What Medical Conditions do Dermatologists Treat?

Dermatologists treat several medical conditions that affect your skin, hair, and nails. Some of the known health conditions include:

  1. Skin Cancer: Cancerous lesions on the skin can arise anywhere in the body. A dermatologist may eradicate cancer cells and observe further to ensure that they don't reoccur.
  2. Skin Infections: Infections caused by fungi, viruses, parasites, and bacteria may find their way into skin tissue and cause numerous skin infections. A dermatologist can help to detect the primary causes of diseases and specify a course of treatment.
  3. Acne: based on the seriousness of your acne, a dermatologist may treat the condition with modern treatments; from lasers, medications, and other light therapies, to eradicating large cysts and chemical peels.

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