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Total Body Water Calculator

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Water is the most abundant compound in the body and is an essential regulator of its internal environment. It helps to regulate the internal body temperature, strengthens your muscles and moisturizes your skin.
Your water intake should compensate the loss of body water. You can lose body water through the skin, via sweat, urine and by breathing. If the balance is right, you will feel at your best!
Water accounts for about one half to two thirds of an average person’s weight.
The ideal body water percentage varies and influenced by different factors. Gender, age and body composition affect this percentage. Fat tissue has a lower percentage of water than lean tissue.
In general, women have a lower body water percentage than men. This is because women have more fat tissue than men.
The percentage of body water is lower in older people and in obese people and higher (70%) at birth and in early childhood.
Mean values for total body water (TBW) are reported to range from about 38 to 46 L in men compared with approximately 26 to 33 L in women, with smaller values occurring at older ages in both sexes.

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