Bariatric Surgery: About and Misconceptions

Bariatric Surgery: About And Misconceptions

Dr. Muffadal Lakdawala in Mumbai
Dr. Muffadal Lakdawala

General Surgeon, Mumbai

22, May 2020
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With the increasing rates of obesity around the globe, this medical condition has become an epidemic now and bariatric surgery poses as the best solution to combat obesity. However, we cannot generalize a weight loss surgery to all obese patients because the physiological conditions of everyone differ. Being a surgical intervention to overcome obesity, there are several misconceptions that revolve around obesity surgery. But not everything you hear is true. In an attempt to separate fact from fiction, below is a list of some of the common misconceptions that prevent obese patients from proceeding with Bariatric Surgery

Myth 1 Bariatric surgery is an extremely risky procedure.
Fact: Any surgical procedure has some potential risks and complications associated with it. But with recent technological and medical advancements in the field of obesity surgery, various bariatric surgery side effects have been minimized. Also, it is very important to choose your surgeon wisely, Bariatric surgery done from an accredited surgeon / center reduces the risk drastically. However, as a thumb rule, you should always discuss with your surgeon about the risks and benefits associated with each procedure.

Myth 2 Weight loss is the sole benefit of obesity surgery.
Fact: Even though bariatric surgery plays a significant role in reducing weight, it also helps in improving other health conditions faced by obese patients, including diabetes, sleep apnea, dyslipidemia acid reflux, etc. In fact, a huge number of surgeries are being done for remission of Diabetes. Bariatric surgery that is done primarily to treat diseases such diabetes, dyslipidemia or sleep apnea.

Myth 3: Weight loss surgery is listed under cosmetic surgery and hence it does not carry an insurance coverage. 
Fact: This is a myth that does not hold true in the present. These days, many insurance companies cover surgical weight loss procedures. Which is why you should have a detailed discussion with your insurance provider and your surgeon to determine what aspect of the procedure can be covered under insurance.
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