What plastic surgery means?

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that involves the repair, reconstruction, or replacement of physical defects of form or function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, craniofacial structures, hand, extremities, breast, and trunk, and external genitalia or cosmetic enhancement of these areas of the body.

Plastic Surgery is divided into two main categories.

  1. Reconstructive Surgery: Reconstructive surgery is performed to correct functional impairments caused by burns, trauma, infections, developmental abnormalities, and diseases.
  2. Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape normal structures of the body in order to improve the patient's appearance and self-esteem

Examples of plastic surgery procedures include

  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy tuck
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Liposuction

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