maximum candidates for your health organization's growth, You can find these resources on the Drlogy website or reach out to their support team for assistance.

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