How does Monkeypox Spread?

    Monkeypox spreads through direct contact with the following substances of animals or humans with the infection & these substances can enter the body via breathing, mucous membranes, or broken skin. :

    • Blood
    • Bodily fluids
    • Skin or mucous lesions
    • Respiratory droplets


    Monkeypox transmission can also happen through:

    • Physical contact such assigns kissing, cuddling, or sex
    • Pregnant women can spread the virus to their fetus through the placenta
    • Bites and scratches from infected animals
    • Eating the meat of an infected animal


    Monkeypox can not spread quickly between human-to-human but transmission occurs through close contact with infectious material from skin lesions of an infected person or through respiratory droplets


    People who do not have monkeypox sign & symptoms cannot spread the virus to others.


    Monkeypox can spread through semen or vaginal fluids still not known.

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